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Foot Stomping Cheers Alphabetical List (K-O)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part IV (K- O) of a five part series that provides an alphabetized list of text (word only) examples of foot stomping cheers. I'm referring to this compilation as the pancocojams (Azizi Powell) collection of foot stomping cheers.

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This is a work in progress. I'm not numbering these pages as additional examples will be added when I come across those examples and when examples are posted on this blog's comment thread.

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Please add to the folkloric record by posting examples of these types of cheers that you remember in the comment section below. Please don't forget to include demographic information (when you remember hearing or performing these rhymes/chants- such as mid 1990s); what city or state in the USA or what country you remember hearing or performing these rhymes; who chanted these rhymes, for instance African American girls, ages 5-12 years).

Thank you!

[Updated 9/7/2016]

"Foot stomping cheers" is the term that I coined in 2000 for a sub-set of children's cheerleader cheers that have distinctive textual structures and distinctive performance styles.

The term "foot stomping cheers" distinguishes examples of that category from other cheerleader cheers. However, it appears from my direct collection and from my online collection that girls usually referred to these examples as "cheers". Sometimes they were called "chants" or "steps".

"Foot stomping cheers" is a relatively new category of children's recreational play that involves chanting and choreographed foot and hand clapping movements. The earliest examples that I have found of these cheers are from the 1970s (USA).

1. Foot stomping cheers are composed using a variant form of call & response that I've termed "group/consecutive soloists". Usually the group voice (often without the first soloist) is heard first. The soloist then responds to the group. This pattern continues, and usually the soloist then has a short solo portion. The group may or may not chant again before the cheer begins again from the beginning with a new soloist. This pattern continues until every member of the group has had one equal (same amount of time) turn as the soloist. My experience is that the order of soloist is determined before the cheer begins, often with girls trying to be the first to call out "first", "second", "third" etc.

2. These cheers are performed by girls who stand in semi-circles, or in lines (usually horizontal lines), or stand in a circle with the soloist in the middle.
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These examples are presented in alphabetical order based on the first number or the first letter of the first letter of the first word. The source (i.e. book, direct collection, or website) is given below the example along with demographic information and/or comments.

Examples given with the citations "" were sent into my now defunct cultural website
Alafia Children’s Ensemble was a cultural group in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and in Braddock, Pennsylvania that my daughter and I formed in the late 1990s to the early 2000s.

GROUP: 5,6,7,8!!!! Well, Let me tell you!!!! About This Girl!!!! Her name Is {your name here} Taquina!!!! TAQUINA: Well, My name is Taquina and I'm da bomb!!!! GROUP: Ooh!!!! She think she bad!!!! TAQUINA: I know I'm rad!!!! GROUP: Ooh!!!! She think she cook!!!! TAQUINA: Watch me while I pop my collar!!!!
-courtney; 5/21/2007; cccojams [5]

All: Let’s get fired up!
(Clap, clap, clapclapclap) [Each girl claps her hands to this beat. This is not spoken.].

Shanice: Shanice gets fired up! [One squad member at a time says her name or her nickname].

All: Clap, clap, (clapclapclap)

Shayla: Shayla gets fired up!

All: (Clap, clap, clapclapclap)

Tara: Tara gets fired up!

All: (Clap, clap, clapclapclap)

Shan: Shan gets fired up!

All: (Clap, clap, clapclapclap)

Tamara: Tamara gets fired up!

All: (Clap, clap, clapclapclap)

LeAnn: LeAnn gets fired up!

All: (Clap, clap, clapclapclap)

Ebony: Ebony gets fired up!

All:(Clap, clap, clapclapclap)

Alitta: Alitta gets fired up!

All: (Clap, clap, clapclapclap)
- Gators” Little League Football Cheerleaders (African American girls 8-12; Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania); October 2000

One person from the group: Attention Attention 1. 2. 3. 1. 2. 3
Like that. Ready. Okay.
Soloist #1: My name is Tatayane
Mess with me and you will get a __* KICK BACK.
All you haters talkin this and that.
I’ll pass it to my home girl Sydney
__ Like that.

Soloist #2 : My name is Sydney
Mess with me and you will get a __ PUNCH BACK.
All you haters talkin this and that.
I’ll pass it to my home girl Jacquala
___Like that.

Soloist #3 : My name is Jacquala
Mess with me and you will get a __ SLAP BACK.
All you haters talkin this and that.
I’ll pass it to my home girl Kristina
___ Like that.
-Muffin (African American female, age 10; Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania;
10/2007; Collected by Azizi Powell
The space indicates that you pause one beat before saying the next word.

All: L-O-V-E.
Soloist #1: Well, Kayla’s my name.
And love is my game.
I got this boy on my mind.
And Lord knows he’s fine.
He calls me his girl.
His number 1 girl.
I don’t know his sign,
But Taurus is mine.
All: L-O-V-E.
Soloist #2: Tamika's my name.
And love is my game.
I got this boy on my mind.
And Lord knows he’s fine.
I got his name on my shirt.
And don't call it dirt.
Don’t you worry bout my lover
Cause there is no other.

(Return to beginning and repeat with a new soloist. That soloist repeats the same verses or
similar verses. This pattern continues until everyone in the group has had one turn as the soloist with this cheer)
-T.M.P.(African American female; remembrance of Pittsburgh, PA. in the mid 1980s; Collected by Azizi Powell, 2/1996

L-O-V-E (Version #2)
I am a 25 year old African American woman from Eastern North Carolina.
The section on the chant L-O-V-E caught my attention we used to do this
when I was younger. We would stand in a circle and we would clap our hands and stomp our feet sort of tapping out the words L- O-V-E.

Group: L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E, L-O-V, L-O-V, L-O-V-E
First Person: Erica's my name love is my game I got this boy on my mind
he's looking real fine he calls me his girl his number one pearl
Then you move on to the next person and they repeat the same thing
only with their name in place.
-no name or date recorded,

L. O.V.E (Version #3)
on da playground*-

L.O.V.E. L.O.V.E. L.O.V L.O.V. L.O.V.E
Well Terrie's my name
and Love is my game
I got da boys on my mind
Most of da time
Capricorn's My Sign
Say Wha?
Capricorn's My Sign
Say Wha?
Capricorn, Capricorn
Capricorn's My sign!
- Geechie Gurl;
“When I be a gal in da Ya'd! Memba Dese..Just a few of em”’ August 26, 2009

my name is kara (use your name) (other cheerleaders) yeah (the person speaking) and im a wildcat (your team name) (other cheerleaders) yeah and i love to jump (use your own thing to do then you do it) [19]
-Kara M.; 6/5/2006,

MY NAME IS ___ (Example #2)
I made this cheer up.

My name is Alayah.
(somebody else says) Yeah.
And when they see me.
It's like an earthquake!
-Alayah, age 6 years (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania); collected by Azizi Powell, 9/7/2006

MY NAME IS ___ (Example #3)
cheer cheer my name is Allie
my name is Allie
and I'm from the valley
and we're gonna kick you butta.
-Allie; 9/17/2006,

MY NAME IS __ (Example #4)
I remembered this cheer from when I was little. (Say this with attitude) You say:

"My name is _________ and I'm a star you mess with me I'll take you far." Others say: "Woo, she thinks she's bad." You say: "Correction baby, I know I'm bad." Others say: "Woo, she thinks she's bad." You say: "Child, please!" (As you say the last line, you put your hand up as if motioning "stop") You repeat this cheer until everyone on the squad has had a turn.
-kelly, 9/27/2006,

MY NAME IS ___ (Version #5)
SOLO:My name is Naomi on the Phone with my Daisy Dukes on
if you see me on the street boy you better speak to me.
GROUP:Oo she think she bad
SOLO: At least i use a wash rag
GROUP: Oo she think she cool
SOLO: Soap and water will do
GROUP:Oo she think she fine
SOLO: Fine Fine #9 take yo man anytime, he took me out he brought me back he besta have my cadillac. he brought you 1 he brought me 2, married me and divorced you.
he taught me Karate and taught me Kung Fu. mess wit me
and i'll do it on you
GROUP:Bang Bang choo choo train
wind her up she'll do her thang
SOLO: I can't
GROUP:Why not
SOLO: I said I can't
SOLO: I said my back is aching and my bra's too tight. my
booty's shakin from the left to the right
GROUP:Left Right Left Right yo mama is a ugly sight
-Naomi; 1/17/2007,

MY NAME IS ___ (Example #6, Fragment)
My name is Shakeila and I’m number one
I step to the beat and I no it’s fun
all these haters go to hate like this so all
I got to do is left right left.
-Shakeila; age 11; Garfield neighborhood ,Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 10/16/2007, [from a written survey that I gave out to students in after-school classes]
Shakeila wrote "no" instead of "know".

MY NAME IS ____ (Example #7)
I learned this from my girl sara My name is (enter your name)
and as u can see i the finest chick in Albany
im rough and though cant touch my stuff m
fly like a butterflie i sting like a bee thats why all the boys
tell me break it down shawty
-Samantha; 11/25/2008,

MY NAME IS ___ (Example #8)
I have lived all my life in a predominantly white neighborhood in Dallas , Texas . I'm 17 now.
This was used in 2006 for my all-white 8th grade volleyball team in Dallas . We used this before every game to pump us up:

Team member: My name is _____ and you know what I got?
Team: What do you got?
T.M.: I got a team that’s hotter than hot!
T: How hot is hot?!
T.M: Great serves and spikes too...
T: Uh-uh uh-uh.
T.M. We're gonna beat the whoopsies outta you!
T: Alright, OK
(and then the cheer repeats until every team member has done it. The great serves and spikes part can be replaced by whatever.)
-Katie S.(White female, Dallas Texas); 10/6/2009,
Notice that some of these "My Name Is ___" examples are chanted by (mainstream) cheerleading squads (as opposed to "stomp and shake" cheerleading squads). This shows how this type of cheerleading cheer (foot stomping cheers) are influencing mainstream cheerleading performances.

MY NAME IS ___ (Example #9)
My name is Amya
And I cheer for Lincoln
And when the boys see me
They be like “Go!”
like “Ooh go girl!”
-Amya; African American female, age 10; Faison Primary School (Homewood area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania); collected by Azizi Powell, October 30, 2009

This is for introducing the cheerleaders! My squad used this! {I go to Clemont Middle in Florida}

Main Person: My name is {ur name} An I know what I got! Other cheerleaderz: What do you got?! Main Person: I got a team that'z hotter than hot! Other Cheerleaderz: How hot is hot?! Main Person: Batman and Superman can't do that split/jump ** like {then introduce the next person} ** say which ever feels comfortable. They should be standing in a vertical line. When you are done singing the introducing thing then go to the end of the line. Then when everybody is done say GO {team's name} !!!!!!
-cheerleader/dancer4lyf3! (Florida); 6/16/2007,

Soloist My name is (name) And theres no doubt Group No Doubt Soloist Im the (adj) cheerleader in the south And I can really really really really really Turn it out Group Go (name) Go (name) Go (Name) This is said while soloist is doing his/her jumps

Group: On the List
On, on the list
I saida on the list
On, on the list
Soloist #1: Well, Linda is my name
and I’m first on the list
and I got a little story
that goes like this.
One or more persons in the group says: "Kick it!"
Group & Soloist: Put your hand up in the air
like ah Coca Cola and ah Root Beer!
Kick off your shoes
and relax your feet
and move your body
to Linda’s beat. (soloist #1 says “to MY beat”)
(The soloist and group perform beat pattern #2 (see below) and then the entire chant begins again with the next soloist)
-TMP, mid 1980s Pittsburgh, PA, transcribed from audio tape in 1996 by Azizi Powell

This concludes Part IV of this series.

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