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Selected Tweets About The Oct. 20, 2020 Massacre Of Unarmed #EndSARS (End Police Brutality) Protesters In Lagos, Nigeria

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post provides information about Nigeria, West Africa's #EndSARS protest movement and provides examples of tweets about the October 20, 2020 massacre of multiple unarmed #End SARS protesters by Nigerian soldiers at Lekki toll gate in Lagos, Nigeria. 

The content of this post is presented for historical, political, and informational purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to all those peaceful protesters who have been active in the #End SARs protest movement.  Rest in power all those who have lost their lives in the Lekki Massacre and blessings to all of those who were injured in that massacre.

"End Special Anti-Robbery Squad (End SARS) or #EndSARS is a decentralized social movement against police brutality in Nigeria. The slogan calls for an end to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a controversial unit of the Nigerian Police Force with a long record of abuses.[5] The protests started in 2017 as a Twitter campaign using the hashtag #ENDSARS to demand the Nigerian government eliminate the force.[6][7][8] After experiencing a revitalization in October 2020, mass demonstrations were occurring throughout Nigeria in major cities, and the hashtag had 28 million tweets.[9] Nigerians have shared both stories and video evidence of how members of SARS engaged in kidnapping, murder, theft, rape, torture, unlawful arrests, humiliation, unlawful detention, extrajudicial killings, and extortion in Nigeria.[10] SARS officers have been alleged to profile youths based on fashion choices, mount illegal road blocks and searches, conduct unwarranted temperature checks, arrest without warrant, rape women, and extort young Nigerians for driving exotic vehicles and using iPhones.[11]

Within a few days of renewed protests, some claimed victory as the Nigerian Police Force announced it was dissolving SARS on Sunday, 11 October 2020.[12] However, many noted similar promises had been made in recent years, and that the government planned to reassign and review SARS officers to medical centres rather than remove them entirely.[13] Protests have continued accordingly, and the Nigerian state has maintained a pattern of violent repression, including the killing of demonstrators.[14] There have been international demonstrations in solidarity with those happening in the country, and the scope of the movement has also grown increasingly critical of the Muhammadu Buhari-fronted Nigerian state and society as a whole.[15]”…

Here are two other links to information about the #End SARS protest movement: "Black lives matter everywhere. That's why the world should support the #EndSARS movement"
Police brutality in Nigeria has sparked huge national protests. There should be international outrage too

 Chibundu Onuzo, Fri 16 Oct 2020 09.03 EDT, Last modified on Fri 16 Oct 2020 23.37 EDT

** "11 Artists Supporting the #EndSARS Protests in Nigeria"

Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage, Wizkid, and many more artists are calling for an end to police brutality.
Joe McCarthy, Oct. 15, 2020

This post doesn't purport to be a compilation of all the tweets or types of tweets in these hashtags.

[UPDATE: Oct. 21, 2020 at 12:37 PM ET. 

There are now three twitter hashtags that are trending in the United States:


There are a number of tweets from Nigerian politicians, leaders, and celebrities including Idris Alba. There also were tweets about statements from international bodies such the United Nations as well as tweets from the United Kingdom where parliament is discussing these  protests, some of which continue to be met by with gunfire from the Nigerian military.

There are also a number of tweets from politicians from the United States that aren't included in this pancocojams post, including a tweet from Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, and from US celebrities, including Beyonce. 

As of a number of tweets, including this tweet in the #LekkiMassacre hashtag, the President of Nigeria still hadn't addressed the nation about this tragedy:

Aisha Yesufu


1h [retrieved at 8:39 AM ET Oct. 21, 2020] 

I still cannot believe that an alleged healthy and alive President of Nigeria cannot address his Nation in respect to the on going chaos.




RT TILL WE GET ANSWERS!!! [2 Public address loudspeaker emojis] 

#LekkiMassacre #LekkitollgateMassacre

-end of update-

I purposely included some examples of tweets that I read in those hashtags from celebrities from the United States and tweets from United States politicians. I also purposely included some examples of tweets from other people in the United States who aren't celebrities or aren't politicians.

I also purposely include some examples of tweets that I read in those hashtags from Nigerian music performers whose names I recognized (though I admit that I probably unintentionally overlooked some people in those categories.)  I also purposely included some examples of tweets which mentioned Nigerian music/singers (such as the tweet that mentions Fela.)

In addition, I purposely included some examples of tweets that quoted song lyrics and/or mentioned people singing during these protests.

At 8:00 PM ET, shortly after I began retrieved these tweets, #End SARS was trending at #1 in the USA with 3450K  tweets and "Nigeria" was trending #2 in the United States with 2378K tweets. (It's very unusual for tweets about non-USA nations-except for K-Pop music groups -to be in the top ten of the USA's trending twitter hashtags, let alone be in the #1 and #2 spots.   

When I began editing this post for publication, #EndSARS (at 9:27 PM ET) is trending at #4  with 3323K tweets and "Nigeria" is trending at #5 with 2317K tweets. [I don't tweet and I don't understand why the number of tweets has decreased from 8:00PM to 9:27 PM.]

All of these tweets are from Oct. 20, 2020. I added hours and minutes to the time stamps for some of these tweets.

These tweets are given in no particular order. Numbers are added for referencing purposes only.



1.  Omoniyi Israel



Let it be on record that Rihanna spoke on the #EndSARs Lekki Killings before Buhari and his VP.

Stephanie Busari



I have spent the past hour along with my colleague


 speaking to eyewitnesses to piece together what happened tonight. They told us that the protesters were barricaded on both sides of the toll gate and fired on.

Full report here #EndSARS

3. Smi



Prayin 4 dem folks n Nigeria mane #EndSARS

4. Vanguard Newspapers



Hilary Clinton calls on Buhari, Army to stop killing of #EndSARS protesters #vanguardnews




If you know me I’ve always spoken against the injustice and ill treatment of our citizens. I AM PROUD TO BE A PART OF A HISTORIC REVOLUTION MOVEMENT!!! [3 emoji of Raised fist]

 #LekkiMassacre #Lekkitollgate #Lekki #EndSARS #StopNigeriaGovernment

Nigeria Newsdesk



Rihanna voices support for #EndSARS protests


7. Ayo SamBilliards [drawing of Flag of Nigeria]



Do not forget that

1. Curfew was ordered.

2. Security cameras were taken out

3. Electricity was shot down

4. Peaceful protesters sitting on the floor holding hands were shot at

4. Ambulances were refused entry until later

5. We watched someone die live

#EndSARS #LekkiMassacre




Fela been warn us about Buhari [2 emoji of Loudly crying face, and 1 emoji of Broken heart] #EndSARS #LekkiMassacre

Nigerian Tribune





 condemns torture, brutalisation of Nigerians, says it’s a betrayal to the citizens

Facts About Africa



These are the peaceful, unarmed protesters at Lekki Toll Gate, Lagos, whom the Nigerian military shot live rounds of ammunition at; 20-10-20.

They were waving the Flag of Nigeria flag, singing the national anthem when nonstop fire was opened on them.

They continued singing ... [2 emoji of Broken heart] #EndSARS

11. Eyinjuolodumare EOC



Pls pray for DJ SWITCH the iron Lady, she was also out there helping wounded Nigerian Youths, and documenting Important Evidence...

Please, in all you do, pray for her...#LekkiMassacre






To the African diaspora, Nigeria needs you to amplify rn! The Nigerians that are in your crew, your class, your sports teams, your offices, your playlists, your films, your hospitals...they all need you rn. We need you to be even louder than we’re known to be. #EndSARS




World, Nigeria needs us. Peaceful protests have gone tragically violent as authorities have killed Nigerian protesters. #EndSARS

Please use this thread to share resources & links. PLEASE add a trigger warning IF sending any graphic images. Wishing 4 safety.

14. Kingsley Moghalu



There is a problem when law enforcement and the military in a country are far more efficient in killing and brutalizing citizens than in  combating crime and terrorism. We can't whitewash this foundational issue. It's a fundamental failure of governance. #EndSARS #LekkiMassacre

United Zone



Ighalo: “I’m sad and I don’t know where to start from. Nigerian government, you are a shame to the world for killing your own citizens, protesters that are protesting for their rights - it’s uncalled for.” #EndSARS



12m  [8:01 PM ET October 10, 2020]

There are still shooting at unarmed protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate #EndSARS #LekkiMassacre

EiE Nigeria



"Members of the Nigerian army pulled up on us and they started firing, They were shooting, they were firing straight, directly at us, and a lot of people got hit. I just survived, barely."- An eye witness

#StopNigeriaGovernment #EndSARS

All Love Hip Hop



Everything that’s going on in Nigeria right now is absolutely heartbreaking to witness, the government are killing their own people and something MUST change. Praying for everybody in Nigeria right now [drawing of Flag of Nigeria; emoji of Red heart]


19. Aros



I love how the Nigerian celebrities of great influence and citizens are speaking up with no fear and calling out the government. This is not just #EndSARS protest it is a revolution for a better Nigeria. I’m proud to be part of it. [Flag of Nigeria, emoji of Raised fist]

Alex Telles


15m [8:04 PM ET Oct. 10, 2020]

There is a massacre happening in Lekki. Firing squads mass murdering young people in Nigeria. The world needs to engage #endSARS #LekkiMassacre


1. Mrs. Petty


25m [8:08 PM ET  Oct. 20, 2020

Standing with & praying for the brave young people of Nigeria who are on the front lines of this senseless violence. Your voice is being heard. 🇳🇬 #EndSARS

Chance The Rapper


37m [8:09 PM ET Oct. 20, 2020

There is a massacre happening in Lekki. Firing squads mass murdering young people in Nigeria. The world needs to engage #endSARS

3. Dr Craze



Please if u’re a NIGERIAN living anywhere in d world right now or you are affiliated to Nigeria in anyway please we need you right now! Let it trend world wide so the world can see! They control the media, Tv, thugs and are doing everything to shut us up! #EndSARS #LekkiMassacre



42m [8:10 PM ET Oct 20, 2020]

Praying for Nigeria. This has to stop. #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeraNOW

5. MEFeater Magazine



Today authorities opened fire on a peaceful protest in Lagos. We are heartbroken at what’s happening in Nigeria, and what the citizens are going through. We are proud of the people of Nigeria for their strength and for fighting against injustice in their community. #EndSARS

Ja Rule



So sad what’s happening in Nigeria right now... our fight, our pain, our struggle is unGodly to bare... Crying faceFace with symbols over mouth#EndSARS

7. #OurFavEndSARSDoc Stethoscope [Flag of Nigeria, Flag of United Kingdom]



Remember that this is the same month that Nigeria celebrates 60years of independence from colonial masters.

But young people are still not free.

We are in a new form of slavery.

And the slave owners this time are not white people- but people who look like us and talk like us.

Vanguard Newspapers



"The African Bar Association is totally disappointed in the government of Nigeria who instead of wholly addressing the germane issues raised by the protesting youths chose to adopt Gestapo tactics..."

9. oluwalayomi #EndSARS



in america, i can be killed for being black. in nigeria, i can be killed for merely existing. i don’t feel safe in the abroad or in my home country so what am i supposed to do?? [2 emoji of  Loudly crying face]

10. Barca Principal ⚽



We'll NEVER forget this day,

History will remember this day forever in Nigeria [drawing of Flag of Nigeria].

11. Clemento Suarez



Where did we go wrong? Why are our leaders silent. We shall come out of this. We are in this together #Nigeria .

12. DeVon Franklin



This is awful [emoji of Crying face] Like MLK said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” 

Keeping all my brothers and sisters in Nigeria in my prayers Folded hands#EndSARS



21m [8:19 PM ET Oct. 20, 2020]

At this moment, I can feel the lyrics of

@stonebwoyb‘s ‘RUN GO’ song..

“Where we gonna run go after making our motherland a bitter place to live?”..

I’m very very sad for Nigeria!!! 

Oma Akatugba



The Nigerian government is killing Nigerians because we are asking for better policing and sanity in the way the police in Nigeria treats ordinary Nigerians.

bar ifeanyi ejiofor




The killing of unarmed, and innocent protesters, particularly at the time they were wielding Nigeria National Flags is not only sacrilegious, but a direct desecration of Nigeria symbool of sovereignty. By implication, this country called Nigeria is gone and..1/3

16. bar ifeanyi ejiofor



Replying to


,....and gone forever.


 and his Soldiers must CERTAINLY have a date in ICC to answer for this heinous crime against humanity. It must happen sooner than expected. We must press for this charge now, and not tommorow again....2/3

17. bar ifeanyi ejiofor



Thankfully,  US senior diplomats have started asking questions. It will no longer be business as usual.

18, #EndSars


7m [8:24 PM ET Oct. 20, 2020]

Them no fit curfew the whole of Nigeria at once the movement will go on, #endsars


19, Isituah Nkem Paul



His last Words were peace and unity.His only crime was been Nigeria protester . Rest In Peace #EndSARS




Replying to


Shooting at peaceful protesters singing Nigeria national anthem. [emojis 3 Loudly crying faces]

#EndSARS #BuhariMustGo




Black Lives Matter doesn’t only mean “American Black Lives Matter” btw. So if you really care about BLM, these people in Nigeria fighting for their lives should matter to you too

Jamaal Bowman



US House candidate, NY-16

From the streets of New York [emojis Flag of United States Flag of Nigeria] : We are demanding a global end to police murder.

23. Premium Times



#EndSARS: Outrage as Nigerian soldiers kill protesters in Lagos

Know Your Rights Camp



Activists in Nigeria protesting police terrorism through the #EndSARS movement are being met with military violence. We are sending solidarity to our siblings. Abolition is a global struggle. #AbolitionForThePeople

25. Erica Fk Abudu


41m [8:36 PM ET Oct. 20, 2020]

Don’t let anyone tell you tweeting is not good enough. #EndSARS  and Nigeria are the top 2 trending topics in America. Let the world know! #prayforNigeria

trans kurt hummel


8m [8:38 PM ET Oct. 20, 2020]

#EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality #EndSARSImmediately people in nigeria are being killed by their own government & we need to be talking about it & doing everything we can. black lives matter all across the world & if you aren’t talking about it, why?








What is happening in Nigeria is so sad [3 emoji of Broken heart] African leaders, The world is watching us.. #EndSARS

29. Jackie Appiah boyfriend



Ghana will always stand and support our neighbours

Long live Nigeria long live Africa

Retweet and like




30. Dr Paul Enenche



Replying to


P.S.  #EndSARS = End Injustice, terrorism, senseless killings, oppression, suppression, subjugation, poverty, hunger, nepotism, bigotry, tribalism, regionalism, religionism, and every form of prejudice that is currently the order of the day in this Country.





Everything scattered scattered,

Poor man dey suffer suffer, posa posa,

Gun shot in the air.

Edriss AbdulKarim saw it coming [Broken heart emoji]  #LekkitollgateMassacre #EndSARS

32. Arise News247


3m [8:42 PM ET Oct. 20, 2020]


It's getting darker in Nigeria as the United States shuts Embassy in Lagos State over Nigeria government brutality against peaceful unarmed #EndSARS protesters and perceived insecurity that may follow.

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The REAL Meaning Of The Now Classic 2005 Jamaican Dancehall Song " Weh Di Time"

L Roach, May 28, 2006

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post showcases a YouTube video of the January 1, 2005 hit dancehall song "Weh Di Time" by Bogle featuring Delly Ranks & Voicemail.

The lyrics to this song are included in this post along with some notes about various words that are part of those lyrics.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, linguistics, and entertainment purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to Bogle for his cultural legacy. Thanks also to Delly Ranks & Voicemail for their music and thanks to all those who are quoted in this post. Thanks also to the publisher of this video on YouTube.
This song is also featured in this pancocojams post  "
What "Jiggy" Means & Where That Word REALLY Came From".

That post focuses on the term "jiggy", but also includes some information about the word "weddy" . That informationabout "weddy" is quoted in this Oct 2020 pancocojams post.

Bogle, Delly Ranks, and Voicemail]  

[Intro: Bogle a.k.a. Mr. Wacky]

Mr. Wacky this keepin' it jiggy with Delly and Voice Mail
Dem fi know that Boyzie
Eeeeeeeh? A lie!
Dem seh wow but a we but we tell dem
Don't ask somebody, ask everybody
Don't spill yuh guts, spill it out
We don't tek press...we judge we own concept

[Chorus: Voicemail]

It's a Jiggy time again
Jiggy Jiggy Jiggy Jiggy
A Jiggy time again
Aaaaaa lie
It's a weddy time again
Weddy weddy weddy weddy
A Weddy time again

[Verse 1: VoiceMail]
Bus di place, bus di place
Everybody unnu jus bus di place
Bus di place, bus di place
Follow Mr. Wacky and jus bus di place
Summer bounce, summer bounce
Follow Bwoyzie and do di summer bounce
Walk wid di bounce, walk wid di bounce
Follow Bogle and walk wid di bounce
Walk wid di bounce, walk wid di bounce
Watch Bwoyzie a walk wid di bounce

[Verse 2: Delly Ranks]

Dem a fan dem a off and a box dem off
Dem a telephone we a fax dem off
Dem a call dung di rain pon di gal dem
Dem a lightening and thunder di gal dem
Get Jiggy gal, get jiggy gal, get Jiggy gal, get Jiggy gal
Weddy weddy weddy weddy weddy weddy gal
Mi ready when you ready when you ready when you ready gal
Weddy weddy weddy weddy weddy weddy gal
Mi ready when you ready when you ready when you ready gal

 [Repeat Chorus]

 [Verse 3: Bogle]
After I tell dem don't spill dem guts, spell it
I give dem the place to run an dem can't run it
Hear dis, Heh Bogle, a lie, Eeeeeeh a lie
Afta mi tell dem seh a the best a dem
Dem mek mi affi tell dem seh a the worse a dem deh
All dem deh a weh all dem deh did deh, Eeeeeeh
Don't spill you guts spell it out, a lie
One ting wid we, we don't tek press
We judge we own concept
Afta I seh I gwaan kill dem softly
Right now dem mek mi affi flap dem back oh so badly
Eeeeeeh, a lie
A Missa Wacky dis keepin' it jiggy

 [Verse 4: VoiceMail]
Shankle dip, Shankle dip
Everybody watch Ice shankle dip
Shankle dip Shankle dip
Falla Missa Wacky and do shankle dip
Walk wid di dip, walk wid di dip
Walk wid di dip
Everybody unnu walk wid dip
Walk wid di dip walk wid di dip
Falla Bogle walk wid di dip

[Verse 5: Delly Ranks]
New style, new style
Style a style, and a style can't spoil
New style, new style
Watch Craigy dread him a do di new style

[Verse 6: Voicemail]
Badda dabce badda dance
Falla Ding Dong do di badda dance
Badda dance badda dance
Missa Wacky him a do di badda dance
Missa Wacky him a do di badda dance
Inna you face Inna you face
Falla Bwoyzie and buss di place
Inna you face Inna you face
Watch Ice how him a done di place

[Repeat Chorus: (2x)]

online source:

Here's other information from that website:
Song- Weh Di Time

artists -Voice mail Featuring Delly Ranx & Bogle

Release Date: January 1, 2005

Album: Ragga Ragga Ragga 2005"
Note that "Mr Wacky" is another stage name for Bogle (Gerald Levy, born
 August 22, 1964 – died January 20,  2005).  

Here's some information about this Jamaican dance icon
"Bogle (22 August 1964 – 20 January 2005), born Gerald Levy, and also known as Bogle Dancer, Mr Bogle, Father Bogle, and Mr Wacky, was a Jamaican dancehall star, dancer and choreographer. Beenie Man called Bogle "the greatest dancer of all time"[1] and he is recognised as "part of the foundation and as an icon inside of dancehall culture."[2] Bogle created more dancehall moves than any other figure, he is best known for creating the Bogle dance which is named after him.[3] His stage name, Bogle, is a reference to Paul Bogle a National Hero of Jamaica."
Here's information about Paul Bogle 
"Paul Bogle (1820 – 24 October 1865)[2] was a Jamaican Baptist deacon and activist. He is a National Hero of Jamaica. He was a leader of the 1865 Morant Bay protesters, who marched for justice and fair treatment for all the people in Jamaica. After leading the Morant Bay rebellion, Bogle was captured by government troops, tried and convicted by British authorities under martial law, and hanged on 24 October 1865 in the Morant Bay court house.[3]"...

Read the lyrics that are given above for the hook for the song "Weh Di Time".
The hook basically is saying that those who think they know anything about (Jamaican dancehall dancer Bogle) are lying (about what they know). Furthermore, (the hook states), it's weh di time (it's time) for Bogle and his crew to speak for themselves and judge themselves, rather than accepting what other people's statements about and judgements of themselves.

The verses to this song also continue this position and exhorts people to get "jiggy" (to really party; "to get crunk"). I believe that most if not all of the dances that are mentioned by name in these verses are dances that Bogle (Mr. Wacky) created.

"Get jiggy" means "(to) party", and especially "to party hardy". "To party" and "to party hardy" have the African American Vernacular English meaning "to really party, to enjoy yourselve dancing and socializing at a house party, (night) club, and/or at another social gathering or social event."

The word "crunk" was created from combining the words "crazy" and "drunk", and means taking partying to a new and wild level.

The word "weddy" in the Dancehall song "Weh Di Time" is meant to remind people of (or to evoke) the similarly pronounced English word "ready". However, "weddy" doesn't have the same meaning as "ready".  

I believe that the word "weddy" in this song is another way of writing "weh di" (i.e. the song's title "Weh Di Time" ("Where is the time".) Furthermore, I believe that "Where is the time" actually means "Now is the time". Notice that there is no question mark in the title "Weh Di Time". 

"Weddy weddy" is the name of a Jamaican Dancehall dance. I haven't found any online documentation of that dance before the "Weh Di Time" record. The "weddy weddy" dance may have been created because of that term's inclusion in this song and subsequently became an signal and evocation for people to do that dance. 

"Weddy Weddy" (also known as "Weddy Weddy Wednesdays") are Jamaican entertainment events which provide a platform for Dancehall performers to showcase their songs and Dancehall fans to "get their dance on".  My guess is that the name "Weddy Weddy" was given to that event because of Bogle, Delly Ranks, and Voicemail's hit song "Weh Di Time". Here's some information about "Weddy Weddy" [events] from  "Weddy Weddy Comes Of Age" 
By Howard Campbell, Wednesday, July 31, 2019   
"Considered by some dancehall pundits as the genre's godfather, Winston “Wee Pow” Powell celebrates another milestone this evening with 15 years of Weddy Weddy, the weekly dance that has helped expose upcoming artistes and sound system selectors.

The event takes place at Stone Love headquarters, Burlington Avenue in Kingston, where Weddy Weddy's first songs were played in 2005."...
Because of government restrictions due to Covid-19, "Weddy Weddy Wednesdays" events were moved to Thursday. 
From "McKenzie Drops The Hammer On Entertainment - Weddy, Uptown Mondays Pick New Days"
by Yasmine Peru, August 13, 2020, 
..."At least two promoters of weekly dances, whose events have been sidelined by the recently announced guidelines, are now preparing to shift into a new gear and make the best of the situation. Winston ‘Wee Pow’ Powell, promoter of the 16-year staple on the weekly calendar, Weddy Weddy Wednesdays, and Whitfield ‘Witty’ Henry of uber popular start-of-the-week party, Uptown Mondays, say they have no choice but to choose another day - Thursdays for Weddy Wednesdays and Fridays for Uptown Mondays. Both events are caught in the net of Mondays to Wednesdays, the days when entertainment activities cannot be staged. Powell and Henry told The Gleaner that their events are fully compliant.

 “Bwoy, this is rough, but we have to survive. We did everything according to the book, and followed all the protocols, but now we are the ones who are being made to suffer. I know that there are other promoters who have their event on a Thursday and I really don’t want to run in on their day. But at this point I don’t have much of a choice,” Powell shared with The Gleaner. “As soon as the new rules come into effect, the Weddy Weddy Wednesday will be staged on a Thursday, same place at Stone Love HQ.”...

Click for a 2014 YouTube video that shows Jamaican dancer LaTonya Styles demonstrating how to do the 
weddy weddy dance and a twenty-one other Dancehall dance steps that were created by Bogle (aka Mr. Wackie). 

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Saturday, October 17, 2020

Examples Of Names & Name Meanings From The Trending Hashtag "#MyNameIs" Which Was Created In Response To David Perdue Mocking Kamala Harris' Name

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post documents selected tweets from the trending "#MyNameIs" hashtag (October 17, 2020).

As background to those tweets, this post also provides an excerpt from a news article about Republican Senator David Perdue (Georgia) mocking Democratic Vice Presidential candidate Senator Kamala Harris' name.

The  content of this post is presented for onomastic and political purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to the creators of this hashtag.
and thanks to all those who are quoted in this post.

In the post that I originally published, I wrote that lawyer and author Meena Harris, Kamala Harris' niece, was the creator of this twitter hashtag. That was incorrect. According to this article, , that viral hashtag was created by the Biden/Harris campaign's Asian-American group. 

I sincerely apologize for this error.

From "
People Of Color Are Sharing The Meaning Behind Their Names After A GOP Senator Mocked Kamala Harris's Name"

"Learn how to say peoples' names correctly. It's part of their identity and doing so is a basic form of respect."

 by Clarissa-Jan Lim, October 17, 2020

"Georgia senator David Perdue is facing backlash for mockingly mispronouncing Sen. Kamala Harris's name at a Trump campaign rally on Friday, with many calling his remarks racist.

 "Ka-MAL-a, Ka-MAL-a or Kamala, Kamala, Ka-mala, -mala, -mala, I don't know, whatever," Perdue said as the crowd in Macon, Georgia, burst into cheers and laughter before he introduced President Trump.

That moment from his speech instantly went viral, and it was widely criticized on social media.

Perdue's communications director, John Burke, tweeted that the senator "simply mispronounced" Harris's name "and he didn't mean anything by it."

But many expressed doubt that Perdue would mispronounce the name of a colleague who sits on the Senate Budget Committee with him, and has served alongside the Republican lawmaker in the US Senate for years.

Versha Sharma


Imagine if your coworker of nearly 4 years did this to you

 Perdue and Kamala Harris have served in the Senate together for that long. The disrespect is intentional

Jon Ossoff


 US Senate candidate, GA

My opponent, GOP Sen. David Perdue of anti-Semitic attack ad infamy, just mocked Sen. Harris' name as "Kamala-mala-mala-whatever" at a Trump rally.


We are so much better than this.
This article includes a video clip of Perdue mocking Kamala Harris' name. Here's a link to a YouTube  video of that incident:

Senator Perdue's campaign spokesperson said that his mispronouncing Kamala Harris name  "didn't mean anything".

From "There's a reason Republicans are pretending they don’t know how to say Kamala Harris’ name"
by Jessica Sutherland, October 17, 2020
"Comma-la.” That is how you say Sen. Kamala Harris’ name. She says it correctly every time she introduces herself. The media gets it right, mostly. Yet because she’s Black, because she’s Indian, because she’s a woman, and because she’s a Democrat about to be vice president, Republicans are making a point to mispronounce her name, all in the hopes of knocking her down a few pegs through the petty act of othering."... 

This compilation of tweets from that hashtag were posted by People Of Color who share the origin and meaning of their names which aren't commonly found in the United States.

Some of these tweets are from elected officials or people who are running for office. A number of those tweets also include political statements in support of Kamala Harris and Joe Biden and against David Perdue and Donald Trump. 

Although they aren't included in this compilation, this hashtag also includes a few tweets from People of Color and from White people who shared the meanings of names that are commonly found in the United States. Also not included in this compilation are a few tweets from White people with names that are uncommon in the United States.

Numbers are added to this compilation for referencing purposes only.

1. Meena Harris


#MyNameIs Meenakshi. I'm named after the Hindu goddess, as well as my great great grandmother. I come from a long line of strong women who taught me to be proud of my heritage and to demand respect—especially from racist white men like @sendavidperdue who are threatened by us."

2. Preet Bharara


#MyNameIs Preet, which means love.

3.  Michelle Kwan


#MyNameIs Michelle Wing Kwan & in Chinese pinyin it's pronounced Guan Ying Shan. It means beautiful, strong and smart. What's not beautiful, strong or smart is mocking ppl for their 'foreign sounding' names. Join me in voting for



 instead #Iwillvote

4. Ilhan Omar


US House candidate, MN-5

#MyNameIs Ilham, I prefer Ilhan. I never liked the M sound. It means “Inspiration” in Arabic. My father named me Ilham and inspired me to lead a life of service to others. 

In his honor I am voting for an inspirational ticket over desperate and maddening one.

5.Ro Khanna


US House candidate, CA-17

#MyNameIs Rohit, and my friends call me Ro. It means bright light in Sanskrit. This election, #IWillVote for an inclusive America by voting for @joebiden & @kamalaharris

6. Ted Lieu


US House candidate, CA-33

#MyNameIs Ted W. Lieu. The “W” is short for “Win-Ping” which in Mandarin means Cloud of Peace.

Also, make sure you vote. And if you are voting by mail, don’t forget the stupid secrecy envelope if your state requires it.  

Ayanna Pressley


US House candidate, MA-7

#MyNameIs Ayanna Soyini Pressley. My mother, may she rest in power, gave me this name which means beautiful flower in Swahili. She told me I’d make history and the world would learn how to say it right.

8. Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta


#MyNameIs Malcolm Kenyatta. My father named me to honor the legacy of two giants in the black diaspora: Malcolm X and Jomo Kenyatta. @sendavidperdue might not care, but my name reminds me everyday the systems of discrimination we must uproot...

9. Symone D. Sanders


#MyNameIs Symone, which means “to be heard” and since 1989 I’ve been speaking truth to power. I truly believe my vote is my voice <— not a joke! That’s why I am fired up and #IWillVote for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We can do this y’all! Now is the time to be heard!! [Raised fist emoji]

10. Be A King


#MyNameIs Bernice, which means “bringer of victory.”

11. BrooklynDad_Defiant!


#MyNameIs Majid M. Padellan. Majid means "glorious" in Arabic. It is a Muslim name that I didn't really appreciate as a kid, because people couldn't pronounce it and teased me about it.

On November 3rd, we'll vote out the nasty, moronic racists and enjoy a GLORIOUS win.

12. Gautam Raghavan


My great grandmother’s name was Kamala. Not “Kamala-mala-mala, I don’t know, whatever.”

#MyNameIs Gautam. It means bright light. The kind of bright light a Biden-Harris Administration will represent. And that is why #IWillVote.

Join me & make a plan at

13. Jeff Yang


#MyNameIs Jeff, the closest my parents could get to my Chinese name, 致和—pronounced “Chih-Ho.” Kids who learned my Chinese name called me Cheeto anyway.




 think they can get away with playground racism at @KamalaHarris

 They won’t.


14. Zara Ahmed, DrPH


#MyNameIs Zara. My parents spent a lot of time and energy picking out a name that would be easily pronounceable for non-Indian people. But they shouldn’t have had to do that. It shouldn’t be on POC to shave off pieces of our culture to make life easier for white people.

15. Bee Nguyen Honeybee


#MyNameIs Nguyen. I pronounce it “WIN.” Nguyen stems from the Chinese word “ruan” — a string instrument that is plucked. According to the 2010 Census, it’s the 37th most common surname in the U.S. It’s even on a coke bottle!





 on a bottle?

16. Shekar Narasimhan


#MyNameIs Shekar Narasimhan which means a Hindu god who represents a half man-half lion. Exhibits courage and humanity. My son’s name was Sidarth to symbolize Gautama Buddha, the enlightened One. We are proud Americans and can pronounce others names correctly.

Quote Tweet

Shekar Narasimhan


My son S.R. Sidarth was called a name on August 11, 2006 by a sitting Senator named George Allen. That did not end well for him and this will not end well for this Senator named David Perdue. Please support @JonOssoff so he can retire him.

@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @RohiniKos…


17. Qasim Rashid for Congress


US House candidate, VA-1

#MyNameIs Qasim. It rhymes w/Awesome.

Qasim means 'one who distributes' & 'generous' & 'handsome' in Arabic.

I'm an immigrant to America & the Democratic nominee for US Congress. And when we win in 17 days, I'll be the first Pakistani American in US history elected to Congress.

18. Shaun Jayachandran


#MyNameIs Shaun Deepak Jayachandran. My first name means God is Gracious, middle name means lamp, and my last name means Victory Moon. Our names matter. They have meaning and beauty. So, when a Republican Senator mocks and mispronounces the name of Kamala Harris – 1/2
I can't find the 2nd part of this tweet, but I can imagine what it would say.

19. Chung Seto


#MyNameIs Chung - 仲菁. My paternal grandma named me. Along with my given name it means “the best.” Our names matter. So, when a Republican Senator mocks & mispronounces the name of


 – his colleague of four years – we have only one option: Vote. Them. Out. #iWillVote

20. Shasti Conrad


#Mynameis Shasti, she is the Goddess of children in ancient Hinduism. My (adoptive) mom gave it to me when I arrived from India. To leave India, I had to have an Indian name on my birth certificate so I knew where I came from. I love my name and you will say it right.

21. Deepa Sharma Scales


#MyNameIs Deepa. I was named by my Bade Papa, our paternal grandfather. It means ‘light’, and was given to me because I was born on Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights.

22. Sree Sreenivasan


#MyNameIs Sreenath Sreenivasan. Little white boys used to make fun of my name when I arrived in NYC as a kid. Now, a Republican Senator mocks the name of


. Go to to make a plan to cast your vote for leaders who respect our values. #iWillVote

23. Subodh Chandra


#MyNameIs Subodh. Means good knowledge. My parents named me that, valuing education. So I worked hard. Our names—w/ meaning & beauty—matter.



@KamalaHarris' name; we must vote 'em out. #IWillVote for leaders who respect our values & names:

24. Curtis Chin


#MyNameIs Curtis. When my mom was growing up in Hong Kong, her favorite film was the American comedy Some Like It Hot starring actor Tony Curtis. Basically she named me after the worst drag performance ever. Mocking drag queens is wrong. So is mocking Kamala’s name. #iwillvote

25. Pin Young


#MyNameIs Pin. 賓 means "honored guest." My aunt came up with the name because we are merely guests of this world.

My name is not Ping Pong, as a racist tRumper called me the other day. The @GOP finds racist behavior like this acceptable. Vote Blue to stop racism.

26. Dr Sushmi Chakraborty, MD


#MyNameIs Sushmi. It means beautiful smile. My last name (though phonetic) is a struggle for many of my patients. But I come from a lineage that I'm damn proud of so "Dr C" isn't gonna cut it.

27. Mansi Patel


#MyNameis Mansi. It means from the mind. In western thought, the mind is associated with thought and the organ associated with it is the brain, and in eastern philosophy, the organ associated with the mind is the heart.


Proud to support #Kamala, who has both."

28. CC - Flip the Senate, Reform the Court Statue of libertyMicroscopeDNA


My name in Gujarati means someone who eases worry. I come from a line of strong kick-ass women. My grandmom was a freedom fighter and created a women's org. And my mom left her whole life behind in India to create a new life for me. I am so proud of my heritage. 

29. Ling Luo


#MyNameIs Ling, in Chinese, means beautiful sound of jade! My parents cherished me of a valuable and sound life. I extended to be a singer received numerous awards when young, now a big voice advocating AAPI community in democratic political involvement! #IWillVote. #VoteDemocrat

30. Maulik Pancholy


#MyNameIs Maulik. In Sanskrit it means "Original." In Hindi, "Precious." My grandfather said it's the "origin of thought" - the unknown place from which ideas spring forth.

I won't stand for the mocking of

@KamalaHarris' name.  #IWillVote #BidenHarris2020

31. Bo Ren


#MyNameIs Bo. The Chinese character铂 means white gold SparklesMy dad named me after a semiprecious semiconductor on his circuit board. In Kindergarten I refused to pick an Anglo name after we immigrated to Michigan bc I was proud of my heritage and I loved Bo Jackson. #BoKnows

32. LaVidaLopa


#MyNameIs Lopa, a shorter form of the name Lopamudra who was a wise, female philosopher in ancient Vedic Indian literature who contributed to the hymns of the Vedas. The strength I find in my name is something a racist like @sendavidperdue will never understand!

33. Nikita Srivastava


#MyNameIs Nikita. It means warmth, kindness and unconquerable. My parents immigrated from India to make sure their future family could have every opportunity to grow. I can’t wait to vote for ally,

@JoeBiden, and our first South-Asian and Black woman VP, @KamalaHarris


34. Madalene Mielke


#MyNameIs Madalene Xuan-Trang Mielke & my middle name means “beautiful spring” in Vietnamese. My last name is German & is equally challenging to pronounce. Learning to say people’s names correctly is a sign of respect.

35. Chung Seto


#MyNameIs Chung - 仲菁. My paternal grandma named me. Along with my given name it means “the best.” Our names matter. So, when a Republican Senator mocks & mispronounces the name of @KamalaHarris – his colleague of four years – we have only one option: Vote. Them. Out. #iWillVote

36. Anjana


#MyNameIs Anjana. Sometimes I go by AJ cuz I’m afraid that if the powerful White man can’t pronounce my name, I won’t be considered important. But Un-juh-na is the name of the bold & brave Goddess mother of Lord Hanuman, so I work on being the bold Anjana that deserves to be seen

37. Danya Rafiqi


#MyNameIs Danya Rafiqi. That’s Dawn-yuh as in a tree branch abundant with blessed fruit in Heaven as described in the Quran, and Ruh-Fee-Key, no not like Lion King, like my Grandfather who wanted his children and grandchildren to chase their dreams and never look back.



#MyNameIs Shehn, which means falcon. I was named for Guru Gobind Singh’s pet falcon, and the honor, courage, and strength he embodied in the face of adversity. My community and I are stronger and more courageous than the racism thrown at us and we use our voice to vote you out.

39.Anjali Mehrotra


#MyNameIs Anjali - It means "divine offering" in Sanskrit. Also cupping of hands in greeting across the subcontinent. These are American names now. #OurNamesMatter. Our families matter. Join me in voting for Biden/Harris ticket that reflects America. Go to

40. Mallika Chopra


#MyNameIs Mallika. It means Queen of Flowers. In Sanskrit, jasmine. In Urdu, queen. Some of my Muslim, African & African American brothers & sisters share names  Malik, Maliq, Maleeka. I, Mallika, voted today. Join me & visit to make your plan. #IWillVote

41. Paurvi Bhatt


#MyNameIs Paurvi (it’s pronounced “pour-vee” or “poh-ravi”. Not poorvee or Polly).   My nickname is “Dipti”   Together- my names mean Light from the East. My parents waited for the stars to signal the best names for a powerful woman.   #KamalaHarris VOTE. 

42. Krishna Upadhya MD, MPH


#MyNameIs Krishna and I go by Krishna, not Kris or Christina and not “Hairy Krishna” though I have been called all of those. My parents named me after my dad’s beloved younger sister who is an accomplished professor of geography, mother and grandmother [emoji of the Flag of Nepal] #KamalaHarris #VOTE

43. Roshan Mody


#MyNameIs Roshan. It is a Parsi name that means light where there is darkness.  My grandmother chose that name for the first family member to be born in America. That name rendered me the subject of racism and bigotry my entire life. And I could not be more proud to have it.

44. Aishwarya Arjunan, MS, MPH, CGC,CPH (she/her/hers)


#MyNameIs Aishwarya and it means wealth and prosperity. It's also an avatar  of the Goddess Lakshmi. It's ridiculous & callous to see someone that calls themselves a leader & a representative of the people to be so tasteless & rude. Vote THEM out! 


45. Eaman Fahmy


#MyNameIs Eaman.  Ee/maan. It’s Arabic for faith. When I was young I longed for a “regular” name, wishing I could find my name on mugs & keychains. Now I love it b/c my faith is central to who I am and what I hold dear. It is the driving force behind my activism & community work.



#MyNameIs Viễndi, and it's Vietnamese in origin. My mom wanted a name both Vietnamese & English. Means something like "far from home." 99% of people I know don't pronounce it right, but schools and friends had been saying it like ven-dee for so long I couldn't correct them.

47. Seema Nanda


#MyNameIs Seema, which means "limit."  It's ok (but hard) to mispronounce my name, but mocking an Indian name in 2020 is just as wrong as it was in 2006 (remember when George Allen called a Sen. Webb staffer macaca and welcomed him to America?).  Vote. Them. Out.

48. Dr. Raj Panjabi


#MyNameIs Rajesh (pronounced “Raa-jay-sh”) and it means “ruler of kings.” Maybe it’s ironic, but I’m proud to be an American because our freedom, our nation, our democracy, was born from fighting against the rule of kings

49. Dr. Raj Panjabi


...and #MyNameIs Panjabi, or people of the Punjab: the land of five rivers.

Punjab was the cradle of the ancient Indus Valley Civilization — the people who brought us the system of numbers, like the ones we will use to count votes in this election.

50. Vanita Gupta


#MyNameIs Vanita, which means beloved woman.

51. Tala Ashe


#MyNameIs Talayeh. It means “pioneer” in Persian & comes from the Shahnameh. I have felt my share of Othering & racism by people like


. I will be voting for




 because I know we are a nation of immigrants & I am proud to be one.

52. Abdul El-Sayed, MD, DPhil


#MyNameIs Abdulrahman. It means “devotee of The Most Merciful.” It reminds me how important mercy is in this world.


For a long time, I thought it meant I couldn’t run for office.


Then I did. Because my name is as American as apple pie...and baklawa.

53. Nabilah Islam


#Mynameis Nabilah and it means noble in Arabic. Bullies like @sendavidperdue

 are not new, they butcher our names to makes us feel small & to make us feel like an other.

Nabilah is an American name and so is Kamala’s.

54. Daniel Dae Kim


#MyNameIs Daniel Dae Hyun Kim, or in Korean, 김대현. It means “great and powerful one.” My name is not “Macaca” or “Kung Flu.”



, her name is not “Kamala Mala Mala I Don’t Know Whatever.” #Respect. One more reason to vote for




55. Ayodele (You’re Still On Mute) Okeowo


#mynameis Ayodele. my dad's name is Ayodele. my granddad's name was Ayodele. Ayodele means 'joy has come home' in Yoruba. let's allow joy to come home in 17 days & restart the work of building an America for the many.




57. Asian Americans for Biden


We can all relate to this kind of backhanded racism—which is still racism and wrong. KAMALA means Lotus Flower in Sanskrit. Our names have meanings. We matter. Joe and Kamala care. #mynameis #iwillvote



#MyNameIs Emiko. I’m named after my Aunt and it means Smiling Child. I started going my “Miko” in college because I was tired of hearing it mispronounced. I’m proud of my heritage. I’m excited to vote for




 because they respect diversity.

59. Chris Lu


#MyNameIs Chris, but my middle name is Pey-Ning. In Chinese, it means abundance of peace. It's the kind of peace we'll all feel with Joe Biden as president

This country belongs as much to me, @KamalaHarris  and every kid with an ethnic name - as it does to David Perdue

60. Aftab Pureval


#MyNameIs Aftab. It means sunshine. In one generation, my parents have gone from immigrating to this country to watching their son serve as an elected official.

I can’t wait to vote for @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris because they value diversity and believe in our American story

Wagatwe Wan-spooky 👻 🇰🇪 🇧🇸


#MyNameIs Wagatwe. It means leader. I'm named after my grandmother and I insist people know and say my full first name: it's not just about respecting me, but respecting her and my ancestors.

It's three syllables. It's really not hard if you actually try to say it.

[Here's one more tweet from that hashtag that were added on October 18, 2020]

62. Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu


#MyNameIs Adeşola shortened to Sola which I prefer to spell as Shola because the 'ş' is the 'sh' sound. I love my name✊

In Yoruba it means 'crowned with wealth' or 'this crown makes wealth' as my father explained to me

Our names matter - Say. My. Name.

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