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Two Sound File Examples Of The Children's Camp Song "I'm A Nut" (Part I)

Vinyl and shellac by Starday, Dec. 19, 2016

From 1966 Kapp LP KS-3488 "I'm A Nut".

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part I of a three part pancocojams series on the song "I'm A Nut".

This post showcases two YouTube examples of  "I'm A Nut". The first sound file that is embedded is a country music version of that song that was recorded in 1966 by (White American) singer Leroy Pullins.

The second sound file that is embedded in this post is an example of a children's (summer) camp song of "I'm A Nut".

Click for Part II of this pancocojams series. Part II provides selected comments about the song "I'm A Nut". Some of the comments in Part II include lyrics for versions of this song/rhyme (including the lyrics that Leroy Pullin sang in his 1966 record). In addition to sharing lyrics for these examples, I'm interested in sharing comments that indicate the decade or year that the commenter first heard this song.

Click for Part III of this pancocojams series. Part III presents examples of the hand clap rhyme "I'm A Nut In A Hut". My editorial comments about those rhymes are also included in that post.  

The content of this post is presented for folkloric and entertainment purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to Leroy Pullins for recording this song and thanks to all those who are associated with the second sound file that is showcased in this post.

Almost all of the content of this pancocojams blog focuses on African American culture, African cultures, or cultures from other people of the African Diaspora.

However, with regard to the song "I'm A Nut", I've found no information that directly or indirectly link the composition of early or later versions of that song to Black people. In contrast, I've found a number of examples of  the rhyme "I'm A Nut In A Hut" that were posted online by African Americans who remembered that rhyme from their childhood.  

Some pancocojams posts- such as this one- focus on children's recreational material (rhymes, cheers, chants, and singing games), without regard to the race or ethnicity of those who originally composed that material or without regard to who performed or performed that material.

That said, pancocojams' posts on children's recreational material often focus on versions of rhymes, cheers, and singing game that Black children compose/d, modifiy/ied, and/or perform'ed. The words and performance activities of those examples are sometimes different than the words and performance styles for the same titles of rhymes or other rhymes that are chanted by non-Black people.chanted by non-Black people.

As indicated above, the content of this series is presented for folkloric and reactional purposes. 


Saturn Capricorn, Nov 21, 2012

Child's Song.  This is my one of my daughter's favorite children's song. There are other variations of this song, but this is my favorite, too. Enjoy!

Music in this video

Song: I'm a Nut

Artist: The Countdown Kids

This concludes Part I of this three part pancocojams series. 

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