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Jesus Is My Comforter - A Nuba Moro (Sudanese song) in English with additional suggested English verses

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases a Nuba Moro (Sudan) Sunday school group performance of the song which I'm giving the title "Jesus Is My Comforter".

This post also includes my suggestions of additional English language verses and/or another English language arrangement for this Christian song.

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Thanks to the composer of this song and thanks to all those who are featured in this video. Thanks also to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

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Samaan Adenti Published on Jan 17, 2014

Nuba Moro Sunday School, Regifi In Nuba mountains
This song is particularly powerful given that the Nuba Moro people have experienced/continue to experience war, hunger, and upheaval.

Here's my transcription of the English portion of the song (that is sung from the beginning of this video to 3:24)*


Lead - Comforter.
Jesus is my comforter
Jesus is my comforter
I am not alone.

Group- Comforter.
Jesus is my comforter
Jesus is my comforter
I am not alone.

[Repeat this portion several times while marching in a procession into the church.]

*The children also sang other verses sung in their traditional language before returning to the English language "Jesus is my comforter" verse.

I'd love to know the words that the children sang for the rest of that song.
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This Sudanese (Nuba Moro) song can be sung as an open ended, zipper song (open ended: a song that has no fixed length; "zipper song": a song in which one word or phrase can be zipped out of the song and then replaced with another word or phrase).

These verses can be added to this song in same pattern as was used in the Nuba Moro Sunday school video:

Jesus is:
my protector

my guiding light

my light in darkness

my blessed savior

my prince of peace

Also, singers can return to a verse or verses that was already sung.

This open ended, zipper pattern is very much like the musical technique of "lining" when a lead vocalist sings one line of a song and the choir and/or the congregation repeats those same lyrics. One similar call * response technique occurs when the lead sings part of a line and the choir sings the entire line.

Here's another suggested arrangement of this song:

(sung in unison)
Jesus is my comforter
I am not alone
Jesus is my comforter
I am not alone.
I am not alone.
I am not alone.
Jesus is my comforter.
I am not alone.

[Sing other suggested verses that are found above, and/or other verses in that pattern. Return to previous verses as desired. End with the "Jesus is my comforter" verse.]

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