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Marching For Jesus - Black Church Processions Part IV (African Choirs)

Edited by Azizi Powell

The Choir Entrance

Uploaded by Habeebi on Jul 4, 2006

This is Part IV of a four part post on Black Church Processions. This post showcases several videos of African choir processions or processions by African church related groups.

Click for Part 1 of this series (Commentary about Black church processionals).

Click for Part II of this series (African American & Canadian beginning church service processionals and during offerings).

Click for Part III of this series (Processional of Church nurses, ushers, and other church groups).

These videos are showcased for their historical, sociological, aesthetic, and/or spiritual values. I selected these particular videos because they appealed to me and/or because I consider them to be representative of a certain style of Black processional.

[These videos are posted in no particular order.]

Video #1: The Choir Entrance

This video is posted at the top of this page.
The choir is marching in by twos.

Here are two comments from this video's viewer comment thread:

Wow! Where is this?! Looks like it might actually be a church in Africa. For those who think this is out of tune, many African cultures base their traditional music on a twelve or fourteen note scale. If this is a 14 note scale then they are all perfectly in tune. Just because your ear hasn't been brought up on a 14 tone scale and therefore can't understand the complex logic of it doesn't make it an invalid art form.
-QuiglysMom; 2009

[Editor: No information was given as to where in Africa this video was taken.]
LOL yall I thought black american's were the only ones who had their chior to march in!! Thhis goes alllll the way back to the mother land!!
-princessofbiz ; 2010

Video #2: The Choir marching into the church

Uploaded by TalithaK on Aug 26, 2007

The choir in Namibe always marches into the church in the morning before they take their places in their benches up front every Sunday. I am the white

Editor: "Namibe" is Namibia, South Africa.

Video #3: 2009 Sudanese Adult Choir Entrance

uploaded by gladzic on Jun 1, 2009

Sudanese Adult Choir Entrance, Pentecost Sunday 2009
Maughan Uniting Church

Video #4: Offering Processional - Central African Republic

Uploaded by vondadrees on Sep 9, 2011

This video is part of an Advent curriculum, developed by the ELCA TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod, called "Faith Together: Come, Lord Jesus." The curriculum celebrates the synod's global partnerships with the Lutheran Churches of Peru and the Central African Republic, and explores the question, "What does it mean when the church prays, 'Come, Lord Jesus!'"

In the Lutheran Church of the CAR, the people process their offering forward with music and dancing. The women and girls put their offering in one basket and the men and boys in another. This is meant to be quite joyous! Often, on the next Sunday, it is announced which side gave more, the men or the women, and a loud cheer goes up for whichever side won.

[Editor: A processional of a Kenyan Catholic church choir is shown at several times in this video]

Video #5: Ilimpasa-Kenya Navy Catholic Choir.DAT

Uploaded by vastization on May 11, 2010

Click and for two pancocojams posts on Kenyan Catholic Choirs.

Video #6: The Church Of Pentecost - Austria. National Officers Retreat In Linz

bankubanku6, Uploaded by bankubanku6 on Apr 9, 2011

Editor: There is no other information about this video from the video uploader. And, to date, there are no comments from viewers. But my guess is that the people in the video are West Africans.

Video #7: Everybody blow your trumpet - Daughters of Praise

Uploaded by thetruewordofgod1 on May 24, 2010

The ladies of True Word praising God

Editor: This clip is from Celebration of the Nations at True Word. There are a number of videos each showcasing representatives of various nations around the world including several African and Caribbean nations. is another video in this series features African men.

Click for an essay with video samples on "The Sources, Art, And Purposes Of Black Church Processionals" written by Azizi Powell 6/9/2012

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