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Marching For Jesus (Church Ushers & Nurses) Black Church Processions Part III

Edited by Azizi Powell

MCHCA Ushers & Nurses Grand March

Mount Calvary Holy Church Inc, Uploaded on Aug 19, 2009

This is Part III of a four part series on Black Church Processions. This post showcases marches by African American usher boards, church nurses guilds, and other church groups. These processions usually take place during those groups' anniversaries.
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These videos are showcased for their historical, sociological, aesthetic, and/or spiritual values. I selected these particular videos because they appealed to me and/or because I consider them to be representative of a certain style of Black church processions.

[These videos are posted in no particular order.]

Video #1: MCHCA Ushers & Nurses Grand March

This video is found at the top of this page.

Here is the video uploader's comment:
"This is the annual International Nurses & Ushers Convention Grand March. This year's event took place at the International Headquarters of Mount Calvary Holy Church of America Inc. Washington D.C.

April 3, 2009"


Several commenters to this video and other videos mentioned how the processional movements look like some secular dances. Here's one comment for example:

Did I see them just do the Stanky leg!!!!!!That's alright, work it!!!.
12fondue; 2011


Other commenters such as the two below explained the purpose of nurses in Black churches:

... The nurses that you see in most congregations, especially baptist churches, give service to the choir and the pulpit guest. Getting water, fans, and programs as well as performing minor first aid during church.
-Godsfavor20; 2011

Some Baptist churches have what you called a Nurses Guild. It consists of women who are actually nurses by profession or retired nurses. Their main role is to assist the congregation and pastor by giving first aid and attending to sick members. They also promote health awareness, safety measures, etc.
chaJva07; 2011

Video #2: Joint Usher Board Anniversary Pt 1

smartvids09 Uploaded, on Sep 30, 2010

Sunday, September 19, 2010 TheFBCD Washington DC
The previously embedded video that was given as #2 is no longer publicly available.

This video added October 30, 2016.

Video #3: Dancing Usher Board

Uploaded by Tadra West on Jul 22, 2008
Here's a viewer's comment:
This is at Tried Stone Baptist Church in Washington, DC and YES, the ushers definitely get down for Jesus EVERY Sunday!!
-pkamkg; 2011

Video #4: Beth Shalom Usher Board Processional

Uploaded by bethshalomify on Mar 19, 2011
Sis. Delores Jacobs, Pres. and Bro. Paul Lomax, Vice Pres. lead Beth Shalom Usher Board to the Altar to consecrate and receive their new Usher Board Pins.

Video #5: Womens Day March

Uploaded by smartvids09 on Oct 20, 2010

Video #6: St. Rest Baptist Church 50th Annual Usher Day 3/28/2010

Uploaded by valgals007 on Mar 31, 2010

This is St. Rest Baptist Church located in Fresno California. This is a clip of their 50th Annual Usher Day...

Video #7: Ushers Marching To The Glory of God

Uploaded by JorNic96 on Nov 2, 2010

The Church Ushers Association of Brklyn & L.I March the way ushers are suppose to.

Video #8: St. John's Baptist Church Usher Anniversary, November 2011

Rosita M, Uploaded on Dec 10, 2011

40th Usher Anniversary

The previously embedded video that was given as #8 is no longer available.

This video added October 30, 2016.

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