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Yanvalou - Songs and Other Musical Interpretations

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part 3 of a 3 part series of posts on Yanvalou. Part 3 features selected videos of songs and instrumental music about Yanvalou.

Part 1 provides selected quotes about the Yanvalou dance. Click for Part 1 of this series.

Part 2 features selected videos of Yanvalou dances.
Click for Part 2 of this series.

These posts are presented for their historical, folkloric, educational, and aesthetic values.

My thanks to those whose videos I have reposted and whose comments I have quoted.

Yanvalou Songs and Other Musical Interpretations
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Music Video #1
Netty -Yanvalou

Uploaded by decibelrecords on Aug 12, 2009

Netty ( Renette Desir ) Very talented Haitian Singer
Music Video #2
Tangente au Yanvalou

Uploaded by jrpviolin1 on Apr 20, 2011

Jean R Perrault (violin) and Jeanne Doty (piano) perform Tangente au Yanvalou by Haitian composer Julio Racine. Originally conceived for flute and piano, this work was adapted for violin by Jean R Perrault, with the permission of the composer. Jean R Perrault and Jeanne Doty are both on the faculty of the University of Minnesota Duluth. This performance took place in Weber Music Hall, on the UMD campus, on February 25, 2008.

Music Video #3
Haitian Rhythms: Yanvalou by Ricardo Anilus

Uploaded by mawonmawon on Nov 23, 2011

Master Percussionist Ricardo Anilus plays the Haitian Rhythm Yanvalou

Ricardo Anilus is a master percussionist from Haiti.
Yanvalou, Petro, Ibo, Nago, Wandiale, Arada, Kontredans, Raboday, Congo, Darome, and Mayi, are just a few of the 21 distinct rhythms from Haiti that Ricardo performs and studies. With over 100 variations to the 21 rhythms, there is a constant need to study and practice in order to master what Ricardo has made his life's mission.

In addition to Haitian rhythms, he also has a deep interest in studying the relationship between African rhythms and Haitian rhythms. Latin Rhythms such as: Salsa, Rumba, Cumbia, Samba, Condonble, and Guaguanco, just to name a few are also part of his musical arsenal. Recently, he has embarked on an exploration of reggae, and has added the Peruvian Cajon to his list of percussion instruments.


Music Video #5
Jeff pierre - ibo and yanvalou drum solo (haitian)

uploaded by afoutayi on Aug 31, 2011

Music Video #4

Espace Caravelle de Meaux

Uploaded by shoublak on Jun 8, 2011

Music Video #5

Music Video #6
Amos Coulanges - Nan fon bwa (Yanvalou)

Uploaded by lesprilib1 on Dec 30, 2011

Coulanges interprète la célèbre composition de Frantz Casséus. Science, élégance et assurance !

Here's a bonus sound file on Haitian music:

Music Video #7
Musique d'Haïti

Uploaded by 3Prophet on Mar 8, 2011

chanson d'Haïti rarement entendue, rare music from Haiti

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