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Two Songs About Rosa Parks (Lyrics, Videos, And More)

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Neville Brothers - Sister Rosa

Uploaded by NevilleBrothersVEVO on Jun 16, 2009
The Neville Brother's "Sister Rosa" song is one of two songs about civil rights icon Rosa Parks that are featured in this post. Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (February 4, 1913 – October 24, 2005) was an African-American civil rights activist, whom the U.S. Congress called "the first lady of civil rights", and "the mother of the freedom movement". Click for more biographical information about Rosa Parks.

In addition to the song "Sister Rosa", this post features a video, lyrics, and information about the song "Rosa Sat". This post also includes a video of the civil rights song "If You Miss Me In The Back Of The Bus", a song that certainly can be said to be a tribute to Rosa Parks, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and all others drum majors for justice in the United States civil rights movement of the 1960s.

This post is published for historical, educational, and aesthetic purposes. My thanks to all the composers of these featured songs. My thanks also to those who posted these videos and lyrics.

(Neville Brothers)

December 1st,1955
our freedom movement came alive.
And because of Sister Rosa you know
we don't ride on the back
of the bus no more.

Now Sister Rosa,
she was tired one day
after a hard day on her job.
When all she wanted
was a well deserved rest
not a scene from an angry mob.

The bus driver said Lady you got to get up
cause a white person wants your seat
but Miss Rosa said, no, not no more
I'm gonna stay right here
and rest my feet.

Yeah, Thank you Miss Rosa,
you were the spark
that started our freedom movement.
Thank you Sister Rosa Parks.

The police came without fail
and took Sister Rosa off to jail
14 dollars was her fine.
Brother Martin Luther King
knew it was our time.
The people of Montgomery
sat down to talk.
It was decided that all God's
children should walk
until segregation was
brought to its knees
and we obtain freedom and equality.
Thank you Miss Rosa.


So we dedicate this song to thee
for being a symbol of dignity.
Thank you Sister Rosa.



ROSA SAT – A Song for Barack Obama

Uploaded by marsh820 on Jan 17, 2009

Written and performed by Amy Dixon-Kolar (c) 2008 Asharta Music/ASCAP. This was written a few days after November 4, 2008 and was inspired by the quote used as the chorus and the celebrations and photos of this historic day. Photographer Bernie Kleina was kind enough to give permission for me to use his photos of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the murals in the Pilsen area of Chicago.

Recorded December, 2008 by John Abbey, New Soup Studio, Chicago, IL

Thanks to Bernie Kleina, photographer:,,, GettyImages, and others...

Amy Dixon-Kolar ©2008
Asharta Music/ASCAP
All Rights Reserved
(Amy Dixon-Kolar)

Rosa sat so Martin could walk
Martin walked so Barack could run
Barack ran, he ran and he won
So that all our children could fly

Thousands of people that November night
All of us here who have fought the long fight
Knowing as one we’re creating a new nation
Join together in celebration


Mother and daughter listenin’ to the news
Momma breaks down cryin’, little girl is confused
Honey we worked so hard to get to this place
Daughter puts a loving hand on momma’s face


Mr. Obama all eyes turn to you
Share with the country what you’re gonna do
Wars and foreclosures surround us this year
But Yes We Can rise above our fears

Chorus (2x)
"Sourcing The Quote Rosa Sat So Martin Could Walk; Martin Walked So Barack Could Run; Barack Ran So We Could All Fly
by David Hershovitzs; Jan. 23, 2009

Widely attributed to Jay-Z, this quote is becoming epic. And rightly so. It resonates with everyone who hears it...While it didn't originate from Jay, he did tweak it into a more manageable and rap-able sound bite. "He heard it somewhere... But can't remember the name," Jay's office reports. French philosopher Bernard-Henry Levy quoted it on [the] Charlie Rose [television show], but it didn't originate with him either. After looking around, I can say with some certainty that the now celebrated words were uttered by Cleo Fields, former Congressman and State Senator from Louisiana, while speaking in February last year. The original version goes like this:

"W.E.B. Dubois taught so that Rosa Parks could take a seat. Rosa took a seat so we all could take a stand. We all took a stand so that Martin Luther King Jr. could march. Martin marched so Jesse Jackson could run. Jesse ran so Obama could WIN."

Bonus Video:
If You Miss Me From The Back Of The Bus

Uploaded by SongsOfFreedomKids on Jan 18, 2008

Kids in 2008 learning about and singing the classic song from the US Civil Rights Movement. "If You Miss Me from the Back of the Bus" was written by Charles Neblett of the Freedom Singers to the tune of "O Mary Don't You Weep."
Click for lyrics to "If You Miss Me At The Back Of The Bus" and for more lyrics and videos of civil rights songs (freedom songs). Cocojams is Pancocojams' sister website.

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