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Yanvalou - Dance Videos

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part 2 of a 3 part series of posts on Yanvalou. Part 2 features selected videos of Yanvalou dances.

Part 1 provides selected quotes about the Yanvalou dance. Click for Part 1 of this series.

Part 3 features selected videos of songs and instrumental music about Yanvalou. Click for Part 3 of this series.

These posts are presented for their historical, folkloric, educational, and aesthetic values.

My thanks to those whose videos I have reposted and whose comments I have quoted.

Yanvalou Dance Videos
(The numbers assigned to these videos have no ranking order or order of preference).

Dance Video #1: Djenane St.Juste : Yanvalou

Uploaded by hdadr on Aug 23, 2008

class in Haitian dance by dancer/choreographer Djenane St.Juste with master drummers Frisner Augustin and Zeke Nealy, ODC/Dance Commons in San Francisco. Djenane is teaching every Monday evening 6-7.30 and Saturday afternoon 3.30-5 @ Bollyhood Cafe in SF. Live music by Zeke & Konbit. Recently joined by her mother dancer/choregrapher and Mambo Florencia 'Fofo' Pierre and her brother, drummer Jeff Pierre. contact:

Dance Video #2: Yanvalou - Danse Rituelle - Theatre de la Parfumerie -La Croisée des Cultures, Genève

Uploaded by karinelabel on Jul 21, 2011

Danse Rituelle: Karine LaBel (Haïti)
Percussion: Atissou Loko (Haïti)
Ted Beaubrun (Haïti) Deslandes Fleurimond (Haïti)
Violon: Fouad Didi (Algérie)
Accordéon: David Brossier (Roumani)

Dance Video #3: Afro Haitian Dance~Yanvalou~@Harappa Festival

Uploaded by urigatica on Mar 13, 2010

Dance by RUA*LUA dance company (Natsuki Hayashi,
Yuko "Dalila" Tamura, Aya "Ayazones"Takeuchi).

Percussion by Gaku,Naoko Onishi,Sou Kataoka,Kota Seki.

Nov.2009@HARAPPA-MATSURI (Great local festival at Tokyo Metropolitan Musashino Park in Koganei-city,Tokyo Japan)

UPDATE 5/17/2013
Dance Video #4: ReBIRTH - Haitian Folklore (Yanvalou & Zepol)

windchileUploaded on Oct 2, 2010

Rara Tou Limen performs "ReBIRTH" at SF Ethnic Dance Festival
Palace of Fine Arts | June 12-13, 2010

Artistic Director/Choreographer: Portsha Jefferson

Musical Director: Daniel Brevil

Musicians: Guy de Chalus, Karen Kirschling, Taji Maalik, Josh Piagentinni
Click page 27 of Dancing spirits: rhythms and rituals of Haitian Vodun, the Rada rite by Gerdes Fleurantto find information about the Zepol dance.

Dance Video #5: Mikerline Dance Company (Yanvalou)

Berndy Lamy, Published on Nov 1, 2012

Mikerline dance company performed live at an Event Guede in Brooklyn New York.
For more info visit

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