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Rod Lee - "Dance My Pain Away" (Baltimore Club Music song)

PhillyBMoreClub, April 11, 2009
The title for this YouTube sound file includes the words "RIP DJ K-SWIFT.  Here's some information about that DJ from the Wikipedia page about Baltimore Club Music:
"DJ K-Swift was known as a prominent personality in the genre. In addition to DJing at Hammerjacks and The Paradox, she hosted a radio show on WERQ-FM from 1998 until her death in 2008.[5]"

end of quote

Click for the Wikipedia page about that young female DJ/record producer who contributed musically to this record.   
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This pancocojams post presents information about Baltimore Club music and information about Baltimore, Maryland record producer and party MC Rod Lee,

This post also showcases a YouTube sound file of the 1990s Baltimore Club music song "Dance My Pain Away" and includes a few comments from the discussion thread for that YouTube sound file.

The content of this post is presented for historical, cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.  

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to  Rod Lee for his cultural legacy and thanks to all those who are quoted in this post. Thanks also to the publisher of this sound file on YouTube.

altimore club, also called Bmore club, Bmore house or simply Bmore, is a fusion of breakbeat and house genres. . It is often referred to as a blend of hip hop and chopped, staccato house music. It was created in Baltimore, Maryland, United States in the early 1990s by 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell, Frank Ski, Miss Tony (known as Big Tony after he stopped presenting in drag[1]), Scottie B. and DJ Spen.[2]

Baltimore Club is based on an 8/4 beat structure, and includes tempos around 130 beats per minute.[3][4] It combines repetitive, looped vocal snippets similar to trap, bounce, ghetto house and ghettotech. Baltimore club is a sample based form of breakbeat, with samples used including theme songs to shows like Sanford and Son, SpongeBob SquarePants and Elmo's World,[4] along with samples from shows like Family Guy, South Park & Ren & Stimpy, though can also be simple repeated phrases and chants. The instrumental tracks include heavy breakbeats and call and response stanzas[5] similar to those found in the go-go music of Washington, D.C."...



The record stores of Baltimore were essential to the development of the genre.[7] Early adopters included Scottie B, Shawn Caesar and DJ Equalizer during the 1990-1992 time period. They were later joined (1993–94) by DJ Patrick, Kenny B, DJ Class, Diamond K, DJ Technics and others.



In the mid 2000's, the genre gained crossover popularity in Baltimore's rock underground, due to dance nights at venues such as the Talking Head Club. Baltimore club was featured in Spin Magazine in December 2005.[10][8]

Rod Lee was described as "the original don of Baltimore club" by The Washington Post in 2005.[11]"...

"Rod Lee is an American, Baltimore, Maryland-based DJ, record producer,[1] and party MC.[2] who is known for the popularization of Baltimore Club music. Described as "the original don of Baltimore Club" by The Washington Post, in 2005 he released "Vol. 5: the Official," a DJ mix that was the first Baltimore Club CD to be distributed nationally.[3] His productions have contributed to the success of local stars like Bossman and Paula Campbell.[1][4] He is the founder and owner of the Club Kingz record label.[3] and has independently released four mixtapes that have circulated around the mid-Atlantic, but primarily within his native city of Baltimore.

Lee is popular among Baltimore club-goers and Baltimore Club music fans.

His song "Dance My Pain Away" was featured on the soundtrack to the HBO series, The Wire.


(Written by Ron Lee)


Dance my pain away, I've got problems
Dance my pain away, I've got problems
Like woah, woah
Woah, woah
Woah, woah
Woah, woah

[Verse1: Rod Lee]

Now listen to my story
Bill collectors on me
Have to file bankruptcy
Need some help from somebody
Doctor bills are stacking up
I'm desperate to make a buck
I played the lottery today
Won't you PLEASE listen up!

[Hook x2]

I'm gonna dance my pain away, I've got problems
Dance my pain away, I've got problems
Like woah, woah (yeah)
Woah, woah (yeah)
Woah, woah (yeah)
Woah, woah (yeah)

[Verse2: Rod Lee]

I just got laid off today
Whatcha think wifey will say
I just have to hope and pray
Rain, rain, go away
The repo man just hit me
I can't get from A to B
Fake friends around me
Lord, wontcha help me!
Now I'm on my tippy toes
Face down, eyes closed
Dancing to this melody
So please, won't you sing a song?


I'm gonna dance my pain away, I've got problems
Dance my pain away, I've got problems
Like woah, woah
Woah, woah
Woah, woah
Woah, woah
I'm gonna dance my pain away, got problems
Dance my pain away, got problems
Like woah, woah (take your problems out on the dance floor)
Woah, woah
Woah, woah (dance your problems away)
Woah, woah
I'm gonna dance my pain away...
Dance my pain away...
Like woah, woah
Woah, woah
Woah, woah
Woah, Woah



This is the discussion thread for the sound file that is embedded in this pancocojams post.

Numbers are added for referencing purposes only.

1. Ana James Manuel, 2013
"love this song and when you go through anything in life this song right here will lift your spirits"

2. Tyler Moore, 2014
"Always got a spot in my heart for the Bmore club jams ! They used to be the staple of the Friday night firehouse dances back in middle/high school.  Bring backs so many memories of dance battles and dance moves . Ten+ years later and i still can't keep myself under control when the rythum touches my earsπŸ“£πŸ‘‚πŸ‘ŒπŸ–’πŸ”₯ can't anything compare!"

3. tierra cox, 2015

4. the mayor, 2017
"Classic I'm gonna dance my pain away πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ"

5. Litty Carolina, 2018
"I love this song so much. We used to do our color guard practice warm ups to this. I miss being young. πŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜”"

"2020 all this race stuff & killings, THIS GOTTA BE ON REPEAT!!! REAL TALK"

7. Shireem Porter, 2020
"This is the perfect song for adults that go through real life ready to dance thus pain away"

8.LyndellBmoreFreshKingHeartOfAChampion, 2020
"2020 still rocking & blazing straight up! BmoreFoLife!"

9. The World Of Amor, 2020
"Back when Baltimore was fun ! Rip K Swift ! Listening in 2020"

10. Michael Sanders, 2022
"Lol Baltimore clubs were dope  in the 70's and 80's  ask your grandparents about O'Dell,Gatsby  and giovanchys"

11. jordannn, 2021
"Dis jawn still slapπŸ’―πŸ˜Ή"

12. Empress Reekah, 2021
"Dance My pain Away I remember this 🎢 as a teen! #BmoreStandUp"

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