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(Nigerian Singer/Composer) Sound Sultan - "Mathematics" ("Jagbajantis") information, lyrics, & Comments

Naijamusiq, March 25, 2008

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post presents information about the Nigerian singer/composer Sound Sultan and showcases his 2000 mega hit song 'Mathematics" ("Jagbajantis").

Selected comments from this video's discussion thread are also included in this post.

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Thanks to Sound Sultan for his musical legacy. RIP

Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publisheR of this video on YouTube.

"Sound Sultan (born Olanrewaju Abdul-Ganiu Fasasi; November 27, 1976 – 11 July 2021)[1] was a Nigerian rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, comedian, and recording artist. He was regarded as one of the pacesetters of modern hip hop music in Nigeria.



Sound Sultan's career in show business started in the 1990s, when he hosted shows to raise money for studio sessions.

By 1999, he had won numerous local talent-hunt shows. He released his first single "Jagbajantis" in 2000,[2] which was a hit in Nigeria. After independently releasing other singles and featuring in hit songs of other artists, he was signed by Kennis Music.[3]

Under Kennis Music, he released four albums. By 2007, his contract with the label expired[4] and he partnered with Baba Dee to start Naija Ninjas, a parent organization for a record label, production outfit and clothing line.[4] After starting as a rapper, he has worked in different musical genres from R&B to Afrobeat, soul and Nigerian Fuji music. He has said that artists shouldn't be judged on the genre in which they perform, that the important thing is the message conveyed in the music.[citation needed]

Under Naija Ninjas, he released Back From The Future (2010) and signed artists such as Karma Da Rapper, Young GreyC, Shawn and Blacka.[citation needed]

Sound Sultan began a working relationship with Wyclef Jean when featured alongside 2face Idibia and Faze on "Proud to be African" from Wyclef's Welcome to Haiti: Creole 101 album. They have collaborated on two other projects: "King of My Country" (2009) and "People Bad" (2012).[5]

In 2012, it was announced that Sound Sultan was made a UN Ambassador for Peace for his exemplary lifestyle and career.[6][better source needed]

In 2015, Sound Sultan released the rap single "Remember"[7] after a long absence from the music scene.

After the fallout of the African Basketball League, Sound Sultan joined forces with the organizers of the Continental Basketball League to become a team owner of Lagos City Stars (the 2017 champions) and a facilitator of the league entertainment.[8]”…

(Sound Sultan)

Up stand, greet.
(Good morning sir!)
Good morning, you are welcome to Jagbajantis high school.
My name is Sound Sultan your new mathematics teacher.
By the way, do you understand pidgin english?
(Yes sir!)

Okay, na wetin we go use henceforth.
Okay, carry your biro, carry your paper.

[Verse - Sound Sultan]
People of this world them plenty. (Shotigbo?)
Sins of these people many, so many. (Shotigbo?)
Many times plenty, multiply am. (Multiply am)
Many times plenty, multiply am. (Multiply am)
Multiply am. The answer you get na wetin dey make poor man dey cry.
The answer you get na wetin dey make rich man dey mess and leaders dey lie.
The answer you get na wetin dey make young boys and girls join bad gangs.
The answer you get na wetin dey make innocent man rot inside jail.
Kere, kere.
And them no fit to grant bail
Kere, kere.
Oh oh oh.

Oya o join Jagbajantis
Solve mathematics, wey dey dabaru our continent.
So, oh oh.
Oyibo say,
Na BODMAS we go use dey, solve mathematics.
So follow Jagbajantis.
Oya carry biro.
B for brotherhood. Love your neighbour as yourself, otan oh.
O for Objectivity. Be objective gentlemen and ladies.
D for Democracy. No matter how bad it is, e better military.
M for Modification. Of our behaviour, let's turn to our saviour.
A - Accountability. If you been dey chop money, abegi take am easy.
S for Solidarity. United we stand. Divided, omase oh.

[Verse - Sound Sultan]
We enter new millennium. Shotigbo?
My G just like won 20 million. Won po gon. Shotigbo?
World population na 6 billion. 6 billion.
Divide that one by 120 million, altogether. Altogether.
The answer you get na wetin dey make people dey jah, commot for naija.
The answer you get na wetin dey make people dey travel, by hook or by crook.
The answer you get na wetin dey make people dey sleep for embassy for visa.
The answer you get na wetin dey make people dey sell them property for ticket.
Kere, Kere.
And them go travel sibe sibe.
Kere, kere.
Oh oh.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse - Sound Sultan]
You dey stay AJ city. Eh, Shotigbo?
And him dey stay VG city. Shotigbo?
Find your level for AJ city. (AJ city)
Na rich man corner be VG city. (VG city)
Try add AJ and VG city, all together (All together)
Oya altogether, the answer you get na wetin dey make rich man oppress, na them suppress.
The answer you get na wetin dey make poor man supress.
The answer you get na wetin dey make
poor man dey press, but then agress.
The answer you get na wetin dey make poor man dey try to keep up with the jonses.
The answer you get na wetin dey make poor man pikin dey try to prove for him mate.
Kere. Kere.
My pocket money don dey finish.
Kere. Kere.

[Repeat Chorus]

[Verse - Unknown]
Situation in this nation
Disposition, our condition
Unexplainable pain in our hearts not to mention
Brothers killing brothers for the wages adoration (?)
Resolutions are made, for all we've made we lack conviction
And perfection is the order as we keep seeking solutions
Only God can solve this mathematical equation.

[Outro - Sound Sultan]
Thanks for your contribution
Now any more questions?
(No sir!)
Sound Sultan Mathematics (Jagbajantis) lyrics


(with numbers added for referencing purposes only)

belladona001, 2008
"10x for posting dis video i'v looked for it endlessly i just decided to hear my truthful bro in his songs today and found mathematics. so happy..."

2. desmirado, 2010
"This guy is great no doubt about that. I have three of his songs (Mathematics, Gengen, and Craze World) on my mp3 player and they among the few songs that i play anytime in a bad mood, on repeat mode and my spirit comes back to life. his songs makes a lot of sense. I wonder where he is now. "Any where u dey GOD go bless u" for saying the truth in ur song."

3. PaupersPride, 2012
"This songs just amazing...the way sound sultan actually talks about politics in a rudimentary way that can be understood by anyone, he deserves more than a round a applause."

4. Olaniyi John, 2014
"This song is an all time classic, 2014 still feeling the jam...shout out to sound sultan for giving us this song."

5 Mojisola Wadsworth, 2018
"Listening and loving it in January 2018. This was an anthem back in the day and is still a hit tune. xx"

6. Emmanuel Olawoye, 2018
"These men had such deep messages in their songs even at a young age, such a sharp contrast with the current generation of young artists"

7. sanni olaide, 2018
"Legends are forever... This song is still the bomb"

8. Zico E. Aigbe, 2018
"So much has changed, It’s reminds me of how bad things were and how they’ve moved from bad to worst in my home country, I’m motivated to be part of the change for The power which they took from the people will return to the people!"

9. Niceone1 Olu, 2019
"April 2019 still listening to this all time classic"

10. Aduma Samuel, 2019
"Good music don't get old, they're evergreen."

11. Gist Me, January 2021
"I just felt nostalgic and decided to type this on YouTube. I used to vibe with this song growing as a kid. Those days when music was rhythmically and lyrically empowering."

Nestor Okoli, Feb. 2021
"#Legendary #MyFavNaijaArtiste made my childhood a memorable one. 2021 x I'm still going nuts o'er this classic track. Your sound is indeed on a sultan level, you always have a way of passing a message with your songs. May God bless and keep you for we lovers of content.

Thanks for keeping it real always❤"

13. Damilola Oye, [one week before July 11, 2021]
"Year 2021. Listening to this song, looking at everything going on in the country, SOUND SULTAN said so much in the song that today is true, no progress in the country, makes me wonder what would be of the country in the next 25 years.... Sound sultan God bless you for this timeless piece ๐Ÿ™‚. You rekindled my childhood"

14. Patrick Onah, July 11, 2021
"Upon hearing about his demise this afternoon I had to search for this song and listen to it over again, these were days when artists think deep before putting down lyrics. RIP Olanrewaju Fasasi, may God rest your soul Amen." 

15. MrUndacovabrova, July 11, 2021
"RIP Sound Sultan

Your music was inspiration for an entire generation. We WILL carry on the work ✊๐Ÿฟ"

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  1. My online search for the meaning of "Shotigbo?" in Sound Sultan's 2000 hit song "Mathematics" ("Jagbajantis") didn't lead to any direct translation.

    However, and several other websites-including Google translate- indicate that
    "Mo gbแป ti o" in Yoruba means "I have heard you".

    Based on that clue, my guess is that "Shotigbo?" is Nigerian Pidgin for something like "Do you hear me for sure?" (Do you really hear me? and/or "Do you understand what I'm saying?"

    Is that the correct meaning for "shotigbo"?

  2. BODMAS refers to the Order of Operations, better known as PEMDAS in the US.

    1. Thanks for that information, MEL.

      I never learned either of those acronyms in school. However, I looked up PEMDAS and found this quote:,subtraction)%20to%20help%20you%20remember%3F
      ..."PEMDAS" (parenthesis, exponents, multiplication, division, addition, subtraction")...