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Five Videos Of Panama's Dia De La Etnia Negra (Black Ethnic Day)

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This post showcases five videos of Panama's annual "Dia De La Etnia Negra (Black Ethnic Day) which is part of Panama's Black history month celebration in May. Information about Panama's "Dia De La Etnia Negra" is included in this post.

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"The fact that Black Ethnicity is being celebrated yearly on the 30th of May in Panama has now a permanent place in our culturally diverse country. There is, however, a special history behind the development of the recognition of our ethnic identity which for so long was denied. The person responsible for the events being celebrated until now hailed from the Province of Chiriqui and the historical background behind the celebration of this national holiday has made it possible to highlight the abolition of slavery in 1851 in our country of Panama during the period in which it was united with the country of Colombia, then called Nueva Granada.

The government of Panama by means of Law Number 9 of the 30th of May of 2000 officially established that yearly date for the celebration of the Day of National Black Ethnic groups. The original idea for this celebration, in fact, had been born from the inspiration and vision of one of Panama’s native sons born in the Province of Chiriqui, in the area of Arena of the district of Puerto Armuelles. The Honorable Claral Richards Thompson, an afro Panamanian champion discus thrower during the First National games in the year of 1955 in which he represented the Republic of Panama, also represented the country as a baseball pitcher, having signed a contract with the San Francisco Giants in their minor league as a professional ball player. This outstanding athlete, up and until the date of his retirement, was also a supervisor for the United Fruit Company in the area...

It should be noted that the valuable contribution of the members of the Ad hoc Committee on Commemoration of the Black Ethnicity Day in Panama including the Director of the Afro Panamanian Chamber of Commerce (CAMCAP), the Savings and Credit Cooperative of Cristobal, the Society of Friends of the Afro Antillean Museum of Panama (SAMAAP), and other notable citizens have made it possible for what today has become a joyful occasion to honor our citizens of Afro Panamanian ancestry. So that the 30th of May, the day of our Lord dedicated to celebrating National Black Ethnicity, should first, and foremost, be remembered as the day to commemorate the law that ended the cruel practice of slavery in New Granada in 1851 in the country which today constitutes the Republic of Panama."

Panama celebrates Black Ethnicity Day
"Panama, although it is a melting pot of races, owes a large percentage of their culture of African descent Happy Black Ethnicity Day!

Our country celebrates Black Ethnicity entire month of May, however the 30th is the official date of commemoration, through the enactment of Law 9 of 2000.

The history of this special date lies in the May 30, 1820 King Ferdinand VII of Spain, abolíió the law of the slave trade in its territory, influenced by blacks who belonged to the French National Assembly in time revolution.

The population comprising black ethnic group in Panama has its origin from 1850, at the beginning of the construction of the railway, when they were brought to perform these jobs. Since that time they have remained in our territory, part of it, bringing their culture and customs.

41% of the Panamanian population is of African descent by crossbreeding, this percentage is compuetso for 5% black, 24% and 12% mulattos mulattos. This group is known as Afro-Panamanians."


xavirux Uploaded on May 2, 2011


Example #2: Etnia Negra 2012.mp4

Canal de acastillo2676, Published on May 23, 2012

Este video se realizó para conmemorar el día de la Etnia Negra en Panamá, en el Centro Profesional San Ignacio de Loyola, con el apoyo del Intel Computer Clubhouse Fe y Alegría Panamá.

Example #3: La Etnia Negra de Panama (Black History Month in Colon, Panama)

Nakeiltha Campbell Published on Nov 29, 2012

2012 La Etnia Negra de Panama se celebra en el mes de Mayo. Black History month is celebrated in Panama on the month of May.

Example #4: Día de La Etnia Negra

Jóvenes Educomunicadores Panamá, Published on May 30, 2014

Hoy se celebra la etnia negra, el Colegio Bilingue María Auxiliadora se une a esta celebración con presentaciones llenas de colorido y mucha alegría, dadas por estudiantes, profesores e invitados.

Example #5: Celebrando la Etnia Negra

ana honda Published on Jun 22, 2014

Rescatando los bailes negroides de Panamá. Celebración de la Etnia Negra en la Escuela República de Honduras con la participación de los niños de tercer grado.

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