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Children's Song "Papa A Moco Jumbie" (information, video, & lyrics)

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This post showcases a video of the song "Papa A Moco Jumbie".
Lyrics for that song are also included in this post along with selected comments from that video's discussion thread.

A video of Moko jumbies parading in St. Croix, Virgin Islands' "jump up" festival is included in the Addendum to this post.

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Thanks to Radha Blanks, the composer of this song and thanks to all those who are involved in this video. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post.

"Moko jumbies" is the term for Caribbean stilt walking/stilt dancing. That performance art derives from traditional stilt walking/stilt dancing customs in Guinea, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria (West Africa) and in certain other African nations.

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Also, click for a pancocojams post on Caribbean stilt walking/stilt dancing.

(composer: Radha Blank)

It’s carnival time, in my town today
So papa and I get our costumes ready
Oh I cannot wait for everybody to see
When papa stands on his stilts he becomes a Moco Jumbie

My papa’s a Moco Jumbie, stands tall as the eyes can see
I wish I was tall as daddy, he dances to bring harmony
(Come on son dance with me)
I know I may be small, but I wish I was tall
So for the carnival day, I could Moco Jumbie my way

[repeat entire chorus three times]

My papa’s a Moco Jumbie, stands tall as the eyes can see
He dances to bring harmony, and now he's dancing with me
And while I may be small, we came up with a way
So for the carnival day, I can Moco Jumbie my way
Me and my Papa today, dancing down the carnival way.

Source: Socalsuz
"Moco jumbie" is actually spelled "moko jumbie".

Song composer Radha Blank posted this comment on that blog June 17, 2009 at 11:16 AM in response to questions about whether Khamani Griffith was the vocalist for the animated video of the song "Papa's A Moco Jumbie":
"hi my name is Radha Blank

im the writer and Trini behind the is indeed Khamani Griffith...he is the sweetest most respectable kid...who always addressed me as Ms. Radha

so glad you all are enjoying it...
it should be uploaded on noggin in a few!"
"Noggin" was the original name for the American children's television channel that is now named "Nick Jr".

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Papa Moco Jumbie (High Quality)

Marvin Sease Jr. Uploaded on Nov 28, 2009

Papa Moco Jumbie from the Noggin Channel... My little girl absolutely loves this song and I couldn't find a high quality version of it so here it goes.
Selected comments from this video's discussion thread
razielzephon, 2010
"Me and my daughter love the song. Cute video too. The only thing I can see that's wrong is the spelling"

XrisSmiles , 2010
"Everytime my son hear this song, he laughs and runs , cause he knows im gonna grab him up and dances with him.

im glad Noggin is multicultural. Knowing that everybody can learn about everybody makes me proud to be an American."

HeidiDu, 2010
[written in response to the question "Is this carnival in Brazil?"]
"No, this isn't Brazil. This is from Trinidad and Tobago. They're 2 islands just to the North East of Venezuela (they're in the Caribbean). They have a huge 2 day Carnival that takes place the 2 days before Ash Wednesday, i.e. Mardi Gras (Tuesday) and the day before that."

beautyofgrace23, 2011
"ahhh I'm from St. Croix and no parade is complete without a moco Jumbie :)"

antigua26, 2011
"im 15 and this is the best thing ever... i love it because i am able to see that my little brother can find his own culture on an american network ... thumbs up to them for this...showing kids different cultures :D"

dearia gamble, 2012
"20 here and i never get tired of this song so beautiful
"my papa's a moco jumbie stands tall as the eyes can see i wish i was tall as daddy he dances to bring harmony" dwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :D"

BobbyJames89, 2012
"Voice sound familiar right!? It's Khamani Griffin from 'All of us', Norbit and Daddy Day Care. He's also the voice of Tolee from Ni hao Ki Lan."

Moko Jumbies perform at Jump Up, St Croix 7/8/2011

stxlivemusic's channel, Uploaded on Jul 9, 2011

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