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"The Devil's Mad" (Virgin Island Gospel) & "The Devil Is Mad" (USA R&B/Gospel)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part II of a two part series about songs that have versions whose lyrics include a reference to the devil being mad. This post showcases the song "The Devil's Mad" that is featured as part of a Gospel medley from the Virgin Islands, and the song "The Devil Is Mad", a United States Rhythm & Blues/Gospel song from the 1950s.

Click for Part I of this series. The titles of the showcased songs in that post are "I Ain't Gonna Grieve My Lord No More", "Oh You Can't Get To Heaven", and "I've Been Redeemed".

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Lines in each song about the devil being mad are written in italics to highlight them.

Example #1: "THE DEVIL'S MAD [Virgin Island Gospel]
The devil is mad but I am glad
Glory Hallelujah
He lost that soul he thought he had
Glory Hallelujah

The devil has on the hypocrite's shoes
Glory Hallelujah
And if you don't mind he'll put it on you
Glory Hallelujah

I don't know why Satan hate me so
Glory Hallelujah

He had me once and he let me go
Glory Hallelujah

The devil is mad but I am glad
Glory Hallelujah
He lost that soul he thought he had
Glory Hallelujah

(repeat verse)

This blogger reworked the lyrics to the six songs in the Shine Your Light vocal group's religious medley to remove any religious references. He or she wrote "I have taken a medley produced by a group from the Virgin Islands in the Caribbean known as "Shine the Light." This medley with an infectious calypso beat is a favourite of mine and is popular throughout the Caribbean. I have, shall we say, put a bit of an atheistic spin on it." ...
I don't know who composed the "Devl's Mad" song or the other songs in that medley. Nor do I know when those songs were composed or whether any of those songs have their sources in songs from continental United States.

Here's a sound file of the medley that includes this song:

Medley - Shine the Light

Riddim Galore, Uploaded on Nov 25, 2009 This is the gospel group Shine the Light, from the US Virgin Islands. MEDLEY- GOODBYE WORLD - JESUS LOOK WHERE YOU BROUGHT ME FROM - DEVIL IS MAD - THIS TRAIN - I CAN SEE - JESUS NAME SO SWEET –

Example #2: THE DEVIL'S MAD (United States R&B/Gospel)

1st verse:
I came to this conclusion
Heaven, I wanted in.
I went to see the preacher
Confessed all my sins.

Now the devil is mad
Yes the devil is mad
Oh the devil is mad at me
Mad as he can be

2nd verse:
I heard a mighty clam’ring.
Ooh, was I afraid.
I knew the devil was comin
So I turned and fled.


[ Instrumental ]

3rd verse:
I ran on back to my house.
I told my mother what I done.
She fell down on her knees and prayed.
She said “I’m the unworthy one.”


4th verse:
I felt his presence near me.
I fell right on my knees.
I begged the Heavenly Father
Save me if You please.

Transcription by Azizi Powell
Here's a sound file of this song:


stompingsevens , Published on Jan 5, 2013

Boss gospel-tinged R'n'B belter! Available on a repro 45 [Jaguar records]
The summary of another YouTube sound file of this song that was posted by Vince Kilroy indicated that "The Devil Is Mad" was recorded in the 1950s[JAGUAR Label (3009)] .

This concludes Part II of this series.

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