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Videos Of The Song "Tue Tue"

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post features videos of the Ghanaian song "Tue Tue" (also known as "Tue Tue Barima".

This post serves as a companion piece to "What Does The Ghanaian Song "Tue Tue" REALLY Mean?"

That post includes six examples of lyrics for "Tue Tue" and points out the widely different meanings which have been given to that song. Because of those conflicting meanings, the comments about what the song "Tue Tue" means or the purpose of this song that are given in the videos in this post should be received with great deal of caution.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

(These videos are presented in chronological order with the videos with the oldest dates presented first.)

Example #1: Tue Tue arranged by Melanie DeMore, performed by Nota Bene Youth Choir and Soliloquy

Thecamaroprincess, Uploaded on May 13, 2010

From the Soliloquy "Horizons" Concert in Red Deer!!! What an amazing night!!!!

Example #2: Tue Tue African Song sung by Sista Girls

Ma Kris,Uploaded on Sep 19, 2010

Sista Girls singing African Song Tue Tue (pronounced dooway dooway) on September 18, 2010. Great harmony girls. Momma (Ma' Kris) loves ya!!!

Example #3: Tue Tue Come Sing A Song 11-05-2010.MOD

lasvegaslopez, Uploaded on Nov 5, 2010

Schofield Middle School - Magrigal Singers - A Fall Concert - November 04, 2010

Samuel and his fellow Advance Choir Classmates!

Example #4: African Song "Tue Tue" Shady Side Academy Junior School

Shadysideacademy Uploaded on Feb 25, 2012

The second grade and kindergarten class performed an African folk song from Ghana called "Tue Tue" at their weekly Tuesday assembly on Feb. 21, 2012. Music teacher Ms. Price worked with the students, also incorporating African drums generously lent to the Junior School from Carnegie Mellon University, as well as other instruments.

Example #5: "Tue Tue"

Lcsghana, Published on Nov 5, 2012

Please watch, enjoy, and sing along with the Gr. 3 choir as they sing the traditional Ghanaian folksong, "Tue Tue." We will sing it together on Saturday, 17 November. Watch and learn from this talented group of third graders, and we'll look forward to hearing your voices singing with us at the International Day Festival!

Tue tue, barima tue tue
Tue tue, barima tue tue
Abofra pa a ma da wa da wa
Tue tue
Abofra pa a ma da wa da wa
Tue tue
Barima tue tue
Barima tue tue

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