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Five Videos Of Mauritian Singer Linzy Bacbotte (with biographical information about this singer)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post provides biographical information about Mauritian singer Linzy Bacbotte and showcases five videos of this singer.

Mauritius is an island nation that is located off the Southern coast of Africa.

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Thanks to Linzy Bacbotte for her musical legacy. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publishers of these videos on YouTube .

Pancocojams Editor's Note:

I've chosen to present these quotes in their entirety, especially the biographical article from the Mauritian because information about Mauritian singer Linzy Barbotte is difficult to find in English.

These quotes are presented "as is" except for the fact that this is a translation from French to English and except for the lack of bold font in the headings.

One particular feature that I've found in these Google [?] internet translations is that the masculine pronoun is automatically used instead of the feminine.

"Linzy is a very successful Mauritian artist, the Diva of the Indian Ocean and Queen of Sega and Mauritian R&B and Reggae. She sings in French, Mauritian Creole and English."


25 YEARS OF CAREER-LINZY BACBOTTE: All fire, all ... woman

"It would take a life to tell it. And precisely, this life, she has it. She shines brightly in her fiery eyes, comes in the strength of his vocal cords as soon as he sticks a microphone between the fingers and springs from his crazy laugh, spontaneous and without bridles, which characterizes so much.Linzy Bacbotte is the girl of all Mauritians - we have all seen it bloom, flourish, change, take shade and come back to dazzle us, in full light ... The image of her, when she collects the title of the Star 2000, end of 1991, to now, the child of yesterday become today's young woman, was adopted by the nation. The mother of Solena and Zion is celebrating 25 years of her career this year. A busy life, a very dense course.Not always, and fortunately for that matter, a calm river. Flow of words ...

A smile. Lots of laughter, especially. Rivers of tears, inevitably. A mischievous look and that voice."I can sing Whitney Houston and we'll say it's Whitney singing. I can do Mariah, and we'll say it's her ... "This is the passage by the music industry" Made in France "(see below), she knew and lived during her tender adolescence, which left her many imprints at home, and from which she learned the good lessons. But not only…

His real voice, that of Linzy Bacbotte, born at 2:40 on March 28, 1978, resonates in all the tympanums of Mauritians. That she drags sega, that she puts her stamp on reggae resonances, the opera or the ragga - even the Ave Maria or Amazing Grace, for those who had the chance to hear it. Since the day of the end of 1991, when she was consecrated, in the gardens of the State House, in the Reduit, where the MBC organizes this final of the song competition - at that time, traditional - the Star 2000. But since a few years before that, in 1988 more precisely, little Linzy had already started her singing tour ...

"Mo ti the police wine! She says, in one of her giggles, of which she alone knows the notes. "Mai tension, by the polis to res dan biro. Mo ti the vinn motar! Wi, motosyklette ti mo passion ... "And to confide:" The uniform impressed me. And the idea of riding a motorcycle! At the same time, the girl, like so many others of her age, also dreamed of teaching: "My mother and a neighbor, Anil Isram, had flatly discouraged me," she says. They saw me, every day, hit hard, with sticks, on rocks, and feared that I would hit the students ... "

And one thing is certain: "I had never considered a career in music and song! We did that, like that. It did not tell me anything! Today, Linzy Bacbotte is an essential name in the local music scene, a personality who combines the functions of advisor at the Ministry of Arts and Culture while managing, at the same time, her career as an artist and vocal coach. whose singing lessons for Sing Again.
"And always and especially with the support and the presence of my half, Bruno Raya," she says. I am not complete without him. He looks after everything and grain! Se fat li li mo pe persevere zordi! And to chuckle with laughter: "E dir ki ena de trwa lane de sela, mo pa ti gayn so traka ditou! "

The rebel, it is she who chooses the qualifier, was "enn guy manke". And to add, "We are two sisters, me and Cynthia. She is 5 years younger than me. I always asked my mother why we did not have a brother. Monique Bacbotte, a housewife, answered her as she was this son ...

Linzy Bacbotte is born at the road Palma, Quatre-Bornes. "Eh tension: jonksion routes Liloo ek Dancing! Lamem kot bann Joganah rest! Danzere net. In 1978, his father, Lindsay, worked on a sugar estate and also earned the trades of carpenter and foreman mason. "I had a very modest childhood," she recalls, her eyes misty. We were poor, but we never lacked anything. There was love, a lot of love. And that was enough for our hearts to be well. His maternal grandfather, F. Couronne, nicknamed Bouboule, had been a musician for Bam Cuttayen and Lataniers. She herself had been singing with the Joganah brothers ... One of the reasons why Ram will be one of her guests next October at her birthday concert.

The path could have been quite different for Linzy Bacbotte. Personally and professionally. "Let me tell you first, I want to clarify," and to thank Jose Bacbotte in the process. In 1985, when she was 7 years old, little Linzy took part in the choir ... "By the fenet! Parain ti pe gratt so the guitar, bann zanfan the ti pe sante, ti Linzy, dehor ensam, aprane sante ek sante ek zot ... »1988: José Bacbotte enrolls Linzy« and some other cousins, including Rosy Augustin, today police sergeant, and Kanelle Bacbotte ", at singing contests, notably Star 2000." Li ended up registering all, after the wine lakaz ek dir nou: "vinn repete, nou pe partiip dan konkur ..." It was a real phenomenon!But it is the first one who has trusted me and who has seen talent in me. "

At another competition in the same year, marking the independence of the country, the small group is awarded a special jury prize. Depending on the circumstances, "godfather ti pe compoz morso lor bolom nwel, sirtou, kan ti for Star 2000 ..." In 1989, she changed her register: "Ti pe grew up, pa health health bolom nwel! She opted for the Lambada, which made waves on the air at the time. The following year, she misses her participation in Star 2000 because having fractured her arm while playing football: "Lor la plaz Flic-en-Flac, mo ti ray ek mett goal before mo falls ek kass mo lebra! She remembers proudly, "because I insisted on going to sing even with a cast on my arm. Her choice was Tammy Wynette's Stand by your man. "Mo ti extra anvi sant his morso la. But that year, Linzy is absent from Star 2000.
Sister Act!

It was only part of the delivery. The following year saw his dedication as an artist-child: one of the first in Mauritius. At the time, however, Linzy Bacbotte thought "to dedicate my life to God". She goes on: "I seriously intended to enter the orders. Her cousins and relatives "openly mocked me and all said," Linzy maser, Abe, his nek Sister Act, ki pou deroule, sa! " ".

In 1991, it was Monique Bacbotte who had registered her daughter Linzy at Star 2000. Promise Me of Beverly Craven allows her to win the title of Star 2000. "I always have in my possession the chain with a star and the inscription Star 2000, "she says. On the other hand, "the bicycle, I gave it to my cousin, Lindsay Fidèle, who accompanied me on the piano during the rehearsals. "
This episode also marks the meeting of Linzy Bacbotte with a group of very talented and visionary artists of the time: Belingo and Manfred Faro, Linley Marthe and Momo Manancourt. They lived in the Mogoley formation, which was performed at Domaine Les Pailles. In the Star 2000 finale in 1991, Linley Marthe accompanied Linzy Bacbotte on the piano.

This meeting will be decisive for the beginning of career of the young artist. She accompanied them during the short time of training at Domaine Les Pailles, and then won "thanks to Patti Manancourt, who was a Star 2000 jury member in 1991, my first salary of Rs 2,500! She had been recommended by her and had participated in the Rhythm N Blues show. Linzy Bacbotte had interpreted, among others, Ben, Michael Jackson ... "Wherever she is, Patti, I thank her from the bottom of my heart. "
With his career on track, Linzy Bacbotte was well on his way to becoming one of the safe talents on the island. What she is. What Michèle Étienne, who animated the Star 2000 and who had proclaimed herself "the godmother" of Linzy, had predicted that day. But it could also turn into a nightmare ... She quotes, as such, two very painful chapters of his life: the professional (see below), the other, private. "The reason why," says our interlocutor, very sober and calm, "I thank God every day and every moment. He guided my steps, protected me and always accompanies me. Without him, everything could have been very different. "

The "Black" in France
End of nineties, while she just had her 21 candles, Linzy Bacbotte is dangling the European dream. France made her eyes soft, first via a French producer on vacation in the country, residing in St-Geran, where the girl was performing in the evening. Between the studio tests in France, her first trip by plane and the first time she is cut off from her family, where she is terrified, Linzy Bacbotte also discovers behind the scenes ... "The one where you hear another producer who does not do not know you and who, when he enters the studio and discovers that your skin is black, exclaims, without ways: "But it's a black!" "Reveals our interlocutor. "It's also a sad episode for me, personally, because I almost lost my identity. At one point, I was asked to move to France to pursue my career. I had the pieces of Another Horizon in the drawers. But I was made to understand that to stay in France, you would have to make some "sacrifices": like a white wedding, for example. "

The Mauritian also discovers, at the same time, "the music industry"! She continues: "It is an industry where you have serious misconceptions about you because you are Black. I was confronted with things like making my teeth work, it's still good. But I was told to "redo my look".And I had to hear things like "Blacks have a very protruding part of their anatomy." It takes to rectify that and respect the "canons of beauty", do a drastic diet and avoid even taking a gram of fat ". "
With hindsight, Linzy Bacbotte admits that "this episode, which ended with the recording and the release of Another Horizon", was decisive. "I could have been totally different. But I kept to my identity and I refused to become a product of show business. "

Note that the cover of Another Horizon "was modeled on that of the soundtrack of The Preacher's Wife (1996), where my idol, Whitney Houston, interprets the main songs," recalls our interlocutor.

" Thanks Mom ! "
Today, the mother of two - a girl, Solena, about ten years old, and a son, Zion, still a baby, born from her union with another star, Bruno Raya in this case - says, "I realized the importance of a stay-at-home mom. Especially when children come home from school in the afternoon. Often, along the way, in life, we make certain decisions: "I am a modern woman, I live for my work and so on." Forgetting that our primary role is to be a mother, a woman ... I realized how much my mother has done a lot to make me what I am today. "

The presence of Monique Bacbotte was "very decisive" at each episode of Linzy's life. "Today, I'm right there, with two kids, and I realize how supportive and unconditional it has always been to keep me going. Thanks Mom ! "

"Pe rogue mo tifi? "
One of the anecdotes that Linzy Bacbotte recalls when she talks about the Star 2000 finale is "when the Week-End Scope Magazine photographer, Brahms Mahadea, came to me at the time."She says, "He talked to me and asked me to follow him to take pictures. We were in the gardens of the Château du Réduit and he wanted different pictures. That's why he took me to the plants and flowers that adorn the garden. My dad was a little like all of us, still a little shocked to hear my name mentioned as the Star 2000, and did not really understand what was going on. When he saw Brahms train me, he shouted, "Hey, where is the Kot pe ale? "

Ironically, however, several years later Linzy Bacbotte literally "got scammed". She explains, "Some people, who introduced themselves as producers, took advantage of my voice to make money. But as my mother always told me, "They stole money from you, not your voice, nobody can steal this ..." "

"Bruno? Mo pa gayn so traka ... "
Recounting the steps that led her to meet Bruno Raya, another star on the local scene, Linzy Bacbotte goes back in time. "I was a teenager and my cousins, especially one of them, was euphoric when she talked about the Sound Systems that the Street Brothers animated, especially in the box The Top, which was very famous at the time. I never went to a club. My cousin pumped me the air with "To bizin vinn watch Bruno ...", "To ti bizin truv Bruno ...", praising him, saying he was a promising artist and becoming, and also making me understand that it is a handsome boy and I should think about it. I remember answering him once: "To Bruno Raya, my pa pa gayn so traka!" "

Our interlocutor continues: "Today, this same cousin taunts me all the time:" Aster ki sanela ki gayn traka Bruno all the tan, huh? " Linzy Bacbotte explains: "For me, the presence of Bruno Raya in my life is not a coincidence. I had almost everything, child, career ... But I was missing a half. Once, that's what I asked God to complete. Looking back, I see that my prayers have been answered. Bruno is a solid artist who knows his job. Since we are together, it is he who perpetually encourages me. But on a personal level too, he is very caring. Without him, I would not be the same. "

Before knowing and loving Bruno Raya, with whom she has a son, Zion, one of the important milestones in Linzy Bacbotte's life was "the birth of my daughter, Solena", which she says she is his "sun". She finishes: "With the one who completes me and my two children, I am a satisfied woman. "

"Feminist, Linzy Bacbotte aka Linzy is one of the great voices of the Mauritian Sega. It offers a varied style of soundtracks, ranging from sega to reggae, including zouk and R & B.

A committed artist, Linzy defends the rights of women and children and is involved in the fight against AIDS. In addition to this, Linzy Bacbotte has received several awards including a special mention of the jury in the Gender Summit Award 2011 in South Africa and twice the Best Female Vocalist Award awarded by Radio Plus (2009 - 2010)."

Example #1: Linzy Backbott - Mo Tangalay

rn019, Published on Feb 24, 2008

Example #2: Linzy Bacbotte. Concert, La Reunion, 2000. TANGALE et LA CASE EN TOLLE

cleret1, Published on Aug 21, 2010

Concert enregistré au petit théatre de l'est à La Réunion. RFO 2000
Concert recorded at the small theater of the East in Reunion. RFO 2000

Example #3: Linzy Bacbotte - L'Amour en Abondance (OFFICIAL VIDEO).m4v

Paradize Burning, Published on Dec 16, 2010 présente Linzy Bacbotte avec son nouveau tube disponible sur Paradize Burning Compil et le DVD le l'ombre a la lumière....

Example #4: Linzy Bacbotte : 25 ans de carrière en chanson

l'express, Published on Oct 8, 2013

Linzy Bacbotte a enchanté son public, samedi dernier, le 5 octobre 2013, au Centre Swami Vivekananda à Pailles, pour le concert marquant ses 25 ans de carrière. Un spectacle grandiose et haut en couleur. Accompagnée notamment de Serge Lebrasse, Laura Beg, Sandra Mayotte, Désiré François, Nitish et Raj Joganah, Linzy Bacbotte et ses amis nous ont fait vibrer aux couleurs musicales du passé. Un vrai moment de bonheur pour tous.
Google translate from French to English:
Linzy Bacbotte delighted his [her] audience last Saturday, October 5, 2013, at the Swami Vivekananda Center in Pailles, for the concert marking his [her] 25-year career. A grandiose and colorful show. Accompanied in particular by Serge Lebrasse, Laura Beg, Sandra Mayotte, Désiré François, Nitish and Raj Joganah, Linzy Bacbotte and his friends made us vibrate with the musical colors of the past. A real moment of happiness for all.

Example #5: 30 Ans d' émotions Linzy Bacbotte la Taversée d' une Femme...

Franklin Demarel, Published on Nov 5, 2017

Linzy Bacbotte et Solena Jade Williams
Title translated from French to English by DGoogle translate: 30 years of emotions Linzy Bacbotte the Taversée of a Woman ...
UPDATE: November 20, 2017
On November 10, 2017 I wrote a comment to this video's discussion thread letting its participants know about ths pancocojams post. In that comment I asked what Linzy Bacbotte said to the young woman (Solena Jade Williams) and is Solena her daughter.

Here's the response that I received on November 19, 2017

lena3400, November 19, 2017
"Azizi Powell, she said to her daughter that she is extremely proud of her and thankful to have her in her life. She is sure that she will accomplish a lot in her life as she has been blessed by god, at the end of the video she introduce her and repeat that she is proud of her and that she is sure that solena is blessed as the last song was written by the little solena who is only 13
Thanks lena3400!

Wow! That beautiful song was written by Solena at age 13!!!

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