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Overall Blog Statistics & The Ten Most Popular Pancocojams Posts (2016)

Compiled by Azizi Powell

Updated with Editor's comment - December 23, 2016

This pancocojams post provides information about the meaning of the blog name "pancocojams" and provides statistical information about this blog.

Publishing these links in one post makes it easier for me- and hopefully you - to enjoy these posts again, and also provides an opportunity for you to check out some posts that you might have missed.

Explanation of the name "pancocojams":
"Pancocojams" is an expansion of the title that I coined* for my previous (now inactive) cultural website- "cocojams". "pancocojams" means "Black cultures around the world"
"pan" = worldwide
"coco" = chocolate (= Black people)
"jams" = music (expanded meaning - "cultures")

*It was only much later that I found out that "cocojams" was a previously existing word.

Pancocojams Overall Statistics
A total of 2201 posts have been published on pancocojams since I launched this voluntary blog on August 29, 2011.

Total number of viewer hits as of December 22, 2016 at 9:30 PM EST - 4,191,842

Total number of blog posts in 2016 - 408 (including this post).

Top Ten Pancocojams Viewer Nations Worldwide (based on viewing statistics from August 29, 2011 to December 22, 2016 at 9:30 PM EST)

1. United States 2,676,510
2.United Kingdom 190,089
3.Canada 105,502
4. Russia 104,776
5. Germany 79,634
6. France 71,191
7. Australia 49,215
8. Kenya 43,896
9. Ukraine 35,839
10. Netherlands 22,841

THE TEN MOST OFTEN VIEWED PANCOCOJAMS POSTS (August 29, 2011- December 22, 2016 at 9:30 PM EST)

Here’s a list (with hyperlinks) of the all time top ten pancocojams posts since this blog began in August 2011 (based on viewer hits). ["Viewer hits" statistics don't include my page views.]

The Ten Most Often Viewed Posts (August 29, 2011- December 22, 2016 at 9:30 PM EST)

1. What "Hit The Quan" REALLY Means, Aug 1, 2015 [276,301]

2. The Origins And Meanings Of "Shante You Stay" & "Sashay Away”, Apr 8, 2014 [55,393]

3. How "Bye Felicia" Became A Popular Catchphrase, May 16, 2014 [42,942]

4. The Right Rhyming Pattern For Shabooya Roll Call, Jan 30, 2012 [23,595]

5. Muddy Waters - "Mannish Boy" (information, sound file, video, & lyrics], Jul 29, 2015 [18,266]

6. Stand Battles & The Changing Meaning Of "Majorette", Apr 11, 2014 [15,952]

7. 50 Most Common African American Surnames (Allegheny County, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania), May 24, 2015, [13,501]

8. The History & Meaning Of The Red, Black, And Green Flag, Jan 21, 2014 [13,314]

9. What Do "Juju On That Beat" And "TZ Anthem" Mean?, Oct 25, 2016, [13,068]

10. The Starrkeisha Cheer Squad (The "Petty" Cheer), Jun 22, 2016, [11,382]

Here’s a list (with hyperlinks) of the top ten pancocojams posts that were published in 2016 (based on viewer hits). One video from each of the top six posts* is also included with that post's title & hyperlink.

*post #5 has no video

1. The Starrkeisha Cheer Squad (The "Petty" Cheer), information, videos, lyrics, & comments; June 22, 2016

PETTY SONG - The Starrkeisha Cheer Squad! - @TheKingOfWeird

Randome Guye Published on Apr 3, 2016

2., October 25, 2016; What Do "Juju On That Beat" And "TZ Anthem" Mean? (information, comments, videos)

Juju On That Beat Dance Challenge [TZ Athem] #jujuonthatbeat #tzathem

One Challenge, Published on Sep 24, 2016

Juju On That Beat Dance Challenge [TZ Athem] #jujuonthatbeat #tzathem #tzathemchallenge

Best, dubsmash, instagram and flipagram Juju On That Beat Dance Challenge Compilation or TZ Athem, urban dance, hip hop dance and lit dance.

3.; June 21, 2016

Child Support Rap Battle - Starrkeisha VS Cameron J

RandomStructureTV, Uploaded on Nov 9, 2011

Child Support Rap Battle - Starrkeisha VS Cameron J (information, video, & comments)

Colombian Band Bomba Estéreo - "Yo Soy" (information, videos, lyrics) November 6, 2016

Bomba Estereo - Soy yo (Fifa16 Soundtrack) - Sala Caracol (live) [HD]

Sala Caracol, Published on Jun 13, 2015

Concierto de Bomba Estereo en la Sala Caracol, Madrid, España, presentando su nuevo album, amanecer, en este vídeo interpretan la canción Soy yo.
Google translate from Spanish to English: Bomba Estereo concert in Sala Caracol, Madrid, Spain, presenting his new album, Dawn, in this video interprets the song's [It's] me.

5.; July 6, 2016 List Of Most Common Black Jamaican Last Names

6. ; What "Mic Drop" REALLY Means (history, video examples, & comments), April 1, 2016

Obama Drops the Mic

TheEllenShow, Published on Jan 15, 2016

President Obama's last State of the Union address had an unexpected ending. Watch what happened, here!

The Right Rhyming Pattern For Shabooya Roll Call (2nd copy)*, Jun 5, 2016

*Note that this post was first published in 2012 and is listed as #4 of the most viewed pancoojams posts since this blog was started. However, for some reason, when I used Google Search to look up that title, I got an error page. Consequently, I re-published that post in 2016 without the original post's comments.

8. Pop see koo 2.0 (Go noodle), June 1, 2016

9. More Information About What John Crow (Jancro) Means In Jamaica, January 29, 2016

10. Jamaican Gospel Song "Holy Ghost Power" by Grace Thrillers (with lyrics), January 18, 2016

Since #7 is a copy of a 2012 post, here's the top 11th pancocojams post for 2016: Mercy Masika - Nikupendeze (video & lyrics with English translation), March 13, 2016

EDITOR'S NOTE (12/23/2016)
In all fairness, I should note that in only about one month this pancocojams post on another viral dance challenge/meme* "The Black Gospel Source Of U Name It Challenge"... has received 429 visitor view (hits)- not counting my visits to that post. That's a lot of pancocojams visitor views for that time period.

I recognize that these annual "popular pancocojams viewer hits" posts aren't fair to those posts that are published late in the year. If any of those posts have lots of hits, I'll include them as Bonus posts next year.

*Other viral dance challenge/memes that pancocojams has featured are "Watch Me ("Whip/Nae Nae"), "Hit The Quan" and "Juju On The Beat".

Here's the hyperlink for Part I of the pancocojams series on the Nae Nae: "How The Nae Nae Dance Got Its Name" The links for the other viral dance posts are given above.
UPDATE: 12/24/2016
Here's a link to another pancocojams post that was published in late November 2016 that has 428 viewer hits as of this date: What "I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot" REALLY Means In The Hamilton Musical

Thanks for visiting pancocojams.

Visitor comments are welcome.

Happy Holidays And Happy New Year!

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