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Lagos City Chorale - "Ibiki" (A Nigerian Folk Song/Christmas Carol)

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This pancocojams post showcases a chorale performance of the Kalabari (Ijaw)* [Nigerian] folk song "Ibiki". This song is often sung as a Christmas carol.

*"The Kalabari are a tribe of the Ijaw people living in the western Niger Delta region of Nigeria."

*"Ijaw (also known by the subgroups "Ijo" or "Izon") are a collection of peoples indigenous mostly to the regions of the Bayelsa, Delta, and Rivers States within the Niger Delta in Nigeria. Some are also indigenous in Akwa-Ibom, Edo, and Ondo states also in Nigeria."...

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Thanks to the composer/s of this song. Thanks also to the Lagos City Chorale. Special thanks to those who are quoted in commenter Younglord Ginah for sharing the meaning and lyrics for this song. And thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Christmas in Nigeria: Lagos City Chorale perform "Ibike" (Kalabari)

Africana Digital Ethnography Project, Published on Jun 26, 2013

"Ibike" is a Kalabari folk tune that has been arranged by a number of notable musicians, including David Aina and Peter Sylvanus. This is a popular arrangement by Derrick Esezobor, preferred by many choristers for it's diatonic harmony, which is truer to the folk style.
Selected comments & lyrics from this video's discussion thread:

Younglord Ginah, 2014
"This is absolutely perfect, all glory to God Almighty for the life of this choir for putting together such a pretty song. kudos to the choir once again.
But I think the conductor should have tried to use the right pronunciations in their right tone and manner, this in likewise spells the magnitude of ethnocultural diversities in the Nigerian state. This song is a Kalabari song and as a native of the Kalabari tribe, and a classical musician i knew that the pronunciations of the words are wrong. Nevertheless, this song is awesome.

Thanks and God bless this choir.

Younglord Ginah, 2014
"The song means, worship and appreciate your God, owner of your soul, creator and protector, for he is the eternal God calling you to prepare your self unto his services and good works. Come into his temple and receive his blessing."

Younglord Ginah, 2014
"Ibike itemebo mie, iyanabo mie, ikokobo mie...e, means, do a good things to ur creator, ur father and protector.

Ori gbamasobo Isin' a ria bote nama, meaning:He (God) that is eternal and everlasting is calling u to come and build his house.

Ibike Omie...e (2×), meaning Do a good things unto God.

Sobote Boma me oki, ori gbamaso I sin'arie bote nama; meaning: come into his house(church) and receive his blessings, He (God) that is everlasting and immortal is calling u to come and build his temple(church).

That's the meaning of the song as written in Kalabari language(Ijaw), in Niger Delta, Rivers State, Nigeria."
I added spaces to enhance this comment's readability.

Jide Ogunbo, 2015
"+Younglord Ginah Thank you for the lyrics. But it is like some parts are missing. For example the second and 3rd lines after "Ibike itemebo mie". Could you please help supply that? Thanks."

Nd Okoh, 2015
"Please do you have a native kalabari rendition of d song?"

Younglord Ginah, 2015
"+Jide Ogunbo pls here is the full lyrics:
Verse 1.
Ibike Itemebo mie, iyanabo mie, ikoko bo mie eee, ori gbama so bo, isin arie botenama.

Verse 2.
Owari botenama, botenama, bote koriye, ori gbamasobo isin arie botenama.

Ibike omie ye eeee..2*
Ibike imie ye eeee..2x
Sobo, sobo, sobo, sobo,sobote boma me oko,
Ori gbamasobo isin Arie botenama.

Sobo eee, sobo eeee,
Ori gbamasobo isin arie botenama"

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