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Video Collage Of A Modern Ghanaian Wedding

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases a video collage by projec2wo of Ghanaian wedding [Finbarr and Angela, August 10, 2002].

The caption given for the video summary describes this as "A classic Ghana wedding", I was particularly struck by how contemporary the wedding was -at least as documented by that videographer.

While I was interested in this creative video's scenes of urban Ghanaian streets and seaside, I was particularly interested in the videographer's filming of contemporary Ghanaian wedding customs mixed with traditional customs.

As an African American interested in learning more about traditional African customs, I admit to being disappointed in what appears to me to be the homogenization of Western American clothing in urban contemporary Ghana, and what appeared to be a strong preference among the females [girls and women] at this wedding for Western straightened ("relaxed") hair styles. And I was surprised at the choice of an Alicia Keys record as the background music for a Ghanaian wedding video.

I was also interested in what appeared to be a strong preference for Western social dancing at the wedding reception, although there were other scenes of performers doing traditional dancing. I liked the scenes of a small brass band parade which was part of the wedding festivities (I think prior to the actual wedding ceremony). I wish those scenes had been longer.

All in all, this video is fascinating to watch. It makes me want to learn more about traditional Ghanaian wedding customs so that I can compare them with the customs highlighted in this video.

I applaud this video's producer and I agree with the commenter afiaowusuwaah who wrote in 2011:

"Very good video, I wanted to watch more, the wedding featured so much joy and happiness...Very good video compilation. brilliant"

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projec2wo, Uploaded on Jan 3, 2011

classic Ghana wedding

Thanks to the producer of this video and its publisher on YouTube. Best wishes to the wedding couple.

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