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Cecilia Marfo - Afunumu Ba (Ghanaian Gospel song)

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This post showcases two videos of the Gospel song "Afunumu Ba" by Celicia Marfo. [Ghana, West Africa].

Information about Cecilia Marfo is provided in this post along with comments about the meaning of this song's lyrics.

This post also includes a video of the 2011 Ghana Music Awards show when Cecilia Marfo won the award for Gospel Song of the Year.

Click for the lyrics to this song in the Twi language.

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"Cecilia Marfo is a gospel musician from Ghana. She made a big splash on the Ghanaian scene in 2010 and received many nominations for the Ghana Music Awards in 2011...

Her first album is Faithfulness featuring the hit “Afunum Ba”."

Cecilia Marfo is a female musician with a POWERFUL voice and is best known for her hit songs like, ‘Afunum Ba’ and "Mammire Angu"
Cecelia maintained her faith in Christianity and remained loyal to her church and church activities until Esther Smith heard her sing at a church program and she recommended her to a music producer,Clemce Recordz, who took interest in her music and invested in her when things were not going on well in her life."
Cecilia Marfo gets ready for big worship concert on 20 June 2013

"Some call her ‘The Afunumu Ba Woman’ and others refer to her as the lady with many scarves but whichever nickname fans attach to her, Cecilia Marfo remains a supreme tower as far as gospel music is concerned in this country.

She is one of the artistes slated to perform at the Ghana Stands in Worship Concert on July 13 at the Accra Sports Stadium...

The multiple award-winning singer has since been at her regular music ministry in churches but is feverishly preparing to rock the Accra Sports Stadium at the much-anticipated worship concert.
She will perform alongside acts like No Tribe, Mary Ghansah and Miriam of MTN Hit-Maker fame. Also due to perform are foreign musicians including Donnie McClurkin, the three-time Grammy Award winner from America; the Nigerian-born Uche Agu and Mthunzi Namba from South Africa."


CEBEXM, Uploaded on Sep 15, 2010



Paul Ackah, Uploaded on Feb 17, 2011
Selected comments from viewers of this video about this song's meaning are found below.

Video #3: GMA 2011 - Cecilia Marfo Wins Gospel Song of the Year

axxoprime, Uploaded on Apr 10, 2011

Afunumu ba wins gospel song of the year at the 12th Ghana Music Awards


(These comments are given in chronological order based on the year that they were posted on this YouTube video viewer comment thread, with the comments in the oldest year presented first. These comments are assigned numbers for referencing purposes.)

1. blesseddivine
"I love this song..such a blessing and Cicilia is so beautiful...what does the song mean?"

"Afunuba I am royal in the Heavenly Kingdom......I love it God bless our GH Gospel music...Amen"

3. luckyandloved
"im not the best with Twi but i asked my mom and this is what it means up to the chorus..."a big opportunity has opened up for me so that i can also dance what God has said concerning me today it has finally come true! (afunumuba means a donkey's child, when Jesus asked them to untie the donkey so he can ride it? well thats what she's saying, she's saying a donkey's child finally he's untied my rope and has put me on my throne, in my right place now im royalty and i can inherit from heaven" "

4. eaamp
"Simply put: A great avenue has been opened to me that has made me worthy today What the Lord has said about me has come true today O colt today I have been let lose from my knot and have been seated among nobles I have become a royal, a royal who reigns in the Heavenly Knigdom I will sing to my God, I will proclaim His Name to all the nations He has rescued me from the pit of death and given me eternal life."

5. adelyn35
"@ mydearwanted1 is in twi and I will brief it for you. She meant she was once nobody but God has made her somebody. With that she linked it to a donkey who was once tied but God released it and made it more precious like a royal. Good for nothing donkey but now a royal . That's the brief for that n I ope it will help you."

6. Nana Yaa Addo
"Afunum ba is a colt (baby donkey) and i believe most of us know about the famous colt that Jesus rode on the palm Sunday. Before the disciples released it, that colt was a 'nobody' and therefore tied and left outside; unworthy to be placed within the compound of the owner. However, Jesus chose it, removed its ropes and rode on it, making it worthy. If we remember the story right, people laid their cloth and palm branches for it and Jesus. God will lift you up. He is an on-time God."

7. abenaappiah1
"Hello friends here´s the translation of this song of our sis Cecilia, its compares with the donkey whisch Jesus sat upon on Palm day. Its .says donkey now im free , now i have got the oportunity and got grace. what God has said about me now its comes true. Now i have become Royal in the kingdom of God, now i will sing to my God , i will tell the Word the Name of God, also telll the world he has saved me from death and given me life. that´s what the song says."

8. Blessina Light
"MEANING This song simply means God has rescued her from the bondage of the evil one and has install her in the midst of the Noble. Therefore she is no longer seen as a useless person and for this reason, she will sing to the lord and proclaim His name to the whole world about His Goodness and the hope of joining God in Heaven someday as a precious child. I hope this is Good enough?"
Also, here's a comment from the viewer comment thread for the video given here as Video #1
about how viewers can help support this artist:

bluemingle, 2011
"For those of you in the US, this album can be purchased at Either the CD or the mp3 or the individual mp3. each mp3 is $0.89. So for less than $1, you can get this song. I bought it and i'm lovin it."
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