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Examples Of The Saying "Hit Dog Will Holler" In A Discussion Thread For A January 2023 Vlog About Omar Sy Facing Backlash About His Comments That Attention Should Be Focused On Other War Zones And Not Just Ukraine

African Diaspora News Channel, Premiered Jan 23, 2023

Wongel Zelalem reports on Omar Sy Calling Out “R@cism” Following Backlash In France Over War In Ukraine Comments
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That host mispronounced that French actor's name. His name is Omar Sy (with "Sy" rhyming with the English words "sea" and "see".

She also misstated Omar Sy's ethnicity. His father is from Senegal and his mother is from Mauritania (not Mauritius). Omar Sy was born in France and now lives in the United States (according to his Wikipedia page.)   


Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part II of a three part pancocojams series about the African American originated saying "A hit dog will holler."

This post 
showcases a YouTube vlog and selected comments about the use of the saying "Hit dog will holler" in a January 2023 discussion thread that was prompted by French actor Omar Sy's comment that a attention should be focused on other war zones and not just Ukraine.

Click for Part I of this pancocojams series. That post presents information about the origins and meaning of the saying "Hit dog will holler", with special focus on Andrew Gillium's use of that saying in a 2018 Florida gubernatorial debate with Ron DeSantis. 

Click for Part III of this pancocojams series. That post 
showcase the 2017 song  "Hit Dawg Will Holla" by the African American duo "The War And Treaty".

The content of this post is presented for historical, socio-cultural, and linguistic purposes.

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Thanks to Omar Sy for stating his opinion about the fact that there have been and still are wars in other places than in the Ukraine.  Thanks to 
African Diaspora News Channel for providing news about this backlash against Omar Sy because of he responded to an interviewer's question by stating his opinion. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post.
Click for information about actor Omar Sy. 

At 3: 20 in that vlog, 
Wongel Zelalem the host of this African Diaspora New Channel episode indicates that French actor Omar Sy said "I've seen this before. I know what is happening in Ukraine is sad. But I've seen that already. We should feel bad whenever that happens everywhere in the world and not just Ukraine."

In another portion of that vlog that host said something like "Everyone knows about France and Mali, but he (Omar Sy) didn't mention France and Mali." 

Regrettably, I had to do some google searches about the ongoing conflict since 2013 between France and Muslim terrorists in Mali, West Africa and in other nations in the African Sahel.

Among other online articles, click Why are French troops leaving Mali, and what will it mean for the region?

Here's an excerpt of that April 26, 2022 article:
President Emmanuel Macron has announced he will be pulling French forces out of the West African nation of Mali, where they have been fighting Islamist militants since 2013.

There are 5,000 French troops in Mali and surrounding countries, fighting groups such as al-Qaeda and Islamic State.

But over the past eight years, the French presence has become increasingly unpopular with Mali's government and its public.

What is the terrorist threat in Mali and the Sahel region?

Both the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda have decided to focus on the Sahel region of Africa, after suffering setbacks in the Middle East.

The Sahel is a strip of semi-arid land beneath the Sahara Desert that stretches across the continent from east to west. It includes parts of Chad, Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Mauritania.


Why did France become involved?

In 2013, France sent 5,000 troops to Mali at the government's behest as it was facing an armed rebellion.


Why did the French presence become unpopular?

The French forces were warmly welcomed when they first arrived in Mali nine years ago, but relations have since soured.

The number of terror attacks in the country has steadily increased, and so has the number of Malians joining insurgent groups. In the past nine years, the Islamist militant threat has also spread to other countries such as Burkina Faso and Niger, with insurgents raiding in the region from their bases in the Sahara.

Many local people feel that France, as an advanced military power, should have been able to solve the terror problem and that it should get out of the way if it cannot do so. Some have called the presence of troops from the former colonial power an "occupation".

Since 55 French troops have been killed in the Sahel, it is not popular in France, either.”…

All of these comments have been posted from January 25-January 27, 2023. These comments are given in relative chronological order with numbers added for referencing purposes only.

This compilation consist of all of  that vlog's comments that include the "Hit dog will holler" saying (as of  11:12 AM January 27, 2023) and selected comments that serve as explanation or background for those "hit dog will holler" comments.

1. life a motha39
"Mama always said "A hit dog will holler."  He didn't even mention anyone and they acted this way. The reaction to his statement says more about France than anything he said in that interview."

Andrea Lomax
"According to the the actor and the magazine that interviewed him,  he did not mention France. I had to laugh because hit dogs holler, right France?"

3. AAkyrah34
"The problem with france is that " a hit dog will holler""

4. Delma Dennis-Walters
"The guilty ones were offended and the actor stepped on toes with some serious CORNS 🌽 on them.  LOL πŸ˜‚"

5. Willie J. Kheperu
"Hit Dogs hollerπŸ€”πŸ˜†"

6. Kelugu 37
"They know they haven't done right by Africa, either now or in the past, that's why they're triggered."

7. 1619 Brewed

8. frederickcook87
"Thank you Brother…. They never asks whites about their feelings on war/issues in Africa but Blacks are supposed to be heartbroken over white on white issues…

It’s so tiring explaining white supremacy to itself"

9. FingerLaserZ
"France, France, France ☝🏽.... this nation has recently been consistently showing it's reputation as a poor example for liberty and justice towards many African nations who speak out against it's hypocrisy πŸ—½"

10. DarkTitan
" @joose  Agree been this way for centuries, decades."

11. croixfadas
"Bro they are our worst enemy historically, from central africa to west africa, it has been 200 years.

@croixfadas  Also in Haiti"

12. croixfadas
" @Sonya Bell  legit, everywhere un the world, from Oceania to south America."

13.  Tea Scobie
"normal. A coloniser being a coloniser. What do you expect? truth? ha ha ha"

14. Rhonda Clipper
"I'm So Glad He Spoke Up. He Didn't Lie."

"I say the same πŸ’―"

16.  Bandit4true Love
"Nothing is wrong with  what he said.

17. joll cheist 1
"FACTS are uncomfortable to hear for the guilty but they are embedded in history and can't be erased."

Yasmeen Nasir
"I love Omar & most of France does too. While living in France for a few years I've noticed that many in France don't want to believe there is's kinda of a goofy mindset...but anyway....we love you Omar"

19. 8181 red
"Since they are attacking him he should have went on and mentioned how the people in Ukraine wouldn't let the African people board the train when everyone was trying to escape."

20. Amante
"If you know anything about the history of France and french people you won't be surprised. Another thing is why do so many websites still have "Help Ukraine but they don't have no help button link for any African country that's at war right now?

Even when those terror attacks happened in France years ago everyone was saying "pray for France" but never said the same thing when terror attacks happen in African countries where the death toll was even higher in those attacks and a lot of the victims were kids."

21. megan mangray
"He said nothing wrong. Why is Ukraine soo important."

22. Dr. Miguel Torrez, EdD
"He isn't wrong. I mean even in Asia the Military took over Burma and no one is talking about that. When it happens to a white country, it hits the news but anyone else gets little to no coverage if their hue isn't right."

23. Millicent Williams
"It's  not surprising. Look at their history with Africa and Haiti ."

24.  Naburt Danndo
"If there were a few french sodiers that lost their lives in Mali we feel sorry because they are human beings ! They didn’t die there for Africa but for french inteests !

Now who can tell me how many black African lost their lives in world war on and in world war 2 for France ? No one can ! France is so ungrateful that those African who survived  those wars were mistreated and  killed  for asking for their pensions!"

25. Corbet Witter
"Don't be surprised,  he is Black, how dare you speak the truth, and  draw a comparison with black countries. You was supposed to speak up for Europe  not having an opinion of your own. Shame on France and the people who are attacking an honest and eloquent brother.πŸ‘πŸΏ"

26. Paula Gaskins
"Yes racism in France, Spain, Germany, Belgium. Racism in any Western country should not be a surprise!!!"

27. Shortypants1215
"A hit dog will holler. You’re hollering, France …"

28.  Nii Amu
"French have a guilty conscience."

29.  Andrew Howson
"We're supposed to care more about European issues than our own. That's what the world expects of us."

30. Jag Brit
"Countries like Myanmar and Cameroon have been in war the past five years, with ongoing genocides that's killing brown and black folks  in numbers that totally dwarfs Ukraine's casualties. Guess they don't count. Human rights have levels in Western politics. What a farce!"

31. Onaga Ali
"I never heard of him personally, I'm from the U S and never been to France. Yet I'm a lifelong scholar and historian and know many bad things about the odious deeds of the African colonization, racism, violence,and treachery done by France on the African continent and in the Caribbean lands. The African actor was telling the truth. This just goes to show how ubiquitous white supremacy and racism is. Everytime a black man gives an objective analysis of the double standards of how white nations that go through unjust suffering as Ukraine has been going through with Russia it's suddenly more important and gets more press than what's going on concerning the suffering of lands where melanated people live such as in Port-au-Prince,Tigray,Jalisco,Rio de Janeiro,Capetown,Sana'a,Gaza,or Aleppo."

32. Aisha Solomon
"Guilty consciences tell on themselves by how they take offence."

This concludes Part II of this three part pancocojams series.

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