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Three YouTube Videos Of Black (Folks) Trail Rides In The Southern United States

The Christian Science Monitor, Oct 28, 2019

Picture a cowboy. You'll probably think of young men with wide-brimmed hats and spurred boots riding through a dusty frontier town. You probably don’t picture thousands of mostly black men and women riding through rural east Texas, blasting country and rap music.

Yet that's what descended on Columbus, Texas, this August. The gatherings, known as Creole trail rides, are growing increasingly popular across the U.S. Part horse-riding, part rodeo, and part dancing to zydeco, trail rides are rooted in the often overlooked history of black cowboys in the American west. And today, these rides also serve to build up the black community.

Follow us down the 10-mile trail to experience this unique culture, and a different image of the iconic cowboy.
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This pancocojams post showcases three YouTube videos of Black (American) Trail Ride events.

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SHOWCASE VIDEO #2: Solo Slab Annual Trailride '19

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Woodworth, LA Sept. 28, 2019

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