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Cameroonian (Nso culture) Singer Chilli Wawaye featuring Yaah Celine- "Láa Fàn" (YouTube video, information, & comments)

Chilli Wawaye,  Mar 27, 2020

"In moments of  chaos,uncertainty and tribulations we always need that voice in the valley,that calls out in sweet melody,to God to hear our cry. That voice that soothes and heals, that gives hope and gives rest. That voice that reassures us, that reminds us of our own strength. That clear whisper that says "Do not fear" because together we shall overcome.


Chilli Wawaye X Yaa Celine - Laà Fan Song by Dijay Karl (Official Video by Mr Adrenaline) that whisper."....
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This pancocojams post showcases the official YouTube video of  song "Láa Fàn". 

Brief information about Nso people is included in this post along with selected comments from this video's discussion thread. 

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Thanks to Chilli Wawayee featuring Yaah Celine for this video 
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Here's a biographical statement about  that I found at [retrived Feb. 2021]
"The 24 year old folk singer Fonyuy claudette Mbinkar by artist name CHILLI hails from the north west region of Cameroon."

A video of her debut song "My Heritage" was published on YouTube in 2014. Click for a pancocojams post about that song.

I haven't found any other information about Chili Wawaye other the content of her Facebook page:  I haven't found any information about Yaah Celine. 

Please add information about these singers and this video in that video's discussion thread and/or in this pancocojams post. Thank you.

From Posted by Ngoran Guilio-Erasmo de la Vega in The People of Nso. Nov. 2015

“The people of Nso are found principally in Bui Division, in the Northwest Region of  Cameroon. They are ruled by a “FON”, in a centralized system of governance that dates centuries ago.

Their traditional language is “Lamnso” (language of Nso) and their capital is Kumbo. (also known as Kimbo). Both the people and the capital are sometimes referred to as Banso (meaning people of Nso) – the addition of the Ba prefix is attributed to the Fulani conquerors in the 17th century; the prefix resonates in the names of towns around the area.”…


These comments are given in relative chronological order, based on their publishing date with the oldest comments given first, except for replies. Numbers are added for referencing purposes only.  

1. Senge Etende, 2020
"This is pure tradition. Great craft. Love it."

Samgwa'a Nyoh Peter, 2020
"I love my culture this song brings the vibe to 100% 🇨🇲🇨🇲"

3. EJ Gladys MOKEBA, 2020
"Beautiful display of culture. I'm not from the NW region, but i love the showcase of grassfeild culture.....esp the rythm of the traditional drums and musical instruments!

Great job. I'm loving it all......keep it up!"

4. Thierry Ngah, 2020
"Le song ci c'est la magie👌👌👌 tu  valorises parfaitement la culture Camerounaise en général et celle du Nord Ouest en particulier. Félicitations"
The song is magic👌👌👌 you perfectly value the Cameroonian culture in general and that of the North West in particular. Congratulations

5. Nchenge Eyong, 2020
"ok o,that drums dem na die na.Kudos sister keep bringing out that rich culture."

6. DiverseMediam 2020
Oh my!! ma love for this song!! bravo!! This is what call culture!!"

7. Ngum Abi, 2020
This is real cameroonian music 🎶🎵 I love it 👍🏾"

8. Marcoloko Showline, 2020
"Congrats dear. Thanks for taking us back to the roots of our culture..."

9. Sama Blanche, 2020
"OMG  I'm in love with this music 🎶 although I'm not from Nso but if I see Nso man I will married him just because of this song I love traditional 💕 ❤ 💖 Ahead Ahead my darling sister from another mother"

10. said bara, 2020
"a kwiiii. Laa Fan. nice one there. NSO for life. goodjob y'all"

11. Nancy Khiki, 2020
"For the culture 🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🥰🥰🥰"

12. Miracle Minang, 2020
"Great vibes nso forward ever💯"

13. Christopher Spadone, 2020
"Beautiful video.  Everyone & everything is spot on.  Tout c'est correct.  Great representation of Grafi culture.  My hats off to you.  I love it when I see people bringing the real culture into the 21st century."

14. Asoh Zeedel, 2020
Lovely, which tribe is this?"

15. John Dipola, 2020

16. Nathalie Tueno, 2020

17. Godfrey Fonyuy, 2020
"The beauty of my culture. Beri wo."

18. BIGBASEMUSIC d.j.Nelson, 2020

19. xtangk, 2020
"More grease to your beautiful cultural representation"

20. wan wan Bihfon, 2020
"Quarantine mode traditionally enjoying"

21. melvis bright, 2020
"Our Culture our heritage.  Keep it up so proud of you darling"

22. Ngalim Dora, 2020
"🔥🔥🔥🔥i can't stop chilling with làa fan...more grace Chilli Wawaye "

23. Dibo Akale, 2020
"Beautiful. Vocals, instrumentals, dressings, dance 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲"

24. Miky M, 2020
"Remind me of my nso choir, when I follow my mom to church 🥰"

25. Aghie Ndimakollo, 2020
"This is sooooo beautiful ride on girl, what people from Nw are you showcasing here"

"Nso culture"

27. Angu N, January 2021
"For the culture🔥"

28. bethel ross, 2021
"J'ai des voisins chez moi à Mbanga qui sont de WUM. ils chantent et dansent le NDJANG DANCE. Tous les dimanches ils dansent les mêmes sonorités depuis que je suis petit à aujourd'hui. Cette chanson me parle vraiment..."
"I have neighbors at home in Mbanga who are from WUM. they sing and dance the NDJANG DANCE. Every Sunday they dance the same tones since I was little until today. This song really speaks to me ..."

29. Mawussi Shakalalako,  2021
"Oh la llaaa mama  i love this video and the forest drum beats. The Ewe tribe in my country has the same traditional dress code. Africa is the true paradise on earth"

30. Ngah Liberus Kenyuy, 2021
"We proud of who we are"

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  1. Here's part of the comment that I wrote in the discussion thread for the official YouTube video for Chilli Wawayee, Láa Fàn FT Yaah Celine
    ..."With all due respect, what does "Láa Fàn" mean in English? Also, commenter Bethel Ross mentioned the Ndjang dance in her comment. Is this dance performed in this video? I'd love to know more about that dance.

    Thanks again. Peace & love!

    Here's a response that I received the next day:

    bertoman nyuy, Feb. 24, 2021
    "Azzi as someone from Nso I will try to answer your query. First thanks for your interest in the culture, Láa fan means " do not be afraid". This is very different from Njang dance, in Nso it is referred to as "Toh dance" which is characteristically women's music and it's often referred to as "Shiv vikiiy", loose translation would be the women's masquerade. Not really an expert but hope this helps or someone from Nso can add more I hope."

    1. I also received this reply from Chilli Wawayee on June 24, 2021
      "Thanks alot for the amazing compliments.Laa Fan simply means have no Fear, cos fear is a liar".