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2014 Mardi Gras Indian Trailer for the Documentary "We Won't Bow Down" (with information about the Jan. 2020 full documentary)

We won't bow down, Jan 30, 2014

Enter the secret culture of African-American artists, tribesmen, and warriors as they maintain the spirit and traditions of their ancient ancestors in modern-day New Orleans.

Music in this video:

Song: Shallow Water (Oh Mamma)

Artist: Shotgun Slim

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post showcases a brief trailer of a documentary on Mardi Gras Indian culture. That trailer has one mildly violent scene of two Mardi Gras Indians confronting each other and one example of a mild curse word (the word "ass:).

A 1:02 trailer of "We Won't Bow Down Trailer ,60 clean" is available at That trailer has no violence and no curse words. The long awaited full documentary for "We Won't Bow Down" was posted on YouTube on YouTube on Jan 28, 2020.  

WARNING: The full documentary contains lots of explicit language (profanity) throughout the documentary. However, the documentary is very informative and is high quality in its production and is very rich in its historical and cultural content. The link for the full documentary is .

This pancocojams post quotes the summary of that full documentary., with particular attention to the songs that are sung in that documentary. I've also included the titles of some of the other Mardi Gras songs I heard i that documentary.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to the Mardi Gras Indian culture for this song. Thanks to all those who are associated with this documentary. Thanks also to all those who are showcased in this trailer and this documentary. 



Director: Chris Bower

Producer: Monica R. Cooper // Steve Mann // David Kabler

Cinematographer: Daniel Judson

Editors: Chris Bower // Daniel Judson

Music in this video

Song - Sew-Sew-Sew (Live)

Artist: The Golden Eagles


Song: Handa Wanda

Artist: Bo Dollis

Album: 30 Years & Still Wild

Song: Shallow Water (Oh Mamma)

Artist:  Shotgun Slim

Album: Tuba Fattz Lil' Cuzzin"
Here are some other songs that I heard in that documentary
“Indian Red”

“My Big Chief Has A Golden Crown”

“Make A New Suit”

“Hey Now, Here They Come

“Little Liza Jane” (a Mardi Gras Indian version)

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  1. The Mardi Gras Indians were prohibited from marching in 2021 because of Covid-19. Mardi Gras parades were also prohibited.

    Here's one video about this: Mardi Gras Indians hit hard by COVID closure

    However, in spite of that ban, a few Mardi Gras Indians did march.

    Here's one of several YouTube videos that were published by Urban Mommy: Mardi Gras Indians (9th Wd vs 7th Wd)

    Notice the streets aren't crowded as they would be on any other Mardi Gras Day*, but the most of the people who are out on the streets are wearing mask (although they aren't social distancing).

    *Feb. 16, 2021 was Mardi Gras Day this year.