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"Starrkeisha's Christmas Carols" Videos 2016, 2017, & 2018 (with information about Cameron J. Henderson's Starrkeisha character)

Edited by Azizi Powell

Update: December 19, 2019

This pancocojams post presents information about the fictitious character "Starrkeisha" and showcases three YouTube videos entitled Starrkeisha's Christmas Carols. These videos were published on YouTube by Random Structure TV in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

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Thanks to Cameron J, the developer of the "Starrkeisha" character, the producer of Starrkeisha videos, and the principal performer in those videos. Thanks also to others who are associated with Random Structure TV and the Starrkeisha videos and thanks to all those who are quoted in this post.
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INFORMATION ABOUT "STARRKEISHA" (fictitious character)
[This is my unofficial description of this character]

written by Azizi Powell, June 26, 2016. Latest update: Dec. 10, 2021

Additions and corrections welcome/

"Starrkeisha" is a fictitious African American woman who was created and is always performed by Cameron J. Henderson, an African American male 

The first Starrkeisha video appears to have been "I Need My Child Support Money!- StarrKeisha/Cameron J", published d on Jan 15, 2011. Here's the description of that video written by its publisher, Cameron J. Henderson:
"The newest edition to RSTV is not only ghetto, but quite trashy and uneducated. I wanted to create a character that can bring some ghetto fabulous flavor to my channel, StarrKeisha definitely does that! Lol!"
-end of quote-

The comedic character Starrkeisha was conceptualized and is performed by African American male Cameron J as a a relatively young, "ratchet" Black woman who is sassy, street smart, and creative- She raps, sings, and dances. In keeping with the exaggerated image of "ratchet" Black women, Starrkeisha has short blue colored hair, and later wears her hair in long blue colored braids (extensions), and (in early videos) wears e blue jacket that is too short for her, and other "dumpster dump" clothes. In spite of her attire, Starrkeisha brags about how many brand name clothes and accessories she has.

In contrast with almost all characters that have been created by female impersonators, "Starrkeisha" has a mustache and a short beard. However, in spite of this facial hair, Starrkeisha is clearly a female as she is referred to as "she" and "her" and is portrayed as being the mother of at least two children to her "baby daddy "Cameron J.". Since mustaches and beards aren't part of the description of "ratchet" women, I wonder if Starrkeisha is portrayed that way to add more comedic elements to those skits, and to emphasize that this character isn't real-although the situations she finds herself in and her responses to those situations could be real. That said, a lot of people who comment on discussion threads for Starrkeisha videos interact with and react to Starrkeisha and Cameron J as though they are both real. And as a result of Starrkeisha's mustache and beard, a lot of children who comment on those discussion threads don't understand that Cameron J is portraying Starrkeisha (and, sometimes, also himself) and are confused about whether "Starrkeisha" is male or female. Questions such as "Is she a boy? and statements like "She can't be pregnant 'cause she's a man" are found numerous times in the discussion threads that I read for these videos.

Starkeisha (also known as "Star" and "KiKi"), has at least two children. These children may have different fathers, although she claims that Cameron J is the father of one-or is it two- of them. The contentious relationship between Starrkeisha and Cameron J is the focus of many of the videos, including videos of Starrkeisha suing Cameron J for child support. In later videos, Cameron J doesn't appear in the skits as Starrkeisha's "baby daddy" and/or love interest. Instead, those comedy skits focus on some aspect of Black culture and features multiple "Starrkeisha" characters who look alike and are dressed alike but might have different motions. An example of this type of "Starrkeisha" comedy skit is 2016 "The Starrkeisha Cheer Squad (The "Pettty" Cheer) which is the focus of this post.

According to an interview of Cameron J. Henderson by a representative of Legit Life Magazine (January 21, 2016)
(, Cameron indicated that he found the blue wig and the itty bitty blue jacket that the character Starrkeisha wears at a thrift shop years ago and took them with him when he went away to college. He also said that he started doing comedy skits featuring the Starrkeisha character because he was bored.

All "Starrkeisha" videos have one million plus views. Commenters regularly praise these videos as being hilarious and creative. I've watched a number of "Starkeisha" videos and I've read many comments on those videos’ discussion threads. Very few commenters who indicated that they disliked those videos because of their portrayal of a Black woman or Black women, or for any other reasons.

(Note: As per my direct experience and as per a comment from one of those video's discussion thread), these videos don't contain profanity, violence, or sexually explicit content.)

Given the length of time that "Starrkeisha" videos have been published on YouTube, and given the large number of viewers for many of these videos, I'm surprised that I haven't found any online articles about Cameron J, or RandomStructureTV, or about Starrkeisha.* For instance, neither Cameron J, nor RandomStructureTV, or Starrkeisha have a Wikipedia page. Also, to date, I've not come across any interviews with Cameron J or information about when and why he created the "Starrkeisha" character, and when the first "Starrkeisha" video was published on YouTube.

Starrkeisha videos are produced, performed, published, and viewed for their comedic and singing entertainment content. These videos provide opportunities for Cameron J to showcase his writing, acting, singing, composing, and mixing skills & talents. That said, it seems to me that at least some of the Starrkeisha videos such as "Child Support Rap Battle" provide opportunities to subtly and not so subtly illustrate problematic facets of African American culture as a means of encouraging a re-examination and rectification of those elements. In particular, I think that some Starrkeisha videos and the discussions that people engage in about those videos highlight the dysfunctional nature of values and interactions in some female/male relationships, especially within lower class and working class Black communities.

The values and interactions that are reflected in those relationships and their resulting problems won't be decreased or corrected by laughing, but presenting examples of those relationships albeit in comedy skits and the discussions that might occur as a result of those videos could be significant elements of the process of working through and working away from those dysfunctional relationships.

"Starrkeisha" is an contemporary (1960s on) African American originated female name that is a combination of the name "Star" and the name "Keisha" (pronounced KEY shah; KEE Shah).

"Star" is a rather familiar "status" female name. Since the 1970s, "Keisha" and its numerous spelling forms -with or without a prefix such as "LaKeisha"- have been relatively familiar names that have been given mostly but not exclusively to African American females. I believe that "Keisha" and its various similarly spelled forms are an Africanized form of the Hebrew female name "Kezia[h)". The earliest record that I could find for celebrities born with the name "Keisha" is from the the early 1960s.

In my admittedly informal study of "non-standard" (according to mainstream American culture) African American names from the 1980s to date, I've never come across any reference to a person (besides the fictional character) having the name "Starrkeisha" until I read this comment in the discussion thread for the November 2011 "Starrkeisha" video that's featured in this post:

Kimberley Trimble, 2012
"there's a lil girl et mii school name starkeashia" "Child Support Rap Battle - Starrkeisha VS Cameron J". That video is showcased in Part I of this series.
Click for Part I of a two part series on the name "Keisha".
The fictional female character "Starrkeisha" shouldn't be confused with the real African American woman named Sharkeisha Boss Ass (later known as "Queen Sharkeisha") whose fame or notoriety started with a 2013 video of a profanity laced fight with another African American woman went viral on instagram and was later removed from that online site. That said, it's possible that the fictional character's name may have inspired the screen name "Sharkeisha".
Here's my unofficial summary of these 2016, 2017, and 2018 "Starrkeisha's Christmas Carols" videos:
Starrkeisha's Christmas Carols feature Starrkeisha, Cameron J, Pastor James, & Joe singing carols in suburban White neighborhoods. The standard Christmas carols they sing are smoothly blended with Hip Hop/R&B songs that  were popular that year.

Update: Dec. 10, 2021: The 2019 Starrkeisha Christmas Carol video (billed as "the last house") features Starrkeisha, Cameron J, Pastor James, & Joe singing some standard Christmas carols that are smoothly blended with Hip Hop/R&B songs which were popular that year. The carolers sing in front of a house in a similar suburban neighborhood as previous years, but unlike other years, a young Black couple resides in this house. The video starts with a scene of a young Black man singing to himself while he sits on the toilet. He washes his hands and goes to answer the door bell that Starrkeisha or one of the other carolers have rung to let the people inside know that they are caroling at their doorstep. The man wakes up his wife who is napping on the couch, and the two stand in the doorway while Starrkeisha and her crew sing. The couple really "gets into" the music as shown by their reactions to the songs. Also, unlike the White families in 2016, 2017, and 2018, at the end of the carolling, upon Starrkeisha's request, the couple give her money. Starrkeisha quickly puts that money in her bra and refuses to share any of it with the other carollers.

There are a number of comments in these videos' discussion threads asking for Starrkeisha's Christmas Carols videos for 2020 and for 2021. However, no responses to these comments have been made by Cameron J. Henderson or Random Structure TV.  

The latest "Starrkeisha" video that I've found on YouTube is "Starrkeisha's Halloween Dance Battle! 🎃😂 #shorts" [.45 minutes],  Random Structure TV, October 31, 2021

Video #1: Starrkeisha's Christmas Carols! (Powered by Universal's 'SING')

Random Structure TV, Dec 12, 2016

"Starrkeisha, Cameron J, Pastor James, & Joe go Christmas caroling... with a twist! - 'SING' in theaters December 21st!


▶ The StarrKeisha Cheer Squad:
▶ The Starrkeisha Choir - Formation!:
▶ Battle of the Choirs:
▶ Starrkeisha - The Baby Momma Dance:
▶ Battle of the Cheer Squads:

About Random Structure TV:
Welcome to Random Structure TV, the home of Cameron J, also known as Starrkeisha. I make covers, mashups, choreography, skits, reactions and more! Make sure you :P"...
Each of the Starrkeisha Christmas Carol videos include the information given in this summary.

Video #2: Starrkeisha’s Christmas Carols! (PART 2) 😂🎄🔥 | Random Structure TV

Random Structure TV, Dec 10, 2017

Starrkeisha, Cameron J, Pastor James, & Joe go Christmas caroling again!

Video #3: Starrkeisha’s Christmas Carols! (PART 3) 😂🎄🔥 | Random Structure TV

Random Structure TV, Premiered Dec 9, 2018

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