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Housemaster Boyz - House Nation (with selected YouTube comments about what the saying "house nation" meant in Chicago in the early days of House music")

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This pancocojams post showcases a YouTube sound file and a YouTube video of the now classic 1987 record "House Nation" by Housemaster Boyz.

Selected comments from one of those discussion threads of those examples are included in this post, with particular attention to the sub-thread that documents commenters' recollections of why and how the saying "nation house" was used in the early days of Chicago's House music scenes.

The content of this post is presented for historical, socio-cultural, entertainment purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to Housemaster Boyz for their musical legacy. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks for the publisher of these examples on YouTube.

This post is part of an ongoing pancocojams series on House music. Click the House music tag for other pancocojams posts on this music genre.

I wasn't acquainted with House music until very recently - or more accurately, I didn't know that certain music that I knew and liked were examples of House music. I'm learning about House music as I listen online to the records that I showcase on this blog and other records and as I read their YouTube discussion threads.

The posts in this series aren't given in any chronological order. The posts and their order of publication in this blog simply reflect what subjects and/or what records and/or which types of House music I chose to learn about and share in this blog at that time.

As always, additions and corrections are very welcome.

Example #1: Housemaster Boyz - House Nation

MsCharlieBrown78 (Charlie Rae), Published on Nov 18, 2011

Housemaster Boyz - House Nation, 1987 on Trax Records Electro/ House

House Nation - The House Master Boyzz & Rude Boy O
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total # of views - 749,206

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Selected comments from this video's discussion thread, with numbers added for referencing purposes only:
1. Jasin Carpio, 2015
"I'm from chicago where house originated but yall don't know why this song was named house the streets of chicago the Folks nation and people nation ran the streets. You were either were folks or people so the neutrons and house heads who didn't gangbang instead of throwing up your gang sign on the dance floor which could've gotten you killed they use to jack and say house nation meaning you weren't a gangbanger...a bit of chi history for yo ass ¡i¡ G26w"
"[___] + head" is a formation that is used for a person who is either positively ardent about something or negatively addicted to something i.e. crackhead = someone who is addicted to crack; house head = someone who belongs to the House nation (i.e. is a performer of House music, and/or is an ardent fan of House music

2. joey's jam's bori, 2016
"Jasin Carpio
thats rite big dog thats all very true cause i was born an raised in humbolt park an yea it was either people or folks so HOUSE NATION WAS BORN IN CHI TOWN JUST LIKE OUR HOUSE MUSIC !
"Chi" = colloquial referent for Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Papa V, 2016
3. "Jasin Carpio Right On you said a mouth full. lol I'm eastside terror town 79th Essex. House nation."

4. Alfonso Padilla Galipienso, 2016
"Poppa V verygood"

5. RunningMan858, 2017
"Maypole & Kildare. House Nation"

6. Henry Johnson, 2017
"43rd & Princeton here!South side of Chicago all day but much love to all my Chitown peeps.House music was the sh&t!*"
*This word is fully spelled out in this comment.

"the sh&t" = the greatest; the best; note: without the word "the", this phrase has the complete opposite meaning.

7. Laurell Florence/Randle, 2017
"Jasin Carpio Dats rigt babe to da rite my nigg
In the context of this particular usage, "nigg" is considered to be a friendly referent, with a similar meaning as "homie", but usually spoken by and addressed to Black males.

8. Laurell Florence/Randle, 2017
"Jasin Carpi da Chi still 🏃 it we r so uneek others still tryin to fig it out"
"uneek" = "unique"

9. jose Villegas, 2017
"well i come from a nation of people and i now live in utah and i know all about party people and folks my home town was for the people thou i dont practice it i still represent the people its in my blood long live the 5 alive and down with the six LKN"
Read these Wikipedia articles about the folk nation (gang) and the people's nation (gang) for an explanation of portions of this comment.

Example #2: Housemaster Boyz - House Nation

Maxi Madrid, Published on Jun 16, 2017

Written-By – House Master Boyz*, Rude Boy Of House* (1986) Keyboards – Sweet D.
Copyright Control.

Copyright (c) – Fairshake Music

℗1986 Dance Mania Records.
℗1987 Magnet Records Ltd. are the exclusive licencees for Europe.
©1987 Magnet Records Ltd.

Song : House Nation

Artist: The Housemaster Boyz, The Rude Boy of House

Album: Presenting...New Year's Eve Dance Anthems
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  1. People who say (or write) "House nation" are repping (representing) that "nation" [that genre of music] the same way or similar ways that people rep other allegiances and/or things that they are really "in to".