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Louis Armstrong - "Shadrach" And Brook Benton - "Shadrach" (YouTube examples & comments)

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This is Part IV of a four part pancocojams series on the Gospel, Pop, and Jazz song "Shadrach". This song is also known as "Shadrack" and as "Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego".

Part IV of this series showcases a video of Louis Armstrong performing "Shadrach" as well as a sound file of Brook Benton performing that same song.

Selected comments from these YouTube examples are included in this post.

Click for Part I of this pancocojams series. Part I provides information about Robert MacGimsey, the White American composer of the songs "Shadrach" (Shadrach, Meshack, And Abendego), "Sweet Little Jesus Boy" and some other songs.

Click for Part II of this series. Part II provides information about the song "Shadrack". This post also showcases two YouTube sound files of this song as performed by The Golden Gate Quartet.

Click for Part III of this series. Part III showcases a YouTube video of a 1952 clip of the Gospel group The Larks performing "Shadrach" on the Ed Sullivan show.

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Thanks to Robert MacGimsey, the composer of this song. Thanks also to Louis Armstrong and to Brook Benton for their musical legacies. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post. In addition, thanks to the publishers of these examples on YouTube.

SHOWCASE EXAMPLE - Louis Armstrong - Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego

BibleOrTraditions, Published on Jun 22, 2008

Louis Armstrong, 1952

There was three children from the land of Israel
. . Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

Took a trip to the land of Babylon
. . Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

Nebuchadnezzar was the king of Babylon
. . Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

He took a lot of gold and made an idol
. . Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

And he told everybody when you hear the music of the trumpet
And he told everybody when you hear the music of the flute
And he told everybody when you hear the music of the horn
You must fall down and worship the idol
. . Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

But the children of Israel would not bow down
. . Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

So the king put the children in a fiery furnace
He heaped on coal and red-hot brimestone
Seven times hotter, hotter than it oughta be
. . Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego

Well they couldn't even burn a hair on the head of Shadrach
Laughing and talking while the fire is jumping around

Old Nebuchadnezzar called "Hey there!" when he saw the power of the Lord

And they had a big time in the house of Babylon
. . Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego
Here are some comments from this video's discussion thread (with numbers assigned for referencing purposes only)
1. FToniS, 2008
"WOW! My father was a fan. :-{
Jazz and Soul originated in Gospel music. Someone once said that the devil has all the best music - well, that's only because he stole it!"

2. valambiguous, 2008
"Love those old black and whites, when television showed black and whites gettin' it on "together", in the musical world. Nice song, all jazzed up in a Biblical story. Thanks, for sending this one!!"

3. captainron, 2008
"This is from the movie "The Strip", 1951."

4. BibleOrTraditions, 2008
"Ah! Thanks. We recognized Mickey Rooney right off the bat."

5. memecine, 2011
"As I recall, Mickey Rooney plays a drummer who gets accused of murder. Lot of music in this little corker: Louis Armstrong (with Jack Teagarden, etc), Vic Damone. My mother loved this song, played it all the time. We got a pointer puppy, and named it Shadrach, Then we got a stray mutt, that was literally starving, and named it Jackal. I like the way this is shot, almost entirely with one camera."

6. Hedgehog's Right of Passage, 2010
"There was Mickey Rooney looking around and David Nelson the older brother of the great Ricky Nelson,and son of musicians of great fame ozzie and harriet. I'm mad for this song!Total entertainment and art"

7. Jim Brown, 2015
"Yes, the trombonist is Jack Teagarten."

8. Nature Oliver, 2017
"Only Jazz could creatively re-invent this gospel song: Awesome creativity:)"

9. G Kelly, 2017
"Only thing integrated is the band...."

SHOWCASE EXAMPLE: Brook Benton - Shadrack.

Johnny Brown, Published on Mar 11, 2012

Brook Benton. Shadrack.
Taken from the Album,
Brook Benton,For My Baby: The Brook Benton Collection,
Released 2006.
Here are some comments from this video's discussion thread (with numbers assigned for referencing purposes only)
"Who are the singers backing up Brook? Sounds like a full church choir."

2. Brunon Paul Bielinski, 2016
"+GERARD BURKE Arranged and conducted by Malcolm Dodds with his singers. MD has you tube listings."

3. sauquoit13456, 2016
"On this day in 1962 {February 4th} Brook Benton performed "Shadrack" on the CBS-TV program 'The Ed Sullivan Show'...
At the time the song was in its second of two weeks at #22 on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; one week later on February 11th it would peak at #19 {for 1 week} and it stayed on the chart for 9 weeks...
The record's B-side, "The Lost Penny", also made the Top 100, it debut on the chart on January 7th at #80, and the following week it rose three positions to #77, that would be its last week on the chart...
Between 1958 and 1970 he had forty seven Top 100 records; five made the Top 10, "So Many Ways" {#6 in 1959}, "Kiddo" {#7 in 1960}, "The Boll Weevil Song" {#2 for 3 weeks in 1961}, "Hotel Happiness" {#3 in 1963}, and "Rainy Night in Georgia" {#4 in 1970}...
Sadly, Brook Benton passed away on April 9th, 1988 at the young age of 56 {pneumonia}...
May he R.I.P."

4. Brunon Paul Bielinski, 2017
"Later on it was included on the "For My Baby" album--and other albums. BUT the original album was "If You Believe."

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