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Rwandan 's Heman Choir- "Haleluya" (video, song summary, & other selected comments)

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This pancocojams post showcases a 2012 YouTube video of the song "Haleluya" by Rwanda's Heman Choir.

An English language summary of this song is posted from that video's discussion thread along with several other selected comments.

This post is presented for religious, cultural, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to Rwanda's Heman Choir.for their musical legacy. Thanks to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publishers of these YouTube videos.


ProMukama Franco Published on Oct 20, 2012

HALELUYA By Heman Choir HD MP4/ A Gospel Video clip produced by Pro Mukama Franco from Freedom Studio, Kigali -Rwanda. Mob: +250 788 451322 My Productions Videos

Here are some comments from this video's discussion thread.

Comments are given in chronological order based on their publishing date, with the oldest comments given first, except for replies. Numbers are assigned for referencing purposes only.

1. Mukama Franco, 2013
"This is my Video Production From Freedom Studio-Kigali Rwanda"

2. grandson nt, 2014
"very beautiful song, a phenomenal clip congratulations'

3. GospelWitnessMedia, 2014
"Authentic African arrangement and inspiring praise song. Good work Heman Choir!"

4. Pauline Foote, 2015
"Fabulous sound ...Keep the dancing "African".. graceful and so rhythmic.. please dont go Bollywood"

5. amos sitelu, 2016
"beautiful people beautiful song"

6. Jonny Mc'oguta, 2016
"Big up Rwanda singers choir"

7. MJ Sakeus, 2016
"I am proud to be an African! keep it up my ppl."

8. Eng.Kipchililindet Keter, 2017
"kindly interpret....i like it.blessing my soul"

9. genubi, 2017
"(1) Jesus brought battles to an end as he overcame Satan
(2) Let’s rejoice and glorify Him for he has triumphed
(3) He is the One who overcame all the powers of death
(4) Let’s elevate our voice in praise and rejoice together/
Let’s dance for Him for He is everything
(5) He rose up with glory from the dead on that third day
(6) Thus He is now with the Eternal God -- hallelujah
(7) Let’s entrust Him with our hearts so He may lead them.

God bless!"

10. Glenn K., 2017
"What language is this? Regardless the vocals, music, and traditional dress are beautiful!!"

11. carlos nyayo, 2017
"kinyarwanda rwandan language"

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