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Text Examples Of Stomp & Shake Cheerleading Cheers (words to cheers), Part III (S - Z)

Edited by Azizi Powell

Latest revision to this compilation - March 19, 2019

This is Part III of a three part pancocojams series that documents some text examples (words) of stomp & shake cheerleading cheers.

"Stomp & shake cheerleading" is a referent for a relatively new form of African American originated style of cheerleading for football games or for basketball games. The earliest date that I've found for stomp & shake cheerleading is 1967 (although this form of cheerleading wasn't called "stomp & shake") Read "A Not-So-Brief and Extremely Sordid History of Cheerleading" By Julia Lurie; Mon Dec. 15, 2014 6:15 AM EST

Stomp & shake cheerleading is particularly known among African Americans from middle school through university levels in Virginia and North Carolina. University squads perform these cheers on the sidelines of football or basketball games and during half-time of those games. High school and younger squads perform either standing on the sidelines during football games, or while seated or standing in the bleachers during basketball games. Stomp & shake cheers are also performed during "cheer battles".

tomp & shake cheerleading squads may also engage in "cheer battles". "Cheer battles" are when two squads face each other prior to their teams' game and compete by performing cheers that brag about the cheerleading squad and/or put down (insult) the opponent cheerleading squad. A "battle cheer" is also a referent for a bragging/insulting cheer that is performed during the athletic game itself. In addition, stomp & shake cheers are performed during cheer competitions and at non-competitive performance events that aren't associated with any athletic games.

Stomp & shake cheerleading focuses on the group performance of choreographed percussive, rhythmic foot stomping, (individual) hand clapping, African American social dance moves as well as some signature moves such as "upstomps" and "jiggapop" that may have been created or adapted for stomp & shake cheerleading. These body movements are often but not always accompanied by the cheer squad's performance of self-bragging and/or competitor insulting/taunting (mostly) unison chanting.

Like mainstream cheerleading, the purpose of the cheer squad is to increase the enthusiasm of event attendees. Fans of these styles of cheerleading get "hyped" by the squads' performance moves and by their often confrontational cheers. Almost all stomp & shake cheers are self-bragging and/or insult/taunting compositions with the squad itself rather than their athletic team being the subject of the brags and the opposing cheerleader squad rather than the opposing athletic team being the target of the insult/taunting. However, some stomp & shake cheers-particularly basketball stomp & shake cheers such as "Shoot For Two" -focus on the actual game itself and not the cheerleaders. One feature of stomp & shake cheerleading is that the cheerleaders deepen their voices to increase the probability that the cheers would be heard in the football stadium or basketball gym. However, as demonstrated by many YouTube videos of stomp & shake cheerleading cheer routines, it usually is difficult to understand the words for these cheers.

Most stomp & shake cheerleaders are Black females. However, YouTube videos document that a few non-Black females are also members of middle school, high school, or university stomp and shake squads. Also, it appears from watching YouTube videos that a few males are members of some university stomp & shake squads. This may particularly be the case for those university cheerleading squads that perform mainstream ("traditional") cheerleading moves as well as stomp & shake cheerleading. In any event, male stomp & shake cheerleaders perform "upstomps" (rhythmic knee lifts), but don't usually perform the characteristic "jiggapops" (rhythmical, fast double shake of the hips) move that the female stomp & shake cheerleaders do, or at least it appears to me that they don't do that movement the same way as the females on that squad.

Stomp & Shake cheerleading has vehement supporters who love the creativity, innovation, skill, showmanship, "hardness" and "for realness" (according to Black cultural criteria) of this type of cheerleading. However, stomp & shake cheerleading also has vehement detractors who don't consider it to be "real cheerleading", but a form of fraternity/sorority stepping and/or cheer dancing. Stomp & cheer detractors also routinely negatively label stomp & shake cheerleading and its (almost exclusively) Black female squad members as being "ghetto" (behaving and dressing in ways that are highly inappropriate by middle class standards, particularly to behave and dress in sexually provocative ("slutty) ways, and behaving in loud and overly aggressive confrontational ways.

Click the stomp and shake cheerleading tag to find additional pancocojams posts about this type of cheerleading.

*"Upstomps" is a signature movement that is performed by female and male members of some stomp and shake squads where the cheerleaders stomp two times with their left foot and perform a knee lift (raise the right leg bent at the knee). In the videos I've watched of upstomping, the toes are usually pointed to the ground. Also, reflecting the style of some stomp and shake squads, when those equads perform "upstomps" the knee is bent at a slight angle toward the right.

Note: These movements names and descriptions were written on this internet discussion forum* and/or shared with me via online communications with former HBCU stomp & shake cheerleaders UpstompJunkie and Charlottefashionicon.
Click Race and the Changing Shape of Cheerleading by Guest Blogger Azizi Powell on July 21, 2011 for more comments about these terms.

* Race and the Changing Shape of Cheerleading by Guest Blogger Azizi Powell on July 21, 2011.

Selected YouTube video of certain cheers or hyperlinks to YouTube videos of these cheers are included in this post. This post also includes some brief explanatory comments about vernacular terms that are used in these cheers.

In addition, this post includes my comments about the debate about cheerleading squads using stomp & shake cheers that are attributed to other cheerleading squads.

Please add to this compilation for folkloric purposes by sharing words to stomp & shake cheers and/or sharing links to stomp & shake YouTube videos videos in the comment section below. Thanks!

Additional cheer examples that are added after this initial publication are indicated by the publishing date in brackets after the cheer's title.

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The content of this post is presented for folkloric, historical, cultural, and recreational purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to all those who composed these cheers. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post, all those featured in these videos, and the publishers of these videos on YouTube.

This post documents a very small number of stomp & shake cheers and isn't meant to be a comprehensive compilation of those types of cheers.

There's considerable disagreement about whether other cheerleading squads should perform stomp & shake cheers unless members of the cheerleading squad that originated those cheers teach them to those cheerleaders (in cheer camps or otherwise) or unless prior permission is given to those squads to perform those cheers. Opponents of the use of another squad's original stomp & shake cheers- and particularly using the same moves as the original composers of those cheers consider such use to be stealing and believe that such use is evidence those squads' lack of creativity.

However, it's a widespread custom-particularly among high school, middle school, and younger cheerleading squads- to perform cheerleader stomp and shake cheerleader cheers from unknown and from unknown sources -just as it's a universal custom for cheerleading squads on those levels to squads to perform any mainstream cheerleader cheer that they like.

Also, for whatever reasons, cheerleading squads that are known to have originated certain cheers (and who are often opposed to these cheers being performed without permission by other squads) did publish YouTube videos of their squads performing those cheers. Doing so certainly makes it easier for other people to "copy" those cheers.

I can see both sides of this debate, but, as a (self-described) community folklorist, I'm glad that these videos and lyrics are available for people in the present and the future to see, hear, read, and study for information and insights about the people who composed them, perform/ed them, and watch/ed them.

All the cheer examples that are given in this post were retrieved from YouTube videos. The text (words) of these cheers were either retrieved from a comment in a video's discussion thread, or were transcribed by me from that video.

There many more stomp & shake cheers that I'd LOVE to add to this compilation, but unfortunately I can't find their words online and I can't understood what is chanted in their videos.

The titles used below for these cheers may not be the only titles that have been used in the past or are now used for these cheers. Also, the words for these cheers may not be the original words or what was considered the definitive words for that cheer or what is now considered the definitive words for that cheer.

When no title for a cheer is given, I’ve chosen a title for that cheer and placed an asterisk next to it to indicate the fact that this title is my guess.

Particularly with regards to high school and younger cheerleading squads, in most cases, readers shouldn't assume that the cheerleading squad who performed these cheers in these video is the original composer of that cheer or even the original choreographer of that cheer's movements.

I've selectively included a video for some of these cheers. In some cases, I've included a video for cheers that (I believe) are widely popular, based on YouTube comments and videos. In other cases, I've selected (usually high school cheerleading squad) cheer performances to document how stomp & shake cheers are performed.

If your squad uses these cheers, when applicable, substitute the names of opposing high school, and/or that school mascot, or substitute your school's name and/or mascot.

Additions and corrections to these cheer examples and the words to these cheers are welcome.

S, T
Fight fight the power,
Hey go head go head.
Hey fight fight he power.
Go head go head.
Hey fight the power.
We are the Rams
And we stay on your case.
If you have something to say
Say it to our face. Haw!
Hey fight the power
Hey fight the power,
Say what
Say what
We are the Rams
And we get on your case.
If you have something to say
Say it in our face.
Say it in our face.
Say it
-Winston-Salem State University WSSU Cheer Phi Cheerleaders, 2007; as posted by SAC010 in that video's discussion thread by secalong, February 2011 (along with some transcription by Azizi Powell)

Featured video: WSSU Cheerleaders Getting’ Crunk

ORIGINALCHEERPHI,Published on Feb 22, 2008

The title for this cheer might be "Fight The Power". It is the second cheer that is performed in that video.

"CheerPhi" used to be the name of Winton-Salem State University (WSSU)'s cheerleading squad. I believe that university now uses the names "Red team" and "White team" for its cheerleading squads. That university's mascot is the ram.

The word "original" denotes the video publisher's belief that WSSU was the originator of stomp & shake cheerleading. From my online research, I agree that WSSU was the originator of their style of stomp & shake cheerleading (movements), a style that many stomp & shake cheerleaders try to imitate, but a style that is somewhat different from Virginia State University's Woo woos, another Historically Black College & University (HBCU) cheerleading squad that my research suggests is also a stomp & shake cheerleading originator.

SET IT OFF [WSSU Band Chant]
Pancocojams Editor's note: The verse below isn't a stomp & shake cheer, but is instead something that the band (and that university's fans) chant while the cheerleaders and majorette dancers perform. Nevertheless, I found two videos of Winston-Salem State University's (WSSU) cheerleaders performing to this instrumental composition, and decided to add that chant and also add a video and a video link as examples of how stomp & shake cheerleaders don't always cheer, but sometimes just move (dance, or tumble, or do stunts) to instrumental music.

Hannah Jones, 2015
"what is their chant that they say for this song"

jasmine harris, 2015
@hannah jones the words are "we're the red sea and we gonna punish you... You don't want it with this band when we're in front of you we set this thing off!" I learned it last month when I played with them!
"We" in this chant is Winston-Salem State University's band and not their cheerleaders.

Here's one video of WSSU's band, their majorette dancers, their fans, and their cheerleaders performing to "Set It Off" and at the end of their dancing, the cheerleaders doing their signature "eeeyup!" yelp:

2013 WSSU Set it off

Artistry Photography, Published on Nov 4, 2013
Here's a link to another WSSU "Set It Off"video:

2014 WSSU Cheerleaders, Set It OFF

Artistry Photography, Published on Sep 21, 2014

COMMENT ABOUT "SET IT OFF" [WSSU Basketball cheer] [text revised jULY 4, 2017]
Pancocojams Editor's note:
A comment in the discussion thread for St. Augustine University cheer "It's About To Go Down" indicates that that cheer is copied from a 1994 Winston- Salem State University cheer basketball cheer entitled "Set It Off:

Here's that comment:
CheerPhi93, 2013 [in the discussion thread for Saint Augustine's University 2009 Bluechips Cheerleaders- "Its About to Go Down"
"Can you say that is nothing but WSSU "Set it up lets Go SU" basketball chant...Yes it is original for it was made up in 1994..I was there when it was made up! THE END! #dooces!"
"It" in the comment is the cheer "Its About to Go Down"

Regretfully, I can't understand the words to St. Augustine's "It's About To Go Down" cheer, and I can't the words online. If you know the words to this cheer, please add it to this compilation for the folkloric record. Thanks!

I also haven't found any words to WSSU's basketball cheer "Set It Off"
Here are two definitions of "set it off" from
Set it off
"to do something major, either something that can cause a huge disturbance or significance."

"set it off
"To do something with intensity or hurricane like force."

shake it up
really get tough
u cant get enough
of that
eagle stuff
Performed by Sassy (Prince George County High School, Virginia), words posted by Dom H, 2009 (reformatted from sentence to line form for this post.)

SASSY (Shake It Up)

woowooworkit Published on Aug 31, 2007

SHOOT FOR TWO (version #1)
Shoot shoot!
Shoot shoot for 2,
shoot shoot!
Shoot shoot for 2.
Shoot 2 ! Take it to the hoop and shoot for two
- posted by Teya J, 2013 in the discussion thread for the video " WHS Cheerleaders...We got the Juice" which is given below.

I think that this is the version of the cheer that Teya J knows rather than the way that WHS performed this cheer.

SHOOT FOR TWO (version #2)
Shoot 2 (aye) shoot shoot for 2
Shoot 2 (aye) shoot shoot for 2

Shoot 2 ( aye, aye)
Take it to the hoop and shoot for 2"
performed by WHS cheerleaders (I think that this is Westover High School, Fayetteville, North Carolina), words posted by Tamera coleman, 2015 [This commenter wrote 2x after the first line. For this post I repeated that line instead of writing those instructions.]

Featured video - WHS Cheerleaders...We got the Juice

jalin94, Uploaded on Oct 23, 2011

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
The title of this basketball video is a folk processed version (a misunderstanding) of what the cheerleader were chanting.

SHOOT FOR TWO (Example #3) [added July 3, 2017]
Shoot Shoot
Shoot Shoot For Two

Shoot Shoot
Shoot Shoot For Two
(shoot shoot)
*Aye 3x's*
Take It To The Hoop & Shoot For Two
- posted by Alexis Hatch, 2012 in the video given below:

Featured video: West Charlotte Jv Squad pt. 2 2010-2011

Angelica McClure, Published on Feb 11, 2011

Our Last Basketball Game Against Vance ! =(
There are other YouTube videos of this apparently rather widely known basketball cheer. The stomp & shake feature for this cheer is in the way that the cheerleaders perform this cheer, and not in the cheer's words.

Here's an interesting comment exchange from that video's discussion thread:
Kella Chavis, 2014
"I have never known cheerleaders to sit in bleachers"

Firstclass82 A/D, 2015
"A first for me too"

Keke B., 2016
"+ANTHONY EWING its only for basketball season we can't exactly stand on the court"

SHOOT THAT BALL [Added October 9, 2018]
Shoot that ball , shoot shoot that ball
Hey , Hey
This is the third cheer that was featured in the video entitled "Cute Stomp and Shake cheers for Basketball!!!! | Upload #3" published by meleah moon on Sep 13, 2018

Several commenters complimented this cheer and/or its performance as being "lit".

(One cheerleader):
Step to us
You betta

(Entire squad)
Some of ya'll think
that HU aint got no style
But when it comes to us,
you better sit back down.
So sit back, and relax,
cause we came to show you that [rival's name]
ain't got nothin on HU.
You shake like this,
You move like this.
But in the end
your squad aint SHHHHH"
-Howard University [Washington D.C.] Bison Cheerleaders' Battle Cheer

[The first line of this very widely used Stomp & Shake cheer may be given as "come to us" -as per a transcription in that video's discussion thread by Keana Mayberry, 2013 and exeria poole, 2013. However, Derein Rogers, 2014 writes that the first line is "step to us".]

Featured video: Howard University Battle Cheer "Sit Back Down"

CoachSpence, Published on Oct 19, 2006
I believe that the African American Vernacular English (AAVE) pronunciation and spelling that is used in this (and many other) stomp & shake cheers is an example of code switching on purpose from standard American English to AAVE to evoke and reinforce toughness, self-confidence, and "for realness" -all of which nowadays might be called "street cred".

THIS IS HOW WE GET DOWN* (added July 7, 2017)
we got the juice, AYE!,
so we could probably show it,
got the juice, AYE!,
number one on the team,
please go sit down
'cause this is how we get down.
-[last cheer in this video by the team wearing orange, posted by
Keep Ari Weird, 2016 in response to a request
*This may not be the title of this cheer.

I reformatted this cheer's lyrics from sentence form to line form.

The vocalization given here as "AYE!" is quite common in a number of stomp & shake cheer discussion threads. It's usually spelled with multiple "e's" to indicate that the sound is extended.

Featured video:
SEHS vs Booker Cheer Battle part 2, Published on Oct 28, 2016

THIS IS OUR HOOD [Added on October 23, 2018]
This is our hood
We rep and know that Mustangs don't play
And when the Mustangs come thur you better get out way

Featured video: Bladensburg vs. Flowers Cheer Battle 2015, published by Dimples1luv on Sep 19, 2015
posted by Miya Woods, 2016, change the name of your team; "thur" (through)

U, V

W, X
WE ARE THE BEARS [added July 1, 2017 6:00 PM)
We are the Bears - Morgan State Cheerleaders - Celebrating Victory

B. T. Gibson, Published on Sep 23, 2014

Morgan State's "We are the Bears" campaign originated in an attempt to solicit more school spirit by President David Wilson and others. Mr. Melvin Miles, MSU Marching Band Director, was instrumental in the video that was eventually posted on YouTube about two years ago. That video included several flavors of the Morgan Community showing how they love being a Bear. The choreography was created so almost anyone could join in….and when this song is played…..they do….each adding their own flavor! "Feel the Roar".
Here's words to this song/cheer from a Morgan State University Facebook page:
We are the bears
We don't take no mess
We get mad in a minute
We'll stomp you in your chest
- Morgan State University 2014 SGA

WE ARE THE BEST [Added October 23, 2018]
We are the best
And we know that we're great
If you can't step to us
Stay out our way
Hey go jaguars , go 'head go 'head
Hey watch
We are the best an we know that we're great
If you have to say something
Say it in our face
Say it . In . Our . Face
(I think that's it 😩)

Featured video: Bladensburg vs. Flowers Cheer Battle 2015, published by Dimples1luv on Sep 19, 2015

posted by Angel King, 2016; add your school name instead of "jaguars".

We are the trojans and we are h-o-t- hot
we keep it goin and we just dont stop.
We are so fresh, So Smooth,
You can't catch these moves.
Cause were just to hot.
Cause were bad,
and watch us as we "ROCK"!
(rock, rock, rock, rock) "ROCK"!
Trojans Stay Hot. So Hot!"
- transcription by Charlottefashionicon; July 2011 from the video whose link is given below:

Featured video: Olympic High cheerleaders 09-10

Uploaded by batay1978 on Feb 17, 2010

Olympic high cheerleaders (Charlotte, North Carolina); 9-2010

WE DON'T STOP (added July 3, 2017)
we take it to the top
we don't stop
we rock (we rock )
we rock (we rock )
you know we don't stop (repeat)
-posted in the video discussion thread by Shadaishu Yarbrough, 2017 (at 14:06) of the video whose link is given below.

Featured video: Cheer Battle!!! Harding University High School Cheerleaders Vs. Phillip O Berry Cheerleaders

Kevin Crawford, Published on Dec 17, 2016
These two high school cheerleading squads are from Charlotte, North Carolina.

Here are two comments from that video's discussion thread about that cheer battle::

Kenneth Anderson-Jasper, 2017
"If you're looking at crowd impact and effective diss cheers ... HU just slight edges out POB .... However most judges would be looking at uniformity, look, and precision which POB dominated on.... hard call on who the cheer battle winner would be.. but the cheer where the POB cheerleaders and alum when in together and the coach closed it out was EPIC!!!"
"diss cheers" = confrontational insult cheers

Uniquely Created, 2017
"I've seen this video multiple times and I can finally put into words my response. I don't think there is a clear winner of the battle. POB had great energy, great voices, great facials. But their Alumni took a majority of the show. They were HOT and was eager, if you couldn't tell, to battle HUHS. HUHS has been a favorite of mine for a while now, but as many of the comments have mentioned, they did lose their energy mid way through. They were getting a little sloppy and as a former cheerleader who use to battle I know it's simply because of momentum. They wanted to show out and there's nothing wrong with that. Obviously POB and HUHS are long time rivals and with POB being so cold, it could cause a loss in momentum. But both teams did their thing so I don't think I can determine a winner. But a great video."

WE WANT A BASKET [Added October 14, 2018]
"we want a basket
a what ?
a basket
we want a basket
a what ?
a basket
for who ?
HU 222222"
-posted by nazielyrics, September 2018. "Cheer Battle!!! SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL TO SEE MORE!" published by
Two Sockz, on Dec 17, 2016

This cheer begins at 4:20 in that video.

we got the juice, AYE!, so we could probably show it, STAY ON YOUR SIDE SO WE DONT HAVE TO THROW IT!, got the juice, AYE!, number one on the team, please go sit down 'cause this is how we get down. THIS IS HOW WE GET DOWN, THIS IS HOW WE GET DOWN, SO YOU NEED TO SIT DOWN!
-posted by Keep Ari Weird, 2017

Featured video: SEHS vs Booker Cheer Battle part 2, published by Tish Jones on Oct 28, 2016
"Aye!" appears to be a widely used exclamation (among African Americans). It is pronounced like the elongated word "I" ("eye") and basically means the same thing as "Yeah!"

What can we say?
Those Mighty Rams don't play.
We'll take down any team that comes our way.
-Winston-Salem State University cheerleaders, posted by OneVoice412, 2016
in the discussion thread for 2014 WSSU Cheerleaders, What time is it

Artistry Photography, Published on Sep 8, 2014;

What time is it? It's time!
What time is it? It's time!
Time to go, time to fight
Time to win this game tonight!
-Winston-Salem State University cheerleaders, posted by OneVoice412, 2016
in the discussion thread for 2014 WSSU Cheerleaders, What time is it

Artistry Photography, Published on Sep 8, 2014 [second cheer, begins at 1:06 in this video]

What time is it? It's time!
What time is it? It's time!
Time to go, time to fight
Time to win this game tonight!
-Winston-Salem State University cheerleaders, posted by OneVoice412, 2016
in the discussion thread for 2014 WSSU Cheerleaders, What time is it

Artistry Photography, Published on Sep 8, 2014 [second cheer, begins at 1:06 in this video]

WHAT YOU GONNA DO (added July 7, 2017)
Ohh Ahh, what you gone' do?
"Other team name" ain't nothing you can do
Ooohhhh, what's new?
It's a new season can you get some new moves?
-Huguenot High School (Richmond, Virginia), posed by HHSCheeringFalcons, 2016

Featured video: HHS Varsity Cheer - Battle Cheer

HHSCheeringFalcons Published on Jan 11, 2016

Huguenot Falcons vs. Thomas Jefferson Vikings
Both of these high schools are in Richmond, Virginia.

WHEN WE THINK OF THE BEST [Added October 23, 2018]
when we think of the best
we don't think of you
cause (school name) are coming for you.
we don't care what you say
today is the day the (mascot) are here so get out of our way

while we were working
y'all were twearking
while we were stunting
y'all we fronting
if you don't understand let us break it down for you
(other team mascot) who your threw

Featured video: Bladensburg vs. Flowers Cheer Battle 2015, published by Dimples1luv on Sep 19, 2015
posted by Reyia Brooks, 2016
Both of these high schools are in Prince George's County, Maryland.

"who your threw" is probably "Whoo! You're through". ["through" meaning finished]

WHO SHAKES THE BEST [version #1]
Shake it to the east.
Shake it to the west.
It really doesn't matter who shakes the best.

Shake it to the east.
Shake it to the west.
It really doesn't matter who shakes the best.

Shake it to the east.
Shake it to the west.
Cause everybody knows that we shake the best
- Virginia State University Woo Woos (as performed in 2008)

Featured video: VSU Woo Woo's 2008 "Who Shakes The Best"

BlaWaiian2008, Published on Mar 17, 2013

VSU Cheerleaders (Virginia State University)

Another featured video of that same cheer version: SASSY (We Shake The Best)

FIERCED_2006 Uploaded on Feb 17, 2007

JV And Varsity SASSY cheerleaders cheer at the last game against bluestone

WHO SHAKES DA BEST [version #2)
Shake it to the east.
Shake it to the west.
It really doesn't matter who shakes the best.

Shake it to the east.
Shake it to the west.
It really doesn't matter who shakes the best.

Ah hey!
'Cause we shake the best
Everybody knows that we shake the best
To the East.
To the West.
Shake it!
-from VSU Woo Woo (Who shakes Da Best video, Mar 31, 2011.
This is my transcription of that cheer from that video

Featured video: VSU Woo Woo (Who shakes Da Best video)

TrueVSU1882, Uploaded on Mar 31, 2011

WHO'S THAT TRYIN TO STEP TO US [Added on October 23, 2018]
I wanna know
Who's that tryin to step to us?
We know you envy us
The mighty jags* now run the game
Lady bird mustangs , your team is lame
We can tell by how you look those mighty jags have got you shook
So step back you can't compete
Just come through , have several seats
(I think that's what they sayin 😂😩)

Featured video: Bladensburg vs. Flowers Cheer Battle 2015, published by Dimples1luv on Sep 19, 2015

posted by Angel King, 2016; *use your team name

V-S-U let's work it
ayeee yee yee
work it
ayyeee yee yee
trojans you know how we do
get out ya seats and work big blue
ahhhhh work it
ayeeee yee yee
-Virginia State University Cheerleaders (Woo Woos)

*transcription by Azizi Powell from this video.

Featured video: Virgina State University Woo Woos - "Work It"

Uploaded by GoTrojans on Sep 11, 2008

VSU vs. NSU Labor Day Classic August 30, 2008
[Added October 24, 2018]
"Ayeeee", a rather widely used exclamation (among African Americans), "ayeee" sounds like an elongated "a" in the word "say"."Ayee" also rhymes with the English words "hay", "hey" and "yeah". That exclamation basically has the same meaning as "Yeah" (and "hey" could also be used in place of "Yeah!" to show excitement and support.

WORK OUT [Added October 14, 2018]
Work out. Work out.
Work out. Work out.
[repeat several more times]
Give it up. Give it up. Give it up.
[repeat entire chant]

*transcription by Azizi Powell from this video.

Featured video:
EOE Bleacher Chant "WorkOut" published by crfairbanks4712 on Nov 25, 2014

Y, Z
Baldenburg mustangs you've got to go,
you try to step to us,
we know you think we tuff,
jaguars now run the show
bladenburg mustangs you've got to go
you watch our cheers and all our moves
you know our steps what can we do,
we marked you off our check list,
bladenburg mustangs you are dismissed
performed by the jaguars in the video which is given below, words posted by Earl Quirino, 2017 (reformatted from sentence form to line form)

Blade vs. Flowers Battle Part 2

Dimples1luv Published on Sep 19, 2016

You gets no respect in here.
Hey Hey Hey Hey
We see our moves in all your cheers.
We know you think you are the best.
S.U. will put you to the test.

Dont start no stuff wont be no stuff.
Dont start no stuff wont be no stuff.
When ya messin with Rams
Ya bound to get-
Ahhhhh-Say what -
-Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) Cheer Phi Cheerleaders; 2007 (Cheer #3)
transcribed by Azizi Powell without the "Hey Hey" responses after some lines.

WSSU Cheerleaders Gettin Crunk [video given with the "Say It In Our Face" cheer entry in this post.]
"Crunk" is an African American slang term which may have been derived from the two words "crazy and drunk". In some contexts, "getting crunk" may just mean to be very energetic, to be "pumped up", " to be hyped". However, I believe that in the context of this stomp & shake cheer, "get crunk" also means "to be 'hard"; "gangsta"; "street" - meaning to use African American stances, gestures, and words to emphasize the confrontational nature of that particular cheer routine.

"Don't start no stuff/ won't be no stuff" is a familiar saying among certain populations of African Americans. It serves as a warning that people shouldn't try to start trouble unless they are prepared to deal with the consequences of their words and actions.
Added July 8, 2017
Here's a comment from this video's uploader in that video's discussion thread:
CheerPhi93, 2009
"I Coached in 2003 and remember when the cheer was made up...It has been revised..and never never ever ever...Did it say's When you are messing with the Rams you are bound to get Krushed...

Great Job Cheer Phi

I've seen other videos of this cheer battle in which the cheerleaders change the ending to "You bout to get....what, what, what, WHAT!" [That line is spoken in a taunting, aggressive manner with aggressive body motions as done in the WSSU video.]

One cheerleader: Let's go! Hey!
Entire squad: Alright! Hey! Hey!
You need to be a mighty Bulldog
'Cause we
Let's go!
Hey! Hey! Hey!
Hey! Hey!

You need to be a mighty Bulldog
[tempo gets faster] 'Cause we
Let's go!
-Bowie State University (Bowie, Maryland)
[This is my transcription of this cheer from the video whose link is given below.]

Bowie State U Cheerleaders 9 October 2010

NexMillenia, Uploaded on Oct 12, 2010

Bowie State University Cheerleaders

YOUR MOVES ARE WACK* [Added October 24, 2018]
"your moves are whack* get them off my track you can't be a jag** cause you look like that"
- transcribed by Dayshav ft. Fvat v Fox, 2017 from the video "Blade vs. Flowers Battle Part 2"
*The commenter misspelled "wack" as "whack". "Wack" means "crazy", "stupid", "worthless", "uncool" etc.

**"Jag" is an abbreviation of the team name "Jaguar". The commenter misheard this name as "jets". I corrected that abbreviation in that transcription.

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