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"Kids Address Alternative Facts For Black History Month" Video (with transcription)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This pancocojams post showcases the video entitled "Kids Address Alternative Facts For Black History Month".

My [unofficial] transcript of this video is also included in this post. Additions and corrections are welcome.

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Thanks to all those involved in the writing and production of this video. Special thanks to the children who are featured in the video.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Kids Address Alternative Facts for Black History Month

Because of Them We Can, Published on Feb 1, 2017
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[clip from The View Whoopie Goldberg- “She’s coined a new term for the times we’re living in...

[clip from Inside Politics host John King- “Brace for it parents of America...

NBC News clip of Kellyanne Conway- Alternative facts. [vocals repeated but slowed down] “Alternative facts”.

Boy #1- “What are those?”
Boy #2- shown shrugging his shoulders [no words spoken]
Boy #3- Oh. What? [older black boy with high top]
Girl #1 with Girl #2 (twins) – Alternative facts? [said in amazement]
Girl #3- Lies. I mean fibs
Girl #4- Also known as stereotypes
Boy #3- Or false narratives
Girl #3- It’s like saying
Boy #5- Black history began with slavery
Boy #6- [no words spoken, but boy has an expression that can be interpreted as “Say what?!”]
Girl #3 – That’s offensive.
Girl #5- Or that we’ll never see another Black president in our lifetime.
Boy #5- What about me?
Girl #3- This Black History Month we’re focusing on The Facts.
Girl #6 -Not alternative facts.
Girl #7- Indisputable.
Girl #4 – Truth.
Boy #3 - Real.
Girl #6 – “Black girl magic” is real.
Boy #5- “Black boy joy” is real.
Girl #4- “Black wealth” is real.
Girl #6 – “Black beauty” is real.
Girl #1 and Girl #2- “Black support” is real.
Boy #3- “Black excellence” is real.
Boy #1 – It’s real!
Girl #3 – “Black love”- that’s real
Girl #8- Black lives are real.
Girl #3- I’m real.
Girl #5 – Black history didn’t begin with slavery.
Boy #3- And it Doesn’t end with the Obamas.
Girl #3- Whom we love and miss. No like, we Really miss you.
Child's voice off screen- “Facts”.

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