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Nigerian Singer Nathaniel Bassey - "Someone's At The Door" (Gospel)

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This is Part II of a two part pancocojams series on songs with the lyrics "Somebody's Knocking At Your Door" or similar titles.

Part II of this series showcases the song "Someone's at the Door" by Nigerian vocalist Nathaniel Bassey. Information about Nathaniel Bassey is included in this post.

Click for Part I of this series. Part I showcases Franklin Willis singing the Spiritual "Somebody's Knocking At Your Door" and Rev. James Cleveland leading a choir in a performance of a gospelized version of that Spiritual.

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Thanks to Nathaniel Bassey for his musical legacy. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the producer and the publisher of this YouTube video.

Posted by: SON in Biographies July 7, 2013
"Nathaniel Bassey was born in Lagos, Nigeria. He is from Ikot Ofon Ikono, Uyo local government area in Akwa-Ibom state, South-South Nigeria.

His father, Mr E Joshua Bassey, was a minister in The Apostolic Church Bashua Assembly and from an early age he developed a love for both music and the gospel.

He was inspired when He saw Dr Panam Percy Paul, a prominent Nigerian gospel music icon in concert over twenty years ago and since then. His passion for music has grown and translated.into various musical experiences.

In his early years, he developed a rather uncommon interest for jazz music and began listening, imitating and playing to the music of.Louis Armstrong, Miles Davies, Clifford Brown, Charlie Parker, Stan Getz and Kirk Whalum, Phil Driscoll, Hugh Masakela and other Jazz luminaries. His zeal for the Jazz form would later stir him to seek out bands and groups along the Jazz lines. He then joined a top jazz quartet in Lagos, Spectrum 4, where he played alongside his childhood friends...

Nathaniel’s debut album Elohim was recorded and mixed in Cape Town, South Africa in the year 2008. It has been described as a spiritual and Artistic masterpiece with the hit track “Someone’s knocking at the door” a soft-rock tune currently generating so much interest locally and internationally."

(Nathaniel Bassey)*

Someone's knocking at the door
Someone's knocking at the door

Can you hear Him knocking
Can you hear Him knocking

He's been knocking very long
He's been knocking for so long

Can you hear Him knocking
Can you hear Him knocking

Jesus Jesus Jesus, is at the door [x2]

Someone's calling out your name
Calling time and time again

Can you hear Him calling
Can you hear Him calling

He's been calling very long
He's been calling for so long

Can you hear Him calling
He's been calling you

It's Jesus Jesus Jesus, is at the door [x2]

Don't let him walk away
He's so patient but, don't take a chance
All you need to do is open the door
Let Him take his rightful place
So He can change your world

Open up the door... [x18]

"This song was submitted on February 6th, 2012. Thanks to Snap for the contribution to this song."
"Someone's At The Door" is inspired by the African American Spiritual "Somebody's Knocking At Your Door".

I'm guessing that Nathaniel Bassey composed this version of "Somebody's Knocking At Your Door".

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Nathaniel Bassey - Someone's at the Door

nathanielbassey, Uploaded on Mar 20, 2009

Music video for "Someone's at the Door" by Nathaniel Bassey. Produced by Odd Digital Media ( Directed by Angela Nemov ( and Robert Hofmeyr. Shot at St Georges cathedral, Cape Town.

This concludes Part II of this series.

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