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Syte Unseen - "Choices" (Christian A Cappella Song) video & lyrics)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases a video of the Christian a cappella song "Choices" by the Washington, D.C. quintet Syte Unseen. A transcription of that song's lyrics is included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for religious, cultural, and aesthetic purposes.

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Thanks to for recording this song. Thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube.
This post was requested by Gigi Erba. Thanks Gigi for alerting me to this group and this song. Thanks also to you and to katching MC for sharing your transcriptions of this song in that discussion section of that video. My transcription found below is contains minor corrections of those transcriptions.

SHOWCASE EXAMPLE: Gospel Music by Syte Unseen of [Washington,] DC

Syte Unseen, Uploaded on Jan 29, 2010

This a capella song by Syte Unseen showcases the strength of gospel music when performed without musical instruments. [The link given for this group's website is no longer working]

....Syte Unseen is composed of five members, four tenors and one bass:

Robert "Steve the Hammer" Williams, Leonard "Bobby" Robinson, Anthony "Tony" Peacock, Edward Jackson Montgomery, and "Smiling" Swami White,

Syte Unseen is a professional a capella group, officially formed in February, 2007 when five male choir members of the Washington, DC-based Jubilee Majestic Concert Choir performed as the famed gospel group, The Five Blind Boys of Alabama during the Majestics' annual Black History Program, at THEARC in Washington, DC. After receiving high accolades for their renditions of the Five Blind Boys the members decided to form the five part harmony, a capella group that has performed throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Currently, Syte Unseen is finalizing work on its upcoming CD, Choices, which will be available Easter weekend, 2010.

(as sung by Syte Unseen)

Verse #1:
(Well)* when I was a young boy
My mama would say
"Some trust in Jesus every day, (Yes).
The choices of life will bring you to two paths
It's up to you.
Here's advice to remember on your way.

Mama said:
Eeny, meeny, miny,moe (Oh yeah.)
("Why don't you") Catch the spirit of
the Holy Ghost.
Once He enters into you, my friend,
He'll be with you through thick and thin.
and He'll walk
All day.
And He'll talk
All night.
I focus steady on the guiding light.
Direct me, my Savior
Down the path that's right.

Verse #2
Now Moses had two paths.
One was Pharaoh's army.
And and the other was the storming raging sea. (Yeah).
Moses said "God I trust you,
For You never failed me yet,
It's up to You to choose which path I'll take.

(Moses said)


Verse #3
Yeah there's Job Who had two paths
One his troubles and his risks to bear.
Well he'd curse God or stand on God's
word. (Yeah.)

Job said "Yea, though You slay me,
I will trust and believe that You'll choose
which path for me to take.

*I placed those words and other words in brackets because (based on my experience with Black religious music traditions), I think that these are interjections or beginning words that don't necessarily need to be sung.

This transcription doesn't include humming and other vocalizations by some of the members of this group. Additions and corrections are welcome.

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