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Similarities Between The Music In Prince Buster "Set Me Free" Tune & In A HP Reinvent Learning Ad

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases a Prince Buster Ska tune entitled and a May 2016 Reinvent Learning with HP Education Solutions ad that includes a Ska song that I think sounds very much like that Prince Buster song.

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Thanks to Prince Buster for his musical legacy. Thanks also to the producers of the HP Reinvent Ad and the composer & soloist of the "Set Me Free" song that is sung in that ad.


Prince Buster - Ska Town Aka Set Me Free

italrel Published on Jan 29, 2013

Ska tune. Voice of the people..
Here's a comment from this sound file's discussion thread:
charley bembridge, 2013
"original title for this is walk the town its on my channel i have a reel to reel recording of this which was bought from coxsone dodd years ago check it out different horn section" 

Reinvent Learning with HP Education Solutions

HP Business, Published on Mar 7, 2016 - HP Education PC´s and tablets with Intel Core Processors provide teachers and students with tools that “unstandardize” learning - making education more flexible, collaborative and dynamic.
Here's a comment exchange that I participated in on that video's discussion thread:

Chickenug, April 2016
"song name?"

Moist, Lemon-Scented Towelette, April 2016
"sadly it was made specifically for this ad, and isn't available anywhere else :("

Azizi Powell, April, 2016
"+Moist, Lemon-Scented Towelette
I'm also very disappointed that this song isn't available anywhere else. I love its Ska tune and the words.

I wish the vocalist would record an expanded version of this song.

Here's my transcription of the lyrics in that HP ad (addition & corrections welcome)
If it was up to me
I’d set me free
I’d be anywhere
Be what I wanna be
For every day that I stay
I’d do the things in my own way
I would set me free
Oh, set me free

My guess is that this song was based on Prince Buster's instrumental - "Ska Town" (also known as) "Set Me Free" "
I'd love to know if anyone else thinks that these two tunes are similar.

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