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Kirk Franklin & God's Property, featuring Salt - Stomp (Gospel video, information, lyrics, & comments)

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This post showcases Kirk Franklin & God's Property (featuring Salt)'s 1996, 1997 urban, contemporary (Hip Hop) Gospel hit song "Stomp". Information about Kirk Franklin & God's Property God's Property is included in this post along with the song's lyrics and a video.

Selected comments from two different discussion threads of this same video are also included in this post. Particular attention is given to the use of African American Vernacular English words in some of these comments.

The content of this post is presented for religious, cultural, and aesthetic purposes.

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Thanks to Kirk Franklin & God's Property, featuring Salt for this Gospel song. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publishers of this video on YouTube.

Click for a pancocojams post on Shekinah Glory Ministry's "Stomp".

"Stomp" is a 1996 song by gospel group God's Property featuring Salt-N-Pepa rapper Cheryl James and Christian urban singer Kirk Franklin. It was one of the most successful gospel songs of the 1990s, charting on Billboard's mainstream R&B airplay list in 1997.[1] The song samples "One Nation Under a Groove" by Funkadelic."

God's Property is a collaboration studio album by Kirk Franklin and God's Property. It was released on May 27, 1997. At the time of its release, urban contemporary gospel had gained massive ground in the music industry, thus sending the album to its third position peak on the Billboard 200 album chart and making it the first gospel album to top the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, where it reached number one on five nonconsecutive weeks.

["Stomp" was] Written by Kirk Franklin (features interpolation of "One Nation Under A Groove" written by George Clinton, Jr., Garry Shider, and Walter Morrison, who are also credited with writing "Stomp")
Guest performance by Cheryl "Salt" James.
Kirk Franklin & God's Property Gospel record began being played on the radio in 1996, and the album was released in 1997.

The title "Stomp" and references to "stomp" in Kirk Franklin & God's Property Gospel song (and in other Gospel songs including Shekinah Glory Ministry's "Stomp") refer to the Pentecostal phrase "stomp on the devil's head" and the phrase "stomp the devil down". When people feel the Holy Spirit and did the holy dance during church worship services or elsewhere, they are said to be stomping on the devil's head, and stomping the devil down. Read several comments below that refer to this.

A number of Gospel songs include the phrases "stomping on the devil's head", and/or "stomping the devil down".

(written by Kirk Franklin, George Clinton, Jr., Garry Shider, and Walter Morrison)

[Kirk]: For those of you that think gospel music has gone to far.
You think we got too radical with our message.
Well I got news for you , you ain't heard nothin yet,
and if you don't know now you know. Glory, Glory!!

[Part1:] Lately I've been going through some things that really got me down.
I need someone somebody to help me come and turn my life around.
I can't explain, I can't obtain it. Jesus your love is so, it's so amazing.
It gets me high up to the sky, and when I think about your goodness it makes me wanna stomp.
Makes me clap my hands. Makes me wanna dance and stomp.
My brother can't you see I got the victory. STOMP!!!

[repeat part 1 ]

[Salt [rap]]: When I think about the goodness and fullness of God,
makes me thankful pity the hateful I'm grateful.
The Lord brought me through this far,
trying to be cute when I praise him raise him high.
I keep the live beat bumping. Keep it jumping make the Lord feel something.
Ain't no shame in my game God's Property. Kickin' it wit Kirk ain't no stoppin' me.
UH stomp

[Kirk:] GP are you wit me?
[GP:] oh yeah we having church we ain't going nowhere.
[repeat 3 times ]

[pt2:] stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp

I promise the stomp, the whole stomp, nothin but the stomp

[Kirk:] It ain't over. It ain't over

[repeat part 2 until fades.]


FEATURED VIDEO: Stomp - Kirk Franklin

AzNxi3uTtErfLy Uploaded on May 3, 2006
God's music! Amen. =)
Unfortunately, the video and audio quality of this video (and other videos) of this now classic song is quite poor. Here's a link to a YouTube sound file:

These comments are given in chronological order, with the oldest comment by year given first. However, they may not be in consecutive order. Numbers are assigned for each video's discussion thread for referencing purposes only.

Explanations of some African American vernacular English terms are also included after some of these comments.

Selected comments from discussion thread #1

1. mitchyboo66
"My type of worship, Thanks Kirk for keeping it real."

2. roxboronc27573
"Kirk Franklin help bring a lot of people to church with this song. I know as I am one of them. Thanks Kirk for allowing God to use you to reach people like me. Amen!"

Pancocojams Editor: The following nine comments are examples of a number of responses that were written in response to a commenter who said that this song and the singers weren't Godly.

3. Joshua Hammomd
"The man shouldn't be judged on how he express his music through god I don't care if it's through pop, r&b, hip hop or jazz"

4. StillAReal1
"these old timers will never understand why kirk did this type of music. your old ways of doing things was not interesting to the younger generation thats why a lot of them never actually listened to you or wanted to go to church. i got into kirks music because it had a fun sound that someone my age could relate to. then i actually took in the message in his music and it got me interested in the god. some people are so caught up in the old way of doing things that they think anything new and different in wrong or it's the devils work. it's just a another way of getting a message across to the younger people."

5. Clinton Phelps
"The Bible tells us how King David was also ridiculed for dancing, singing and praising God. Let each judge for themselves the rights and wrongs of this world. We will all bow down and confess, every single one of us, so do not judge unless you be judged." 

6. 0817kings
"David danced out of his clothes, praising the name of The Lord"

7. CheckMate657879
"Wow!!! Just about 20 years and people are still declaring Kirk Franklin NOT of God. That's what I call determination. Stomp on! Forget about the myriads of young people who started going to church, getting out of gangs, you name some, because of being inspired by Kirk Franklin, then and now. This song was definitely the start of something BIG."

8. Reply
Chisomo Ngulube
"That song was revolutionary!"

9. Reply
Lotus Lane
"He changed the game with this one "

10. Daniel Bone
"As a kid every Sunday i hoped the pastor and choir would break out into song and choreographed dance like this. sadly that never happened {:("

11. David Craighead
"Real message and real talk, enjoy the sound, groove and move!"

14. UncleReeceTube

15. Sherry A. D
"Devil!! You can't steal my joy!"

Prescilla Patterson
"2014 still stomping on the devil!!"

17. K Webb1

18. barbara lee10 months ago
i dont think uve gone too far,david danced before the lord!.first time iheard it made me wanna shout,never shouted before!
"Shout" here means "do the holy dance", "get happy" (because you feel the Holy Spirit", and other phrases with the same meaning.

19. Jersey Devil10 months ago
You can't help but get yo praise on with this one.....STILL LOVEIT!!
In this comment "yo" means "your"

20. Kimberly Smith
"I remember when this first came out, Kirk caught so much flack for hip hip gospel vs traditional. But he definitely ushered in a new generation of praise. It reached a lot of people who would never pray or even praise. So hats off to him. God Bless."

21. Darrell Miller
"this was my fav gospel song when I was growing up my mom used to play this I. the car when I was going to school to get me pumped and when I went to church our church was filled with a whole lot of youth and every youth Sunday bishop played this and the whole church would turnup good times man I wish I was young"
fav = favorite
"the whole church would turnup" = the whole church would be energized (the energy in the church would be turned up; the church would feel the [Holy] Spirit)

22. Erica Gaines
"Wow this is jamming. Sounds like something from a club lol. Love it"
"club"= nightclub

23. phantom2k10
"9 years ago and this song still bangs,Glory to GOD"
"bangs" = [something] is explosive, (in the context of this comment, the song is [still] very good)

24. Ayo Ibitayo
"It still bangs bruvaaa"
"bruvaaa" probably means "brother"

25. Anthony Adolfo
"All Glory & Praise to Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, STOMP The Devil.


26. drjohnettemson drofPrayer
"I dance till Heaven comes down"

27. MrMaxismybaby
"Getting my "Praise On"!
"Getting my Praise on" = "praising God", "feeling the Spirit", "getting happy", "going in" etc

28. Raven Manuel
"Stomp that devil outta here"

29. Cliff Foss
"Some songs are NEVER out of style!"

30. terpgirl06
"When this song first came out it was so controversial; but listening to it in 2016 it sounds...traditional."

Selected comments from discussion thread #2
selected comments from this video's discussion thread

1. Shawnette Milton
"Almost 20 years later and this is still da JAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gospel music at it's BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love me some Kirk Franklin and Salt's RAP was and is TIGHT !!!!"
"tight" = "very good", "awesome", "sick" etc. Something that is tight is "on point", meaning everything is together, with no loose ends or extraneous parts

Here's an excerpt of an online discussion about a slang meaning of the word "tight"
Cervus, 10 January 2007
Location: Florida
"The R&B usage of playing "tight" meant that all musicians were performing together in a sleek, neat arrangement (think James Brown's rhythm section) rather than improvised or "sloppy"....
This meaning of "tight" can be applied to a person who is very cool, stylish, "a beast" (a master at what he or she does).

2. JorDance
"I remember all the old heads in my church hated Kirk for this song. We couldn't stop bumping it though. It's still dope!"
"old heads" = old people

"bumping it" = playing the record, or playing instrumental versions of it, singing it, and otherwise enjoying it

"dope" = "very good", "awesome", "sick", "tight". "off the hook", "off the chain" etc.

3. Ronnie Burks
"this was one of the most controversial videos because no one thinks that GOD's music can get us crunk... don't get me wrong I love gospel oldies but the bible says suffer the children unto him... so we young folks need the hype... the crunk... the joy of believing that GOD understands us"
In the context of this comment "crunk" means "full of energy, excited (hyped).

FireMadeFlesh II
"I can't believe there's not a higher quality upload of this--even in a 4:3 aspect ratio (at least). The song & video were HUGE in 1997." 

5.Joseph Archibong
"I heared this on Sunday can't stop singing it "

6. Reply
Crystal Covington [2016]
"+Joseph Archibong Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy man what's up man this song use to be the song back in the day, it still is. Man I listen to this song 10 times back to back. " Makes me clap my hands, makes want to dance stop". I heard this song at church too but a long time ago. "STOMP"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

7. blackgirl86
"This song always reminds me of 5th grade back in 1996-1997. Everyone was singing this (well all the black people)."

8. Linda R.
"I need this song right now, with all I've been going through. You can't take my Joy devil!"

9. Henrie Storm
"Okay...for those who say this isn't Gospel Music and all...fine that's YOUR opinion. Keep need to change it...let every person who listens to it decide for themselves what they think it is...and enjoy it however they want....but no matter what people say...Imma still love this song!!! STOMP!!"

10. Jasmine M.
"I was only 8 when this song came out but... MAN! Being in church when this song came out was LIT! My church played it before service started, & as soon as it was over."
"lit" = full of energy

11. lydia garwood
"there are different ways to worship God me this music reaches to all kinds of people thank u Kirk Franklin I love all ur music"

12. sylvia Washington
"when I first heard
this song, I was
dancing sending up
Praises, when I saw
the live performance I was
like, woa , is this church music? But
it was so powerful
and drew so many
young people to
God, and it was moving to me, I
knew Kirk was
taking gospel music to a new
level, and I could
feel the spirit. If
the Lord speaks
when you hear this
message, Kirk is
doing something
right.So To God Be
The Glory !!!"

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