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Kia's 2010 Hamster Commercial Featuring The Hip Hop Record "The Choice Is Yours" (video, information, & comments)

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The words "You Can Get With This. You Can Get With That" that are part of Hip Hip duo Black Sheep's 1991 record "The Choice Is Yours" popped in my mind today, the day before the state of New York's 2016 Presidential primary. And so I decided to publish not one pancocojams post but two posts that feature that record.

This is Part II of a two part series on Black Sheep's record "The Choice Is Yours". Part II showcases the 2010 Kia (automobile) commercial that features part of that record. Selected comments from a YouTube video's discussion thread are also included in this post.

Click for Part I of this series. Part I provides information about Black Sheep, a sound file of "The Choice Is Yours", partial song lyrics, and selected comments from about that YouTube sound file's discussion thread.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

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Thanks to Black Sheep for their musical legacy and thanks to the producers of this featured iconic Kia ad. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publisher of this sound file on YouTube.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: 2010 Kia Soul Hamster Commercial | Black Sheep Kia Hamsters Video

KiaAustralia, Published on Jun 17, 2010

...Check out the latest Kia Hamster commercial for the 2010 Kia Soul featuring Black Sheep. You can get with this or you can get with that. This is the ride. This is the worldwide debut music video of the Kia Hamsters singing Black Sheep's, The Choice is Yours. This is the Kia Soul. A new way to roll.

These comments are presented in chronological order with the oldest comments by year given first. However the comments aren't necessarily in chronological order. I've assigned numbers to these comments for referencing purposes only. These comments are given without any additional information/explanation.

Most of these selected comments were impressed with Kia's hamster commercial that sampled Black Sheep's "The Choice Is Yours" record. However, other comments took exception to Hip Hop loving people from urban communities (i.e. Black people) being depicted as hamsters.

In addition to comments about the commercial itself, I'm particularly interested in documenting comments from that video's discussion thread which include examples of African American Vernacular English. However, additional vernacular terms may be found in that discussion thread that aren't included in this compilation.

1. gpfuiava
"SONG: Black sheep- the choice is yours"

2. Phillip Hughes
"the coolest car rap commercial ever"

3. ralpherious
"its synchronized so well."

4. Angel Morales

5. Greg Little
"This is the greatest commercial I have ever seen. It features the product, disses the competition and meshes perfectly with the lyrics. Somebody put a lot of love into this."

6. Shanelle Johnson
"Those hamsters are so dope. ;)
The word "dope" in this comment is an African American originated vernacular term that means "very good", "very cool"

7. xoallieox07
"Gangsta rappin hamsters, never thought id see the day."

8. Marla Bullard
"The absolute best commercial! I love it! In fact, I love it so much we went out and bought a Kia Soul this month. "

9. Jodiray012
"This commercial is clearly displaying blacks as animals, look at the setting, the clothing, the song type, and the urban area. Thats why I never liked this commercial and there is nothing cool about it. Think about it"

10. Latrisha Mcvey
"I don't know I'm black and I never thought that. They actually Remind me of the Beasty boys in this commercial and they are white.... I just think its more so referring to hip hop and hip hop its an open genre its not just for black people... well not anymore."

11. Marla Bullard
"offensive is the word you are attempting to use."

12. ZexMerquise
"Kia's marketing is so freaking awesome"

13. brittnaayyyful3
"this is why i had to have this car"

14. René Descartes
"I bought this car for that reason."

15. MsMedford
"Thugged out hamsters. Love it!"

16. AnimationFanti
"Singing/Rapping/Dancing hamsters is the best marketing idea EVER! Especially since nobody likes car commercials, this just breathes new life into it."

17. carsrocks2012
"0:06 bro hug!!LOLZ"

18. Dani G
"Dude I am in love with this!!! LOL"

19. Dani G
"I drive a Cardboard box. SWAG."

20. Johnnysynth
"Why does the drummer make me think of ?love of The Roots?"

21. TheZeroinsane
"This is probably my favorite commercial, I love the questlove drummer...the whole thing."

22. Perry Smith
"This is the BEST HAMSTER COMMERCIALAs far as I am concerned they will NEVER be able to duplicate the success of this spot"

23. TheZeroinsane
"Yup that's the new saying in the hood. "Hamster life" instead of thug life? I would be like peace out son, hamster life!"

24. nguyen danny
"thug life is out of date that my grandpa still has his tattoo "thug life" on his back"

25. MsEbony2323
"The "bro hug" at the beginning and the green track suit. This is priceless!"

26. Harold Missamore
"between the home boys here and the Timberlake imitation getting out of the car for 2014, these guys in front and behind camera deserve all the good stuff pouring down on them. As does KIA for the whole deal."

27. David Ettinger
"4 years later and this advert. is still the best! Great animation, & editing, combines humor with hip cultural references, and it perfectly mixes in a kick-ass tune."

28. Plast Invat
"dope beat. lol"

29. Adrian Ghandtchi
"If urban ethnicities are represented by hamsters,
What animallic rodent is Caucasian?"

30. shirley freeman [2016]
"+Adrian Ghandtchi Porcupine"

31. seattlesharksfan
"One of the best strokes of genius in advertising in quite some time."

32. HeavyMetalThunder
"Hella weird for a car commercial but it still makes me laugh every time I see it. And admittedly it makes me like Kia a bit better."

33. Kyron
"I wonder who is this commercial targeted towards? it sure has alot of subliminal messages in it but I luv that hip hop music"

34. youcant seeme1 year ago
looks like KIA wants to sale the kia "SOUL" to blacks...and they used rats..smh....they are targeting hood rats.

John Guillen
35. "One of the best commercials ever. I love that old school and the way the hamsters move. It's funny and cool."

This concludes Part II of this series.

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