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Kathy Taylor - The Corinthian Song (Gospel video, lyrics, and commetns)

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This post showcases Gospel singer Kathy Taylor singing "The Corinthian Song".

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Thanks to V. Michael McKay, the composer of this song and thanks to Kathy Taylor for her musical legacy. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publisher of this post on YouTube.

(composer: V.Michael McKay)

I am troubled, yet not distressed.
Perplexed, but not in despair.
Cause I'm a vessel full of power,
With a treasure, none can compare.

Persecuted, but not forsaken.
Cast down, but not destroyed.
I'm a vessel full of power
With a treasure, from the Lord.

I'm a vessel full of power
With a treasure from the Lord.

So thank you father for your power
It has resurrected me.
Oh, the painful circumstances
That my poor soul could not flee.

Bruised and battered but not broken
Brought my sin back, From sin I am free
Cause I am a vessel, got a whole lot of power
With a treasure, delivered me.

Thank you father
For your power, it has resurrected me.
Oh, the painful cirmcumstances
That my poor soul could not flee.
Oh, oh, oh, oh,

[Lead 1:]
I'm the vessel full of power
With a treasure from the Lord

I'm the vessel full of power
With a treasure from the lord [x3]

I'm a vessel, you're a vessel full of power
You've got power from the Lord.
I'm a vessel full of power
Treasure from the Lord

I'm a vessel, full of power with a treasure from the Lord.


Kathy Taylor - A Must See!! [The Corinthian Song]

The Best In Gospel Video's, Uploaded on Jun 6, 2009
Selected comments from this video's discussion thread:
"Sing Kathy! This woman is def annointed! Thanks for posting this : )"
"def" = definitely

"anointed" - filled with the Holy Spirit
"MY MY MY MY MY MY MY MY...that's all I can say!! The Holy Spirit is in her!!"

"SANG KATHY!!! Hey hey
"Sang!" here has a present tense, African American vernacular meaning "to keep on singing) sing very well", especially "to sing soulfully very well". It means the same thing as "Sing!", or "sang" might add even more intensity to that compliment. "Sangin" has the same meaning - to sing soulfully very well".

"Sang Kathy! This song blesses my spirit every time she sings it at church!

"She did this song at St. Stephen Baptist Church in Houston, Texas during a concert WITH NO MIC or MUSIC as a fill in while the sound people fixed her mic...OOOO MMMMM GGGGGG!!!!!...This song alone blessed the house beyond REPAIR...Thank u so much for adding this song....JUST FLAT FOOT SANGIN!!!!"

"I love the inflections she puts on the ends of her phrases. It almost has his old soul/ olden day kind of feel. It's beautiful."

"One of many selections that she sings written by the talented V.Michael McKay, who also writes for Yolanda Adams and Byron Cage , Bishop Paul Morton and so many more......"

"That was pure Oil of the LORD...."
"Oil of the Lord" = the Holy Spirit consecrating people (dedicating them to the service of God)

Gloria Smith
"Who is this, where is she. Only from God To God be the Glory."

"@gloria56aka Kathy Taylor at the COGIC Womens Convention a few years ago.
COGIC = Church Of God In Christ [denomination]

"the corinthians song. the first song she sannnnnnng. wow praise God for this woman..."

"Kathy Taylor is the minister of music for Windsor Village United Methodist Church in Houston, Tx."

"there are still some gospel singers who dont do it for show, kathy is anointed and shes real about what she does for the Lord, she from the old school gospel Lord i thank you for this vessel she is one of my inspirations take care her and give her strength to stay in you."

Nicole Sharper
"I heard this song on Bobby Jones this morning a she touched me!! I love it. This is true gospel. Some good ole fashion church!!"

This is pure oil!!!

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