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Young Paris - Kake' (information, video, lyrics, comments)

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This post provides information about the musical artist Young Paris and showcases his song "Kake'"

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"YOUNG PARIS, aka Milandou Badila, is parading into the industry like a breath of fresh air. Since he’s been chosen to perform at AFROPUNK Fest in Paris, he’s been getting a lot of coverage for his unique blend of formulated melodies that vacillate between rap and electronic dance music mix with traditional African drumbeats. Paris and his ten brothers and sisters are the progeny of Andre and Pamela Badila, world-renowned Congolese dancers, and together, they pay tribute to their heritage by donning traditional dress and body-paint, updated for modern impact. Father, Le Grand Elombe Badila, was co-founder of the first National Ballet of the Congo, which brought peace to many villages and united them in dance. This unity played an important role in Congo’s independence in the 1960’s. Mother, Pamela Badila, Dancer Emeritus with “Les Grands ballets d’Afrique Noirs”, joined his father’s company in Paris after touring with world famous ‘Rose Marie Guiraud’.

Young Paris first got discovered after being chosen by Arcade Fire’s team to perform at their annual KANPÉ event. YP has since been featured heavily by ‘AFROPUNK’, known internationally as Brooklyn’s weekend-long blowout music festival and celebration of the diaspora of black music and culture. He’s been displayed heavily in their campaign throughout Europe and more recently a primary face of their annual Music Fest in Brooklyn. Since his release of ‘The Haus’ featured on their website, YP has been invited to play Afropunk Paris, NY, and the up-coming Atlanta show, stealing headlines as he spreads his intoxicating image and sound.

...“Young Paris is probably the truest embodiment of Afropunk as a concept” - Village Voice

...“Young Paris is becoming one of today’s leading pioneers in the “Afro Punk” movement combining his African swing on electronic music. - Paper Magazine

YP is now an Artistic Director, Music Producer and Song Writer who has been featured in TEDx, worked with Grammy award winning producers and musicians from all over the world."...
I added italics to this sentence to highlight it. I think it's important to recognize that the way Young Paris and his family wear face paint isn't meant to exactly replicate when or the traditional way that face paint is worn among an ethnic group or ethnic groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo or in any other African nation.

"website : facebook

Young Paris, aka Milandou Badila, comes into the music industry like a breath of fresh air. His unique blend of electronic rap with African beats is catching everybody off guard. Raised by a Congolese Father and Afro/American Mother, YP genre bends his traditional African background with a swing on contemporary music perfected through ought his upbringing in NY.

Milandou Badila and his 9 brothers and sisters come from a family of performing and visual artists. His father, Elombe Badila, was co-founder of the First National Ballet of the Congo, which brought peace to many villages and united them in dance. This unity played an important role in Congo's independence in the 1960's. His mother, Pamela Badila, Dancer Emeritus with "Les Grands ballets d' Afrique Noirs", joined his father's company in Paris after touring the Ivory coast with world famous 'Rose Marie Guiraud'.

Young Paris started writing songs when he was sixteen and first got discovered when Steve Durand (Melissa Auf der Maur), a Montreal-based producer, asked him to rap to his indie rock music... Young Paris has since polished his sound and is now introducing the world to a new genre – Rap Electronic with an African twist!."


youngparistv, Published on Aug 21, 2014

Directed by Young Paris & Zach Gross
Selected comments from this video’s discussion thread:
BAD ILA, 2015
"YES!!! Speak the Truth! AFRIKA UNITE!!!"

Linda White, 2015
"I love the political/civil rights truth aspect. Loved it . . . . except for the crouch grab. What was that for?"

Tara G, 2015
"Awesome song! I had first heard and seen artist Young Paris this past weekend May 23-24, 2015 at AfroPunk Paris. I really enjoy the music and I was dancing all night; and great lyrics in this song also! Thank you for posting. :)"

Zo mA, 2015
"Thanks for this amazing piece of art !!! Glad to see that still some people express, teach and are engaged in their lyrics ! Keep going!!!!!!!!!!

Mariama Barrie, 2015
"I have always wanted to see african traditional mask in a modern video portrayed as it should be . This is just on point . loved it..."

"For all you guys asking the lyrics to KAKÉ here you are..
The Revolution of information is happening now, keep sharing that knowledge. Ashe

bump your occupation
bump your education
we say we want world peace but our dollar funds the raping
even out the rations
unify the nations
recreate the government or this world is about to face it
search what you’ve been missing
disobey the system
keep that dollar in your hand and dont trust no politition
recreate the Congo
dont buy no Monsanto
watch out for durango cause he come with that commando yah…


they call us the third world but these media are lying
how are we the third world we sit on gold and diamonds
put us on the t.v.
make us look so greedy
tell you take your dollar out and then give it to the needy
how are we the needy?
we got mangos on the tree tree
i got to the big bush if i want to take a pee pee
i still rep the difa
play it through the pipa
stop your foreign aid Africans must help Africa yah


Africans have to watch the culture
we’re surrounded by many vultures
once you make your dollar go double
you just stepped in a world of trouble
everybody wants to be cool
Africans weren’t cool in my school
maybe i can adjust the rules
if you trust to jump in this pool
young p got the motive
only young p can control it
I say young p so you know it
dont forget the name its still growing..
just want you give me your ears
this sh&t* you not supposed to hear
this love i learned from my peers
revolutionary right here, sakala!

*This word is fully spelled out in the lyrics

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