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Ricky Dillard - "Our Father, You Are Holy" (video & comments)

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This post showcases a video of Ricky Dillard & choir singing "Our Father, You Are Holy". Information about Ricky Dillard is included in this post.

This post also includes selected comments from this video's discussion thread, with a minimal number of explanatory editorial comments.

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Thanks to Ricky Dillard for his musical legacy. Thanks to all those who are featured in this example, thanks to all who are quoted in this post, and thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

"Gospel singer Ricky Dillard was born and raised in Chicago, where he inherited a love for gospel music from his mother and grandmother, and started singing in a church choir at an early age. Dillard soon began directing the youth choir in his church (starting at the age of five), and later the young adult choirs. It was around this time that Dillard came across two specific recordings that inspired him to pursue gospel singing even more zealously: James Cleveland and Aretha Franklin's "Amazing Grace" with the Southern California Community Choir, and one by the Institutional Radio Choir from Brooklyn, New York. Shortly thereafter, Dillard began drawing inspiration from other gospel performers as well, including Dr. Charles G. Hayes, Marvin Yancy, Thomas Whitfield, Pastor Albert James, and the Tribal Mass Choir. Dillard continued to direct choirs locally and was a member of the Thompson Community Singers.

In the early '90s, Dillard started issuing solo albums -- supported by his New Generation Ensemble, later shortened to New G -- that often merged gospel with dance music. These releases included 1991's Grammy-nominated Promise, 1993's A Holy Ghost Take-Over, 1995's Hallelujah, and 1996's Worked It Out. Starting with 2000's No Limit, Dillard's albums regularly peaked within the Top 10 of Billboard's gospel chart. Keep Living (2004) and Amazing (2014), the latter of which was also nominated for a Grammy, managed to make an impact on the Billboard 200 as well."

~ [written by] Greg Prato, Rovi


Our Father You are Holy

360MusicWorks, Uploaded on Jan 23, 2008

Ricky Dillard Music Video
Song lyrics:
Our Father, You are holy
We give You glory
And we bless Your name

(repeat and modulate as directed)

The selected comments from this video's discussion thread also given in relative chronological order except for replies. However, these comments may not be in consecutive order. I've assigned numbers to each group of comments for referencing purposes only.

In addition to showcasing this powerful song and its singers, I'm interested in documenting the use of African American Vernacular English in this praise and worship discussion thread- with special attention to the use of the word "sang". "Sang" is an African American Vernacular English present tense form of the verb "sing". "Sang" means "to sing very well, and in particular, to sing soulfully (very well). The AAVE word "sang" is usually used as an exhortation. Example: "Sang, girl!". It can also be used as a comment of great approval. Example: That choir SANG that song.

Often bloggers will capitalize the word "sang" to differentiate its intended meaning from the standard English past tense of the verb "sing". And sometimes bloggers will add a number of letters to the word "sang" to show that they are referring to the person's vocal sings and not to when the person vocalized. (for example "saaaaang" or "sanggggg"). However, other times the word "sang" is written "as is", and readers who are unfamiliar with this African American Vernacular English word may think that the person mistakenly wrote the past tense of "sing" instead of the present tense of that verb.

1. mrush8199
"I love this song! A simple song with a powerful message!"

2. Bethany Pankey
"Great song! All the lead vocals were excellent!"

3. Brittany Bradshaw
"This sing is great. Our father you are holy and thats why we give you glory!!! The second guy has a voice that will make you shout."
"Shout" = feel the Holy Ghost (feel the Spirit, go in; get happy, did the holy dance, got my praise on etc. )

4. keenthomas
"Whoa, I am was gone.......Ah Shambi ne riza!!!"
"I am...gone" = Read my explanatory comments for comment #3. The second part of this comment is an example of "speaking in tongues".

5. Blanche M Dykes
"Sang Elisha!! I knew you could sing but not like that!!! It's your time maam... out of your belly:-) shondo
love and peace, bmd"
The word "shondo" is an example of speaking in tongues.

6. Jullian Leggs
"ELISHA IS MY FAVORITE SINGER with Ricky Omg she's on my top 8 on myspace lol she jus is so sincere and you can feel her ministry .....but the two male singers are really good two the second one has a range out of this world!!

7. Devyn Bellamy
"mess around around and make me catch the holy ghost in my office..."

8. scane16
"simple songs like this always have a much bigger meaning i love simple songs like this when the words are just repeated it does something to my spiritual "man""

9. taytayboss
"Elisha SANG this song!!! She put her all into it."

10. Aryonna Lucas

11. lee glover
"Ricky Dillard is the father of flamboyant directing. i was under him for 2 years at ST James COGIC and i learned so much by just watching him and how he conducted rehearsal. He is truly an amzing talent and has been able to adjust with the times over the last 20 years. Even with the Tye Tribbets and Myron Butlers(who are fantastic) out there Ricky has maintained his stay at the top of the Game"

12. Ricky LaVaughn
"What makes this song special is that it's simple yet powerful. Sometimes it's in a few words that we give our greatest praise."

13. malealto11
"all 3 soloists and the choir did excellent and i love this song"

14. Samuel Robinson
"OMG! I never heard this song in my life until this past Sunday when our church choir sang it during our holy communion service. I wanted to throw the entire communion juice and bread at them. They tore it up. Now I listen to this video everyday since then."

15. Simone226
"Alllllllllllll right Sherron"

16. TravyBahamas
"Love it! Love It! We kill this song here in the Bahamas!"
"kill" = to do something very well

17. prepsquirrell
"glory to GOD!! i love singin this song with my choir! sheron (the second singer--idk if i spelled his name right) killed it!!! he'a frikkin beast!!!"
"Beast" is a complimentary reference for someone who is doing exceptionally well (a powerful person, a person who annihilates his or her competition, a person who is "killin it" or who "killed it".

18. malealto11
"elisha iz a mezzo soprano right! she tore it up"
In the context of singing, "tore it up" has the same meaning as "killed it".

19. gaptheeth
sang ANDRE!!!!!

20. Musik216
"I had to come back and say Ricky Dillard outdid himself on this one!!! The annointing is all on this cut!! yes sir!!!!!"

21. justjayinoc
"this is a cd u could listen to every song and love. i hink one of his best. espcially one more chance. sister SANG one that one."

22. Kierra Williams
"The second guy that sung can really, really saaangg!!"

23. 260born
"She came in BEASTIN at the end omg!!! And the 2nd dude beasted as well!! The first guy sang a nice solo 2!!!"
"beastin" -doing something exceptionally well- the verb form of the noun "beast"

24. Alma Wynne
"Leads in order of appearance are Andre Crittenden, Sheron Davis, and Elisha Harris."

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