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Charma Gal - "Chika Dance" (Botswana video, song summary, comments)

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This post showcases the video "Chika Dance" video by Batswana singer Charma Gal (Magdalene Lesolebe). English summaries of this song and other comments about this song also included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic purposes.

Thanks to Charma Gal for her musical legacy. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post, and thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube.


godwiin10. Uploaded on Apr 19, 2011

Here are selected comments from this video's discussion thread:
"I love your songs, you really motivate us in South Africa. We will like to see more of your videos. Please do not forget are our culture because is our roots Batswana. Continues to represent Batswana worldwide. We love you here in South Africa."

Kevin Shale, 2014
"The singer is Magdalene Lesolebe of Culture Spears (aka Charma Gal) from Botswana. Her favorite food is Dikgobe (Mixed Beans Porridge)."
Click for an interview with Magdalene Lesolebe.

Click for a pancocojams post on Culture Spears.

Vincent Nyangeri, 2015
"Kindly guys translate the song for us. It's really a good song --Kenya

Taz-on-the-loose yusef, 2015
"+Vincent Nyangeri the song is about people who leave families and relatives behind in villages and then never go back again as they spend their time dancing the chika dance, These people never even remember their next kin even during major festivals, now the singer is appealing to everyone to go home"

..."The song in a nut shell is condemning those who abandon their loved ones! She is promoting family, or community, unity and cohesion, representing it through various chika dance scenes - 'cheek to cheek' dance!"

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