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Eddy Kenzo - "Sitya Loss" (Ugandan video, lyrics, & comments)

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This pancocojams post showcases a video of Eddy Kenzo's hit 2014 Ugandan song "Sitya Loss". Lugandan lyrics with English translation of this song are also included in this post along with selected comments from this video's discussion thread.

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SHOWCASE VIDEO: Sitya Loss - Eddy Kenzo [Official Video] 2014

Eddy Kenzo Published on Mar 13, 2014
"Sitya" is a Luganda word that means "I'm not afraid"; "I don't fear"

"Loss" is an English word that means "losing something or someone , being deprived of something that (or someone who) you had or expected to have

To read an article about Eddy Kenzo and the song "Sitya Loss", click "Ugandan Video ‘Sitya Loss’ Goes Viral – Life is Precious but Short" by SAPeople - Apr 7, 2014.

(Eddy Kenzo)

Anko (slang meaning to play/do something again)
Enjole (means the "remains"/dead body of a king)
Anko, Anko (slang meaning to play/do something again)
Yelele, elelele oh Elelele, yelele oh Yaya,((Yelele is a joyful shout)

Leeka nzine(Please let me dance)...
nenzina mu mama(oh maama let me dance)
Obulamu bwakisela (Life is too short) Atte omuziki, zuri saana (yet Music is so good)
Leeka nzine(Please let me dance)...
nenzina mu mama(oh maama let me dance)
Obulamu bwakisela (Life is too short)
Atte omuziki, zuri saana (yet Music is so good)

Nze sitya loss(For me, i dont fear losses)
Sitya loss (i fear no Loss)
Nze sitya loss ndi boss(For me i dont fear Losses i am a boss)
Sitya loss (i dont fear Losses)
Dance dance…

Verse 1
Yefe abavubuka envumulo (envumulo)(We are the vibrant youth) (Vibrant)
Yefe abavubuka envumulo (We are the vibrant youth)
Akaleero kansonga (This song is for a reason)
nkakubye ndi mu-mood ya kigooma (done in the mood of the beat)
Sagala nyombo Kubanga eno sawa ya ndongo (I dont want any quarrels/fighting because its time to dance)
Mbagambye sagala nyombo Eno sawa ya kikiri (i have told you i dont want any fighting, this is time for party)
Wama sembera (Please come closer)
Bulamu bwasoba(life is messed up)
Jangu twetale (Come lets get busy )
Byansi bya kuleeka (Everything on this earth is to be left here)

(leka nzine.........) (let me dance....)
Chorus (nze sitya loss...) (i fear no loss)

Verse 2
Abange buno obulamu bumpi (My fellow people, this life is too shot)
Nze nkugambye, kale mundeke nange (I have told you, so please let me be) Bwenzijukilamu jjenvudde (When i remember how far i have come)
Nendowooza atte kubanaffe (and i think about my fellow brothers and sisters) batulekawo dada (They already left us)
Nebagenda e'Kaganga (And went to the grave)
Etali musaana (where there is no sun light)
Oh! Mama Ou la la (Its a pity! maama, Ou la la la)
Oh agaliba enjolee(what will soon be a corpse )
Oh agaliba enjolee (what will soon be a corpse)
Kati toobako nakyongamba (NOW dont tell me anything)
Jangu omuziki tugusambe (Come lets dance together)
Ngambye toobako nakyongamba (I have said, dont tell me anything)
Jangu eno twekyange (Come lets go crazy)
Ahh yelelelele (enjolee) Ahhyelelelelele… (Jubilant shout)

Bridge (leka nzine.....) (Let me dance)

Verse 3
Zinamu,(Please dance) zina (dance)
Zinamu awo,(Dance from right there) zina (Dance)
Zinamu,(Please dance) zina (dance)
Zinamu awo,(Dance from right there) zina (Dance)
Yelelele Elelele oh Yelelele Yelelele oh ("Yelele" joyful shout)
Anko (slang meaning to play a song or do some thing again)X6
Nze tomaala (dont distub me)
Ah tonewa (dont interrupt me)
Ndeka tomaala (please dont disturb me)
gundi tonesipata (my friend dont embarrass me)

Bridge (leka nzine......) (...let me dance)

Chorus (nze sitya loss) (i fear no loss)

Outro Enjolee. Big Talent enjolee, Yee f'abavubuka evumulo(We are the vibrant youth) Kampala Boys Yee f’abavubuka evumulo Eno beat yabawa(This beat is to please you)
*This transcription was posted by Est mus in July 2014 in the discussion thread of the video that is embedded in this post. Lugandan transcriptions of those lyrics and, I believe also a transcription in Swahili, are also found in that discussion thread. The transcriptions in English that was provided by Ronald Luwenda agrees with the lyrics posted by Est mus.

Here's another explanation for the meaning of this song (from the discussion thread for the video given above):
Assad Mugenyi, 2014
"...maybe this brief will help... Sitya is Luganda (one of the Ugandan dialects/languages) for I don't fear/I am not afraid... Loss is well Loss. so Sitya Loss = I am not afraid of any Loss (es).. In the song he says he had a difficult childhood, struggling on the streets to survive & as such he is no longer afraid of anything the world throws at him.. That is basically the long & shot of the song... Hope its clearer now.."

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  1. Thank you so much for translating this music . I am from Ethiopia and did not know the meaning of my favorite music of all the time, Sitya Loss. Jerri Y.

    1. You're welcome, Victory.

      I'm glad that I found that translation. While we can love how a song sounds, it adds to our appreciation of the song when we know what the words mean.

      Best wishes!

  2. Thank you so much for the translation. This was the best and my spouse from UG said it was on on point.

    1. Hello, Anonymous. I appreciate your comment. I'm glad that video's discussion thread included information about what this song means.

      By the way, it took me a couple of minutes to figure out that "UG" means "Uganda". :o)

      One love!

    2. Thanks for the translation, I so much love the song

    3. Hello, Anonymous May 15, 2024. You're welcome. I'm glad that the discussion thread for this video included the words to this song in different languages. I wish that discussion threads for other songs in African languages included a translation in English or French or some other language that a lot of people throughout the world speak.

      I also love this song. Best wishes to you.

  3. Wow. Keep up the good work. Understanding these lyrics years later has made me love the song even more.

  4. Thanks so much for the translation, am from Zambia and I really love this song. It touches my soul but didn't know the meaning thanks a lot.

    1. Greetings, Unknown April 24, 2019.

      You're welcome- although I just quoted what I found in that video's discussion thread.

      I'm always grateful for people sharing the lyrics to songs and their translations in English or in another language such as Spanish or French that many people online know.

      Best wishes!