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South African Gospel Singer Sechaba Padi - "Thapelo" (Sotho & English lyrics & comments)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases an example of Sechaba Padi singing the South African (Sotho-Tswana) Gospel song "Thapelo". The English translation of the Sotho word "Thapelo" is "Prayer". Information about the Sotho-Tswana people is also included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for religious, cultural, and aesthetic purposes.

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Thanks to the composer of this song and thanks to Sechaba Padi. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publishers of these examples on YouTube.

"The Sotho-Tswana peoples are one of the Bantu-speaking peoples who settled in Southern Africa. In addition to the Batswana or 'Western Sotho', the Sotho-Tswana group includes the Basotho of Lesotho and the Free State, to whom the term 'Sotho' has come to be more specifically and almost exclusively applied. This group is sometimes referred to as the 'Southern Sotho'. A third group comprises the Northern Sotho who at times have been incorrectly referred to as the Bapedi. These different groups together may be more conveniently described as 'Sotho-Tswana'....

The traditions of the Sotho-Tswana people point to a northern origin, and indicate that their southward movement was part of the great migrations of the Bantu-speaking iron-age peoples...

Under European influence, most Sotho-Tswana people adopted Christianity. Lesotho is predominantly Catholic, a result of King Moshoeshoe's decision to invite French missionary organisations into his kingdom, as part of his diplomatic manoeuvres to prevent any single European entity from dominating the area, which he realised would be disastrous for the Basotho people (later developments in neighbouring South Africa a century later proved how astute he had been). Most Batswana and northern Sotho belong to some Protestant denomination.

Contemporary Sotho-Tswana society is adapting to a rapidly urbanising population and culture. In rural areas, traditional culture remains an important force in daily life. In the region's urban areas, which are cosmopolitan, multi-racial and multi-cultural, western cultural norms are predominant.

Regions with significant populations [of Sotho-Tswana]
Lesotho (2,067,000), Botswana (1,750,000), South Africa (11,500,000), Zimbabwe (10,000), Namibia

SHOWCASE EXAMPLE Sechaba - "Thapelo"

metlhalengb Uploaded on Apr 8, 2009

Sechaba Thapelo joyous

Aretha Maatla, 2009
in reply to andiswaaa [asking what words to the song meant]
"it simply means that the Lord knows what we want,he knows our prayers,our prayers will transcend up to Him in the heavens,we should glorify him at all times...My mother loves this song,I miss her so much..."

kwasiok, 2010
"Oh nice, I have finally got the meaning of the song. As a Ghanaian, did not know what was being sung, but my spirits were lifted anytime I listened to it. Oh yes Our father knows our problems and he WILL in his own time answer our prayers. He will never fail us. 1:Cor.10:13."

time2sk8t, 2010
"The blood of Mosotho Son. So proud to be mosotho and listening to my son's voice. what a blessed day!!!!!!!!"

praise123100, 2010
"Can someoe translate this song to english for me please l love the song but do not know or understand the words or meaning of the song but one thing is for sure it blesses me big time"

mydumela, 2010
in reply to praise123100
God knows our problems,
God knows what we need.
Our prayers will rise up to Heaven,
will rise up in Heaven to the Lord.
we'll sing Hosanna,
Hosanna up above,
up above to the Lord.
Our Prayers will rise up to Heaven to our Father.
All of us will sing Hosanna,
Hosanna to the Lord.
I reformatted this comment for this post.

praise123100, 2010
"Thank you so much for the translation, the song now bears more meaning to me and its got depth of meaning thank you again @ mydumela"

Fiona Ndlovu, 2011
God is great ,
all the glory be to Him,
God knows our problems and our sufferings ,
let us give God a chance ,
God has done so many wonderful things for me,
i am the witness that God is great
and i am obliged to spread His greatness around the whole world,
God is great ,
i do not even know where to start when i think about God 's greatness
I reformatted this comment for this post.

Matlala Southinah, 2011
"Morena waka hallelujah to Lord Jesus Christ, Alfa and Omega, King of kings"

English definition of the Twana word "morena":
morĂȘna (plural barena)
1.lord, chief, master, King
In the context of this Gospel song, "Morena" means God or Jesus (Lord, Master, King)

Bontle Pheladi, 2011
"Morena o tseba mathata a rona...reta morena wena moya waka.Glory to God..Luv u ma MASTER."

Thulisile Radebe, 2012
"morena o tseba mathata a rona,oh God you are great........."

Pastor Mkhumbane, 2012
"Ho le jwale Morena u na li matla ke yena o mpa phomolo nna ke tla rapela thapelo etla nyolohella ho yena Dankie Sechaba ku nngopotsa ka thapelo"

Thulisile Radebe, 2012
"morena o tseba mathata a rona,oh God you are great.".......

Lebohang Masiteng, 2012
"Morena o tseba mathata a rona, Morena o tseba le seo re se hlokang...
God has plans for our lives, and whatever befalls us is not meant to harm us but
to take us to a new level of spirituality...
God loves us all!"

Malebogo Nkipa, 2015
"Powerful song.our prayers shall make us conquerors"

Khomotso Mogopa, 2015
"Thapelo means prayer"

sally ngebulana , 2015
"I'm south african my brother. i share your sentiments,same with me since I heard the song,and i dont really get/understand what each phrase mean but my spirit interpretes it all. very anointed song. bless Sechabe Yawhe."

"it says God knows our problem and needs...our prayers wil rise up high to Him"

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