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Seven Videos Of Zambian Singer/Musician Mathew Tembo

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This post showcases seven videos of Zambian singer/musician Mathew Tembo and his bands. Information about Matthew Tembo is also included in this post.

The content of this post is provided for cultural, entertainment, and aesthetic reasons.

All copyright remains with their owners.

Thanks to Mathew Tembo and all other musicians who are featured in these videos. Thanks also to the producers of these videos and their publishers on YouTube and thanks to all those who are quoted in this post.

Mathew Tembo is an award-winning Afro-Pop musician hailing from Zambia in Southern Africa. He is an important ambassador of Zambian music culture both in Zambia where he is from and abroad.

Tembo has toured and recorded all over the world. While touring in Europe, he produced hits including “Nelar” and “Kumalya Ndimu”, both from his second album “Save My Soul” a reggae album which was recorded in the Netherlands in 2001. He was awarded best Afro-fusion for the song “Nandunge” from the album, “Anthem”, his first album to feature Zambian traditional instruments, at the 2008 Born and Bred Awards in Zambia.

Originally a reggae singer only, he began playing Afro-Pop when he had an eye-opening experience while touring Europe in 2004. When he was doing a presentation about the music he played then at the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the professors from the conservatory asked him why he played reggae and not African music when he was from Africa. From that experience, a whole new world of musical possibilities came to life for him. On return home that same year, he began a self-taught exploration of traditional Zambian/African instruments such as the silimba (a home made marimba), which he made himself, kalimba (mbira/thumb piano), and kalumbu (a one-stringed instrument). Incorporating the use of these instruments into his original compositions, Mathew sings mostly in Chinsenga (language of Nsenga people) and Chichewa (music of the Chewa people) and weaves syncopation, repetition, polyrhythm and call-and-response into his music creating an enjoyable yet powerful style he calls Chachacha (redemption songs)."...
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These examples are presented in chronological order based on their posting date on YouTube with the oldest dated examples given first.

Example #1: Mathew Tembo Marimba

Mathew Tembo, Uploaded on Jul 22, 2007

Rehearsal at home
Here's a comment from Mathew Tembo regarding the name of the musical instrument he is playing:
Mathew Tembo, 2011
"It is called a silimba actually. From the Western part of Zambia."

Example #2: Mathew Tembo - Nandunge

urbansedated Uploaded on Nov 11, 2008

Mathew Tembo & The Dark Black - Nandunge

From the new album 'Anthem' - available from
According to the Amazon page for this record, "Nandunge" means "They Are Liars". This song is credited to Mathew Tembo And The Dark Black featuring Chileswe And Cactus.

Example #3: Mathew Tembo - Ndatopa Nazo

UCmediaproducties Uploaded on Jan 25, 2009

Zambian musician Mathew Tembo with the song 'Ndatopa Nazo' from his latest album 'Anthem'.
According to the Amazon page for this record,, "Ndatopa Nazo" means "I'm Tired". This song is credited to Mathew Tembo And The Dark Black featuring Chileswe And Cactus

Example #4: "Dadi" by Mathew Tembo

Holly Hickling Uploaded on May 23, 2011

Music Video released in Zambia in 2010
Here's a comment that explains the story behind this song:
Holly Hickling, 2011
"This song is about a girl from a village whose parents die and she goes to stay in the big city with her Aunt and Uncle, her new "Mami" and "Dadi" with the promises that they'll take her to school. But the Uncle starts abusing her. The chorus is the little girl telling "Dadi" that when "Mami" comes home, she's going to tell her that he has been touching her."

Example #5: Mathew Tembo-Nela

Mathew Tembo Published on May 18, 2013

This "Nela" version features Zambian traditional instruments: Kalimba and Kalumbu
In 2013 Mathew Tembo posted these lyrics for "Nela" in the discussion thread for this video [I reformatted the lyrics for this post.]

I know you wont believe anything about what I am saying.
I know I am the one to blame for all this pain
I did not know what it was to love somebody
I did not know that it hurt you so.
I was far away from home when you needed a shoulder to cry on
I went looking for our lives, yours and mine
True, true, true, there was no communication.
And so you thought it was infatuation
Am I a victim of circumstance? no, no
Please forgive me, nela
I reformatted this comment for this post.
Click for a 2007 video of Mathew Tembo singing this song. That video's title is "Nellar". "Nela" is a female name.

Example #6: Mathew Tembo : Selofoni , released in 2011

Mathew Tembo, Published on Apr 15, 2014

This song is about how easy it has become to tell lies on the phone. From Mathew's current CD "Dadi".
Selofoni = "cellphone"

Example #7: Mathew Tembo Kumalya Ndimu avi

Mathew Tembo Published on Apr 14, 2014

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