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Artists United For Peace In Niger - "Our Niger" (video)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases the video "Our Niger", a song performed by united artist from that West African nation. Selected comments from this video's viewer comment thread are also included in this post and information about Niger is included in the Addendum to this post.

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Thanks to all those who are featured in this video. Thanks also to Aboubacar Magagi, the producer of this project, and thanks to the publisher of this video on YouTube.

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Artistes unis pour la paix au Niger "Nous, Niger" [Artis United For Peace In Niger "Our Niger"


Aboubacar Goube, Published on Jan 23, 2015

Cette chanson est un hymne à la paix et à l'unité. À l'initiative de Aboubacar Magagi, de jeunes artistes ont prêté leurs voix pour dire plus jamais de violences inter communautaires au NIGER.
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"This song is a hymn to peace and unity. At the initiative of Aboubacar Magagi, young artists lent their voices to say never inter-community violence in NIGER.

Here are five selected comments from that video's viewer comment thread
[Comments #1 - #4 are translated from French to English by the YouTube translate function.]

1. zizolibob
"Really good job, I hope this will be a diffuse everywhere.
Peace above all, God bless the NIGER !!!

Sisi it would be nice to give the names of the artists."

2. Aboubacar Goube
"Thank you for your message of support, we will soon be a slide show with the lyrics of the song and artist names on this his
The link that was posted in the next comment is to a facebook page. Unfortunately, that link is broken at this time. Periodically, I'll check back to that link and to this video and add more information about this song and the artists if it becomes available.

3. Lépinay Jacques
"Bravo, my Nigerian friends. What balm on my heart to hear words of peace so interpreted. I lived several years in Niger and have left many friends there. I can not wait to go back and find them in this beautiful country. Niger, keep peace between you, you are so beautiful. Baraka"

4. Ana Castillo
"Congratulations on this great initiative that deserves a lot of outreach and support!"

Bassim Brah, 2015
"Yes i my Niger, one love"

"Niger ...officially the Republic of Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa, named after the Niger River. Niger covers a land area of almost 1,270,000 km2, making it the largest nation in West Africa, with over 80 percent of its land area covered by the Sahara desert. The country's predominantly Islamic population of 17,138,707[8] is mostly clustered in the far south and west of the nation. The capital city is Niamey, located in the far-southwest corner of Niger...

Nigerien society reflects a diversity drawn from the long independent histories of its several ethnic groups and regions and their relatively short period living in a single state. Historically, what is now Niger has been on the fringes of several large states…
Several empires and kingdoms also flourished during this era up to the beginning of colonization in Africa....

The Songhai Empire (600–1591)
...From 1000 to 1325, The Songhai Empire prospered and managed to maintain peace with its neighboring empires including the Mali Empire. In 1325, the Songhai Empire was conquered by the Mali Empire, but was freed in 1335 by prince Ali Kolen and his brother, Songhai princes held captive by Moussa Kankan, the ruler of the Mali Empire.[13] From the mid-15th to the late 16th century, Songhai was one of the largest Islamic empires in history...

The Hausa kingdoms (mid-14th century – 1808)
Between the Niger River and the Lake Chad lay a fertile area and Hausa kingdoms. These kingdoms flourished from the mid-14th century up until the early 19th century when they were conquered by Usman dan Fodio, founder of the Sokoto Empire....

The Mali Empire was a Mandinka empire founded by Sundiata Keita around 1230 that existed up to 1600. At its peak around 1350, the empire extended as far west as Senegal and Guinee Conkary and as far east as western Niger....

Kanem-Bornu Empire
The Kanem-Bornu Empire was an empire that existed in modern day Chad, Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger and Libya. The empire first existed and prospered as the Kanem Empire as early as the 9th century and later as the kingdom of Bornu until 1900...

French Niger (1900–1958)...
In the 19th century, contact with Europe began when the first European explorers— notably Monteil (French) and Barth (German) for Niger. Following the 1885 Berlin conference during which colonial powers outlined the division of Africa into colonial spheres, French military efforts to conquer existing African states were intensified in all French colonies including Niger...

Independence (1958)
...On 18 December 1958, the Republic of Niger was officially created with Diori Hamani as the head of the Counsel of Ministers of the Republic of Niger. In 11 July 1960, Niger decided to leave the French Community and acquired full independence on 3 August 1960 with Diori Hamani as its first president...

Ethnic groups
Niger has a wide variety of ethnic groups as in most West African countries. The ethnic makeup of Niger is as follow: Hausa (53.0%), Zarma-Sonrai (21.2%), Tuareg (10.4%), Fula (French: Peuls or Peulhs; Fula: Fulɓe) (9.9%), Kanuri Manga (4.4%), Tubu (0.4%), Arab (0.3%), Gourmantche (0.3%), other (0.2%)....

Languages of Niger
French, inherited from the colonial period, is the official language. It is spoken mainly as a second language by people who have received a formal western education and serves as the administrative language. Niger has eight main indigenous languages which are also classified as "national languages"...Each is spoken as a first language primarily by the ethnic group with which it is associated.[48][49] Hausa and Zarma-Sonrai, the two most spoken languages, are widely spoken throughout the country as first or second languages."...

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