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Benjamin Dube - Ketshepile Wena (South African Gospel) with lyrics

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This post showcases a video example of and song lyrics for the South African Gospel song "Ketshepile Wena".

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SHOWCASE VIDEO: Benjamin Dube - Ketshepile Wena

Spirittunez, Uploaded on Dec 6, 2010

The legendary Benjamin Dube performs at the latest 'Spirit Of Praise' event.

Ketshepile Wena, Ketshepile Wena (I trust in you, I trust in you)
Ketshepile Wena, wena fela (I trust in you, you God)
Gareng ga matlhomola,gareng ga ditsietsi, (In the midst of problems,in the midst of troubles) Ketshepile Wena, wena fela (I trust in you, you God)

(Second part sung in Sotho) Sawulahlela Ekhalvari, Umthwalo wezono zami (It was washed away in Calvary, the weight of my sins)
Wanyamalala, Wanyamalala, umthwalo wezono zami (It is gone, it is gone, the weight of my sins)

Source: comment by giawilli, 2014 on [video found above]

First part in Sotho:
Ketshepile wena= I trust in you
Second part in Zulu:
Wanyamalala umthwalo wezono zami= The luggage of my sins disapeared.
Sawulahlela eCalvary= Thrown to Calvary

Source: comment by Lulamile Nyamazana, 2014 on [video found above]

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