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"Work It" (Virginia State University Cheer) & Other Examples Of Encouragement & Appreciation Phrases

Edited by Azizi Powell

[Revised June 28, 2017]

This post showcases two examples of Virginia State University's "Work It" cheer as performed by the Woo Woos, VSU's cheerleaders.

This post also includes an explanation of what "Work it" means and examples of other similar interjections that have their source in African American Vernacular English.

A bonus video of ao of a video of the VSU Trojan Explosion marching band are also included in this post.

The content of this post is presented for cultural and entertainment purpose.

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Thanks to past and present members of Viriginia State University Woo Woo cheerleaders. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post, all those who are featured in these videos, and the publishers of these videos on YouTube.

"Work it!

[part of speech] interjection

[Meaning] a phrase of encouragement or a compliment to a person engaging in some activity. The activity that prompts a call of "Work it!" is usually physical, e.g. dancing, walking, etc.

Example: Work it, girl!"


[These interjections are presented in alphabetical order.]

Be owt!

Bring it!

Do it!

Get down!

Get hype!

Get it!

Go [person's first name or nickname]!

Go in!

Go off!

Let's go!

You betta work it!

You go, [girl]!
Encouragement/appreciation interjections addressed to singers
Sang! [present tense]

Sang it! [present tense]

Sing it!
What other encouragement and/or appreciation interjections can you think of?

Example #1: Virgina State University Woo Woos - "Work It"

Uploaded by GoTrojans on Sep 11, 2008

VSU vs. NSU Labor Day Classic August 30, 2008
Lyrics: Work It
(VSU Cheerleaders)

V-S-U let's work it
Ayeee yee yee
Work it
Aayyeee yee yee
Trojans [you] know how we do
Get out ya seats and work big blue
Ahhhhh work it
Ayeeee yee yee

- transcription by Azizi Powell; additions and corrections welcome.

"Trojans" is the name of VSU's football team.

When the cheerleaders complete this cheer, an excited member of the crowd can be heard spontaneously shouting "Woo Woo!"

A theory I've read is that the name "Woo Woo" is said to have been given to Virginia State University's cheerleading squad because that's the sound that men made when they saw the attractive cheerleaders.

Generally speaking, in the United States, along with "wolf whistles", sometimes still make the "woo woo" sound when they see an attractive young female approaching them. However, that type of attention is often not welcome.

Example #2: VSU Woo Woo's 2012

BlaWaiian2008's channel, Published on Sep 8, 2012

V-State Cheerleaders.

Here are some comments from that video's discussion threadz:



Diontey Michael
marcus simpson
"GO SHAY SHAY! we are proud of you!"
Sam Brown
"Remiiiiiiiix!!!! Love ladies"
"aww they changed it!"

Bonus Video: VSU Trojan Explosion march to Davis Hall for da Tunnel @ the end of Explosion Day 2013 Pt. 1

Harley Her Yeah Her, Published on Apr 28, 2013

via YouTube Capture
Here's a past tense [verb] use of the phrase "go off":

Deontre Wilkes, 2013
"Omg Baritones went off at 0:42 #AtomicTones!"

RELATED LINKS: Two records whose lyrics include the interjection "Work it!" RuPaul - Supermodel (Of The World)[1993]
"Missy Elliott - Work It" (HQ) [2002]

[This song and video may not be appropriate for children.]

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