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Five Congolese Religious Songs Entitled "Ngolu"

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases five religious songs from four vocalists from the Democratic Republic Of The Congo which have the title "Ngolu". In English That Lingala word translates as (God's) grace or (God's) mercy. Brief biographical information for three of the four vocalists is included in this post.

This is only a small sampling of Congolese songs with the title "Ngolu". There are also many Congolese songs wit the word "ngolu" in their title.

The content of this post is provided for religious, cultural, and aesthetic purposes.

All copyrights remain with their owners.

Thanks to the composer of this song and thanks to all the vocalists/musicians those who are featured in these examples. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post and thanks to the publishers of these examples on YouTube.

These videos are presented in no particular order. The two performances of this song by Mike Kalambay are presented together. When I've found it online, the biographical information about the vocalist is presented under that vocalist's video/s.

Example #1: NGOLU "Mike Kalambay WWW.CASARHEMA.FR

casarhema, Uploaded on Aug 24, 2008


davidbukera, Uploaded on Dec 17, 2010

Shekina Music & Mike KALAMBAY MEGA Celebration
"Biography of the artist: Mike Kalambay

Musique Ya Nzambe [in English: God's Music]
..."Mike was born on Monday April 21 at 8 am in a clinical Kinoise (ex) Danish in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC., "

[He is an} Artist musician, singer of the original Lord of the DRC. He is Founder and Chairman of Schekina Music Group he has led for four years.

He began his career beside Fr Thomas Lokofe with whom he made two albums (1.Nzambe na Eliya 2.I raise my eyes). This is where for the first time the audience has had to find out. Later it will be a passage in "The stars of Praise" a Christian group of his church "Bethel City" of the Apostle Emmanuel Mbiye Mulaya. He also had to intervene in various works of several Christian singers. And it was only later that the Lord will put his heart made of an album, "Jesus is my everything" his first album that many have loved and appreciated in which we find songs such as Eg-Ngolu - Lizimba - Sunga, Jesus my all, Kama-Alijionesha )...

This is the album that gave birth to Schekina Music, which is a well organized group, whose chief d'orchestre is Brother Micho Lukusa and is composed of over-the-least 10 brothers and three sisters whose Sr . Suzanne, Mathi and Sr. Janet."...

Example #3: ngolu (carlyto)

alexi2008 Uploaded on Jun 11, 2008

carlyto live

Carlyto = Carlito Lassa
Note: Carlito Lassa was a member of the renown Congolese Soukous Group "The Choc Stars".
"The Choc Stars are a soukous band from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The band was founded in 1983 by Ben Nyamabo, and has since published over 50 albums. The apex of their success was in the 1980s, when guitarist and vocalist Bozi Boziana wrote some of their most appreciated hits, such as Sandu Kotti, Alena, Mbuta-Mutu, and Retrouvailles a Paris.[1] When Boziana left to create his own ensemble, three singers were hired to replace him (Carlito Lassa, Dieka Debaba e Defao Matumona). Many other talented congolese musicians have joined the Choc Stars over the years"...
From the comments in this featured video, doesn't exclusively sing religious music.

Example #4: Ngolu

davidbukera , Uploaded on May 3, 2010

Gospel record SR. L'OR LEMBA MBONGO DANS Nsimbulu
English translation: Sister L'Or (Gold) Mbongo Lemba in [the album] Nsimbulu
Here's my brief summary of the biography given for this singer on this page
[The highly regarded religious singer] L'or Mongo Lemba was born in a poor neighborhood in Kinshasa. She was a step child and was badly treated in her childhood. Her husband is Christian Lemba, a composer and singer.
Note: The name "L'or" translates to English as "Gold".



Heaven Above Studios, Published on Oct 9, 2012

...NGOLU est une chanson tirer de l'album INTIMITE du fr Alain Bompeti
[translation from French to English: "Ngolu" is the title song from Brother Alain Bompeti's INTiMITE album.]
At this time, I've not been able to find any information on Brother Alain Bompeti.

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