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Joyous Celebration 15, featuring Ayanda Shange - Ushilo Njalo (video & lyrics)

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This is Part I of a two part series showcasing two songs by the South African Gospel Project Joyous Celebration featuring soloist Ayanda Shange. This post showcases a video of the song "Ushilo Njalo". Lyrics for this song are also included in this post.

Click for Part II of this series. That post showcases Joyous Celebration 17 featuring Ayanda Shange -"Jerusalema".

Information about Joyous Celebration is also included in this post.

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"The Joyous Concept has always been enigmatic to a lot of people because of its format. We have been referred to as a Gospel Choir. We prefer to be referred as a Gospel Project, because the crew changes every two years."

[Information from Joyous Celebration 4]

"Upliftment – inspiration – spiritual healing – comfort, all culminating in making a joyful noise about God’s love – this is essentially what Joyous Celebration is all about. The gospel project, now in its fifth year, has it’s genesis in the first democratic elections held in South Africa. Jabu Hlongwane, Mthunzi Namba and Lindelani Mkhize, all musicians and producers in their own right, inspired by the peaceful transition to democracy, decided to put together a musical tribute to God, thanking him for an essentially bloodless transition to freedom in South Africa.

The result was the Joyous Celebration concept – a gathering of musicians from diverse musical backgrounds and genres, coming together in song to give thanks for the New South Africa. Since then, Joyous Celebration has grown from strength to strength, incorporating musical greats such as Sibongile Khumalo, Sharon Dee, Vuyo Mokoena, Ntokozo Masinga, Margaret Motsage, Vicky Vilakazi and Benjamin Dube over the years. No[t] content with only using ‘established’ names, however, Mthunzi, Jabu and Lindelani have been tireless in their dedication to unearthing new talent. Every year, they audition unknown vocalists, thereby ensuring that each year, at least half of the singers are new members."

SHOWCASE VIDEO: Joyous Celebration 15 (Ayanda) - Ushilo Njalo

MrPolobaz, Published on May 15, 2012

Short version..... but nevertheles be blessed
Here are the lyrics to this song posted by 101wonda on that video's viewer comment thread:

Chorus: O ushilo njalo [He said so], Wath' uzongihlenga [That He will keep me]

Aw' ntsuku zonke [All days] O Mihla namalanga [Everyday] Yen' uyangigcina [He keeps me] Yen' uyangilonda [He keeps me] O emini nasebu suku [Day and night] Ngaso sonk' isikhathi [All the time] Hey uhlal' enami njalo [He's always with me] Indlela yam uyay' khanyisa [Brightens my way]

Hey wakhuthaz' umoya wami [You revive my spirit]

Weh ngonyama [You lion]

Here are the Zulu lyrics to this song that were posted on Joyous Celebration's Facebook page on April 6, 2012 at 4:26pm · ..

Ushilo njalo
Ushilo njalo
Ushilo njalo
Wathi yen' uzongihlenga
Ushilo njalo
Ushilo njalo
Ushilo njalo
Wath' uzongilonda

Aw' ntsuku zonke
Mihla namalanga
Wen' uyangigcina
Wen' uyangilonda
Emini naseb' suku
Ngaso sonk' isikhathi
Uhla' unami njalo
Indlela yam uyay' khanyisa
Ushilo ushilo


Wakhuthaz' umoya wami wengonyama
Wena wangigcina, wena wangilonda
Emini nasebusuku, hay' ngaso sonk' isikhathi
Uhlal' unami njalo, endleleni yami khosi
Ushilo njalo

hewu helele hahahahayi
ngitshel' abantu namhlanj' ebusuku
yaz' uthin' uJesu? Athi yen' uzongigcina
HiHiHi haaaaa
Hay' bo, lalela, lalela weh!
Nguyena, nguyena, oh Nkosi
Themba lami Jesu
Woza wena, woza woza, shilo shilo


Thanks to Joyous Celebration 15 and Ayanda Shange for their musical legacy. Thanks also to to the publisher of this video on YouTube, and thanks to those who posted the lyrics to this song. .

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