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Two Examples Of The Spiritual "Anyhow" (by Emmanuel P. Djob & Choir & by the Swan Silvertones)

Edited by Azizi Powell

This is Part II of a two part series on the African American Spiritual "Anyhow My Lord" (also known as "Anyhow" and "I'm Goin Up To Heaven Anyhow").

This post showcases two examples of "Anyhow" and my transcription of the Swan Silvertone version of that Spiritual.

Click for Part I of this series. Part I of this series an example of this Spiritual as sung by Rev. Timothy Flemming and a text example of this Spiritual that I learned in the 1950s.

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Note: "Anyhow" ("Anyhow My Lord") isn't the same song as the Gospel song "Hallelujah Anyhow". Click for a pancocojams post about that Gospel song.

(These examples are presented in chronological order with the oldest example given first.)

Example #1: anyhow

jparesp, Uploaded on Dec 2, 2009

Treball de la masterclass de gospel celebrada a Tarragona el 28 de novembre de 2009 a cĂ rrec de Emmanuel P. Djob
I think this language is Catalan. The Google Translate to English of that sentence is “Work of the gospel masterclass held in Tarragona on 28 November 2009 by Emmanuel P. Djob”
The lyrics to this version are the same as or very similar to style #1 that was sung by Rev. Timothy Flemming. That video & my transcription can be found in the first post of this series.

Swan Silvertones - Anyhow Lord (1965)

Gospel Explosion, Published on Jul 12, 2013

Swan Silvertones Album "I Found The Answer" ©1965 Peacock / Vee-Jay Records
(as sung by the Swan Silvertones)

Ooh, anyhow
Anyhow my Lord
down on the cross
Every knee gotta bow
And I’m on my way to Heaven

You may ‘buke me
You may scorn me
You may scandalize my name
Oh, but at the cross
we gotta bow
I’m on my way to heaven anyhow

Some body’s got a mother
And somebody has a father
They’ve gone on before
I know you promised them
You told them gonna meet them
That’s what let me know I’m on my way to heaven anyhow.

Thanks to the unknow composer/s of this African American Spirituals. Thanks also to the choirs that are featured in this post and thanks to the publishers of these examples on YouTube.

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