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"Jazzman" In The "Round Springfield" Episode Of "The Simpsons" (videos & comments)

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This post presents information, video clips, and comments about the song "Jazzman" that was featured in the "Round Springfield" episode of the American animated series "The Simpsons".

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"'Round Springfield" is the 22nd episode of the sixth season of The Simpsons. It originally aired on April 30, 1995.[1] In the episode, Bart is rushed to hospital after eating a jagged metal Krusty-O and decides to sue Krusty the Clown. Whilst visiting Bart, Lisa meets her old mentor, jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy. She is saddened when she later learns that Murphy has died, and resolves to honor his memory. Steve Allen (as himself) and Ron Taylor (as Bleeding Gums Murphy) guest star, each in their second appearance on the show."..

Video #1: Lisa Simpson - Jazzman (High Quality / Full)

SebastianKillerQueenUploaded on Dec 7, 2009

"Jazzman", by Bleeding Gums Murphy & Lisa Simpson.

►Original episode: "Round Springfield" (Code: 2F32) | Season 6 - Episode 22 | Released on April, 1995.

►Plot: "'Round Springfield" is the twenty-second episode of Season 6. This episode features the death of Bleeding Gums Murphy.
Bart gets his appendix removed after swallowing a jagged metal prize in his bowl of Krusty-O's's. He is awarded $500. Meanwhile, Bleeding Gums Murphy passes away and leaves Lisa his saxophone. To honor Murphy, Lisa must raise $500 to buy his record so that it can be played on the radio.

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"(...) When the Jazzman's testifyin'
A faithless man believes
He can sing you into paradise
Or bring you to your knees.

(...) Jazzman, take my blues away
Make my pain the same as yours
With every change you play
Jazzman, oh, Jazzman (...)"
© Ode, 1974. "Jazzman", written by Carole King and David Palmer, recorded at A&M Recording Studios in 1974, under supervision of Lou Adler...
Selected comments from that video's viewer comment thread

look for "Jazzman by Carole King" ;) but i like lisas voice for this a bit more. it is more monotone than Carol's which works great in this song.
-TheKuehlschrank, 2010
Jazzman - Carole King (81.121.01) for a video of Carole King singing her composition "Jazzman". This composition was written before The Simpsons show decided to use a version of it in on that episode.

"As a fellow saxophone player, this gives me chills. Old Simpsons was amazing, there is/was nothing like it!"
-bulls7123, 2012

"THIS was when the Simpsons had soul...

Who else remembers this moment so clearly, Lisa playing her sax to honor her deceased hero, and it was almost like the strains of the saxophone was the song of Bleeding Gums's--and every relative any one of US has ever lost--soul coming alive again...
It was funny, yes, but it was also GENUINE...

And it's that which we need more of today, in our music and politics and lives...

However you vote, whatever you listen to--listen & live with style and soul."
-Daniel Freeman, 2012

"It's so amazing how deeply a cartoon can affect us. Rather than trying to make people laugh with farts, this is beautiful how this touches everyone and how it changes so many opinions, possibly creates fans for jazz music.

The show is still good, not this good though, I wish it was still this good."
-mARe Dux, 2013

Here are two comments from another example of that video that is no longer available on YouTube:

"Darth Vader? What is he doing in the sky?"
-AeizzatToha, 2013

"Murphy showing up in a cloud is a parody of a The Lion King scene, in it, Mufasa (Voiced by James Earl Jones) speaks to Simba, The Simpsons being The Simpsons took the joke a bit further and added other characters also voice by James Earl Jones."
-natureshamy, 2013
Read more about this and other cultural references in this episode in the section with that name of the Wikipedia article'Round_Springfield

For example, that page indicates that "The title is a play on both the jazz standard 'Round Midnight by Thelonious Monk and the similarly named film also about an unappreciated jazz musician". ---snip-
Click for a pancocojams post which showcases five videos of the Jazz classic "Round Midnight" [also known as "Round About Midnight".

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