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Shabba Ranks - Peany Peany (Winey Winey) with partial lyrics & comments

Edited by Azizi Powell

This post showcases a sound file of and partial lyrics for the Jamaican Dancehall song "Peany Peany" (also known as "Peeny Peeny" and "Winey Winey"). Selected comments about this song from the featured YouTube sound file's viewer comment thread and other information about this song also included in this post.

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From [biographical information about Shabba Ranks]
"[Shabba] Ranks was enamored of the Kingston club scene and was inspired by the "toasting" of deejays such as Yellowman and Josey Wales. He honed his unique throaty rasp and became a leading "toaster" himself, while studying engineering to please his father. At first he called himself Co-pilot because he worked with a deejay named The Navigator, who spun records while Ranks "chatted" over them. In 1979, when he was 14 years old, Ranks recorded his first song as Co-pilot, "Heat under Sufferers Feet," which was later released as a single on the Roots Melody label. The young deejay eventually dubbed himself "Shabba" after an African king and "Ranks" to imply his high position and deft microphone skills in the world of reggae.
Italics used to highlight that sentence.

The "African king" referred to in this article was probably Chaka Zulu (South Africa).


Winey Winey--Shabba Ranks

24Adrian24 Uploaded on Aug 13, 2007


(Shabba Ranks)

Now when we was a little boy
my favorite ring game was this
now all old people come back to your memory
give it a listen

Winey Winey, Winey Winey, Winey Winey too much
Give it a listen

In Jamaica there's a party.
Peanie Peanie upon you.
Come young man catch all the woman them winey.
Winey Winey Upon you!
In Jamaica there's a party.
Peanie Peanie upon you.
Come young man catch all the woman them winey.
Winey Winey Upon you!

Un a soca
Un a rhumba
Un a cha cha cha
Then we steal a littlebooze
And finna a temper

The Jamaica girl are music lover
If it’s music they want
it set their soul on fire.
Cause in In Jamaica there’s a party
Peany peany for you
Come now do a look at them winning
Winey winey winey for you

The Canadian girls they know that peany peany
The London girls they know that peany peany
And the American girls they know that peany peany.
They go dance peany peany and feel irie
The music and mind
and the soul and body
Cause in Jamaica there’s a party
Peany peany for you
Come now do a look at them wining
Winey Winey winey for you
In Jamaica there’s a party
Peany peany for you
And now come go follow me
Winey Winey winey for you...
*I attempted to transcribe this song because I couldn't find lyrics for this song online. Italics mean that I'm unsure about my transcription of those words. Additions and corrections are very welcome.
Comments about these lyrics:
In his beginning lyrics, Shabba Ranks says that this song is based on a ring game. I'd love to know about that ring game. Was it called "Peany Peany"? What does "peany" mean - peanut?, penny?

"Peany Peany" is a dancehall riddim (rhythm)
"Riddim is the Jamaican Patois pronunciation of the English word "rhythm," but in dancehall/reggae parlance it refers to the instrumental accompaniment to a song. Thus, a dancehall song consists of the riddim plus the "voicing" (vocal part) sung by the deejay. The resulting song structure may be taken for granted by dancehall fans, but is in many ways unique. A given riddim, if popular, may be used in dozens—or even hundreds—of songs, not only in recordings, but also in live performances...

"Riddims are the primary musical building blocks of Jamaican popular songs.... At any given time, ten to fifteen riddims are widely used in dancehall recordings, but only two or three of these are the now ting (i.e., the latest riddims that everyone must record over if they want to get them played in the dance or on radio).... In dancehall performing, those whose timing is right on top of the rhythm are said to be "riding di riddim".[2]"
"Winey" - to wine (to gyrate your waist to the beat.(

(These comments are presented in chronological order with the oldest comments posted first.

WARNING: In part because of Shabba Ranks public comments against homosexuals, many of the comments on this video's YouTube viewer comments include profanity and homophobia. These comments also include insults about the singer'serphysical appearance, explicit sexual references, and other references that I consider to be inappropriate for this blog.)

Tariq El Shabazz, 2008
"classic Shabba Rankin"

buttacudawey 2009
"this is a ring game in to love to play remember..?"

MSTinka06 4 years ago
if the selecta play this one here now in 09 the party still go madd
"selecta=dj; disc jockey; "madd" is purposely spelled to indicate that the song is really mad, i.e. "really good".

cardichon123, 2012
"im not jamaican.i cnt understand anything hez saying but nice song"

MaxMisterC, 2012
"If you're not interested in Jamaican culture, then GOODBYE!
If you can't understand the language, then LEARN PATOIS!
This here is hardcore Jamaican 'Dancehall' culture. It's not about 'English' nor about 'enunciation'.
Classical music & opera was written by Norwegians, English, Germans & nowadays by non-Europeans too. Each one brings something new to the table. But No-one is claiming it ought to be reggae stylee, nor be sung in pigeon english? Shut Up & Grow Up!!!"


Peanie Peanie riddim mix

SelectaGroovy Uploaded on Feb 8, 2009

aka kuff riddim -atleast for me- cause chaka demus is big too here !

didn't found any mix of this classic riddim on the tube !
this one is so crucial and is such raw killin material i had to make a selekshan !! a bit quickly so dont cuss too much hehe

tracks :
Shabba ranks - peanie peanie
Chaka demus - original kuff
Bunny general - everybody jump
Courtney melody - your love
Pad anthony - death to a sound (death before dishonor)
Eccleton jarrett - kill another sound
Colin roach - johnny too bad
Little john - fade away
Tubby possee (dunno exactly what is the role of phantom/peego/fatman on this one) - fade out

first 2 prod by jammy (i know bobby d produced shabba too but this one comes frome my jammy's selectors choice album) im not shure bout bunny general but it seems its a jammy prod too ..the next four are digitzl B prodz and the last 2 by tubby on the firehouse label


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  1. In Jamaica there's a party.
    Peanie Peanie upon you.
    Come young man catch all the woman them winey.
    Winey Winey Upon you!

    1. Thanks unknown.

      I used the lyrics you provided as corrected lyrics for that verse.

      Could you please help with other words for this song?

  2. There are indeed a whole lot of inaccuracies in your effort, and I respect your honesty for saying so. For instance in the introduction where you said "give it a listen". the correct line is:- "Hear Me Now Lizard". Lizard in reference to another DJ named "Daddy Lizard". Again "Give It A Listen" this time is:- "Hear Me Now Star".

    Un a soca, Rhumba & Cha Cha Cha, should read 'Woman a Soca, Rhumba, Cha Cha Cha'.

    The second verse goes like this:-
    Cause Canadian girls dem luv di peany peany
    cum now the London girls dem luv di peany peany
    And all American girls dem luv di peany peany.
    Dem affi dance peany peany pon Admiral Bailey
    Affi winey, winey wen dem 'ear Colonel Josey
    wit a physical mind, soul 'an body.

    Just thought I could give a little help here, you know.